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3 Sure-Fire Ways To Kill Your Internet Business

Posted on : 24-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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A lot of novice web based small business owners set themselves up for failure due to some deadly marketing mistakes made unintentionally.  Okay, the statistic is improving in regards to online business success. Whereas it used to be that over 99% of all web-based business fail within the 1st two years after start up, nowadays about  5% are thriving after two years.

Quite a few home based business has gone to generate millions of dollars in profits each year.  This trend is set to continue and I guess it can be attributed to consumer awareness and confidence in doing transaction and purchase on line.

Nevertheless the statistic still looks pretty grim in spite of the significant improvement isn’t it?   Many people do not realize that they themselves are responsible for their online business venture failures and not because the entire Internet marketing is a big SCAM. If it were so, I guess Amazon, Click bank, Commission Junction and many other affiliate networks would’ve gone bust or taken down by authorities.

A lot of marketers set themselves up for failure, due to their own fault even before they start the business. If you wish to kill your Internet business and want to waste no time doing so, here are three ways to do it :

Novice Mistake #1: (Try To Reinvent The Wheel) 
An analogy for this is people going broke trying to reinvent the wheel, instead of simply getting in the car and stepping on the gas pedal.  Find a good mentor and follow a proven path to online business success so that it will accelerate and easily get you to your ultimate goal, that of financial freedom and out from the drudgery of  the job you hate. (Don’t reinvent the wheel when all you need to do is step on the gas!)

Novice Mistake Number #2: (Choose The Wrong Niche)
Not choosing the RIGHT niche in the first place,and then not focusing all your energies on that one niche. Do not try to sell or promote everything that comes along your way.  Do careful study, planning and then choose ONE niche that has high or reasonable demand and which is estimated to be on the rising trend and then give it your full focus and attention.

One common question that is in the mind of many online business rookies is what is the best product or service to sell or promote. Truth of the matter is that it is really up to individual. Get to know the product as much as you can and preferably something that you are passionate.

Novice Mistake Number #3: (Treating It As A Hobby)
By far this is one of the biggest mistake committed by most rookies.  Web based business is no different from brick and mortal business. You need to be committed, focus and give all our best to make it successful. You need to have a plan as well as underpin goals with clear timeline to meet.  If you treat it like a hobby then expect mediocre results. You need to have the right mindset and do not be misguided by those who sells you single push button or one mouse click get rich dream so to speak.


As you can see, it is not difficult to mess up and kill your Internet business all together. You just to need to be yourself and let nature run its course. If you need more tips on how to screw up your web-based business then do check out my earlier post on how to kill your eBay business.

However if you are determine to succeed online then it is imperative that you do not commit the three mistakes discussed.  You don’t have to jump down from the Empire State building to determine if you will survive the fall.  Learn from others who has been there and done that so to speak.

Work hard but more importantly work smart because in today’s ever competitive online business environment, a single mistake could undo all the years of hard work you have put to build your online income.  Do your best to avoid all the known deadly marketing mistakes. Find a good mentor and follow their proven system.

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