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Marketing Strategy Versus Tactics

Posted on : 07-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Some folks assume online marketing strategy and marketing tactics are the same; they are not. You can think of it as sides of the same coin with different purpose so to speak.

You can have a good strategy and it will come to naught if you apply the wrong tactic. Likewise, a good tactic without any proper strategy is like driving a car without knowing where your ultimate destination is.

In a nutshell most business begins with a mission statement.  Huge corporations normally have one of which the objective is to serve as a motto, reference or for publicity purpose. It is not necessary for a home based  online business to have one however I would recommend you to do so. A high level description of what your business stands is also important from branding perspectives.

Next you have to define the goal, follow by strategy and finally the tactic to get you there, to achieve what you want. A strategy is basically an outline, a battle plan, a framework or a blueprint on how you want to achieve a particular goal.  You can implement a particular strategy on one or more goal underpin  but not the other way round.

The tactic is the action, usually encompass the techniques that you need to take to actually realize and achieve your strategic outcome.  Below is an example which might give you a better perception of strategic versus tactical marketing: It applies to both online as well as offline business.

Mission Statement: Dedicated to bringing the most cost effective home portable spa to every home in Singapore.
Goal:  Target at least 50% of  housing development board (HDB) household to own a SG2000 hydro bubble portable spa by year 2012
Strategy: Focus on township north of the island (Woodlands, Admiralty ). Target young working couples and homemakers.
Tactics: Distribute flyer, cold calling and word of mouth recommendation.

One of the common mistake that many novice marketers made is that they focus too much of their efforts on tactical actions instead of the the strategy. Well I guess you couldn’t blame all those unfortunate newbie because they were been sold all sort of ideas pertaining to get rich quick overnight using single click push button mouse tactics, which of course are nothing but scams.

Both factors works hand in hand. It is important to define and underpin the former first before deciding on the appropriate techniques to execute.  Ideally you would want to stick to one particular technique but sometime circumstances may necessitate switching to a different tactic (not recommended unless you are a very experience marketer).

Here is an interesting blog post which describe the difference between tactic and strategy .  Don’t make the mistake of searching for the ultimate single mouse click push button software to generate massive online profit, it simply does not exist at all.

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