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Never Lost Again With GPS

Posted on : 11-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life


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Today I am kind of lucky. Just as I was pondering how to get familiarize with the Longmont routes, a colleague in the company offered to lend me his GPS.  The week before my trip to Longmont, I was kind of worry of losing my way around the town.

I bought a local Malaysian made ‘WayWay, GPS just two days before the trip, only to realize that there is no USA map available for it.  The stupid salesman told me I could download USA map for free and I only come to realize it is completely untrue after I bought it. You can checkout http://www.m3asia.com for more info on WayWay GPS.

Anyway, even though I could not use it in US, it is not wasted because younger sister will have a need for a GPS when she get a car and drive to and fro from Singapore to JB. WayWay GPS is one of the best for those who drive in Singapore and Malaysia.

I was certainly caught by surprise when I went to collect the rental car from Hertz Local Edition at Longmont.  The Hertz friendly elderly lady pass me a Korean ‘Kia’ car with ‘HertzNeverLOST’ preinstalled GPS. (http://www.neverlost.com) at no extra cost and surcharges!  The daily rental for this onboard GPS is US$12/- a day and I get it for free!

This is the first time I use a GPS and I must say it is a must for those who drives alone in unfamiliar roads. Don’t leave home without it if you need to drive in foreign countries.
Am I satisfied with HertzNeverLOST  ? You bet I sure do 100% satisfy with it.

One of the main feature that most other GPS lack compare to Hertz’s is that you can program your destination through Hertz friendly website and then download the information to USB thumb drive. You can thereafter upload the destination trips to the onboard GPS in the car. Thus you can plan your trip first without having the need to access the GPS.

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