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Massive Brute Force Attack On WordPress – A Myth?

Posted on : 20-04-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Harden Your WordPress Content Management System

WordPress Massive Assault – Is it Myth?

A friend told me last evening he believed we should not be too undue worry about the reported massive  brute force attack on WordPress sites.  He felt the threats are not as serious as described by the media.

After all, there are millions of blogs powered by WordPress content management system and the chances of any of your sites being targeted is like one over a million possibility.

Is it a myth as some believed or is it a ploy  by software companies specializing in security anti malware tools to create unnecessary panic as part of their marketing strategy so as to create demand for their products?

Here is the link to an article which help to shed some light into whether it is a myth or something that we ought to take seriously in regards blog hacking.

Better To Be Safe Than Sorry

The way I see, there is no harm to take extra precautionary measures to safeguard your website from cyber attacks. After all it is better to be safe than sorry later.

With the exception of those who relies totally on third parties to manage their WP sites, it does not take much time at all to reduce potential loop hole exploits that hackers target on to gain access control to your site configuration management system.

An Introduction To WordPress CMS

You don;t need to be an IT expert to make it harder for hackers to target your site. As a matter of fact, a simple 5  to 10 minutes work would make it ten times fold much harder for rogue botnets to target your site successfully.

For instance , configuring your WP admin login name and password with stronger hard to crack setting put you way ahead of others who don’t.

Two More Important Tips To Stop Hackers


  •  Upgrade Plug-ins & WordPress
    It is very important and essential for you to upgrade your blogging network to whenever there is a new WordPress or plug-in version release.
    Not many realize that the moment a new WordPress version is released, hackers immediately start to work on a crack for it.  It will take some time before they are able to hack the new version.
    If you run on an older version, your SITE WILL GET HACKED, its only a matter of time.
    One of the main advantage with using WP platform  is that the upgrade process is very easy and seamless, as simple as a single mouse click so there is no reason why you stick to older version.


  • Protect Your PC From Anti Malware & Virus
    Cyber intruders can leverage on malwares and virus programs residing in your PC to capture your site admin login credentials such as user name and password.
    Install WordPress FireWall plug-in where applicable  so as to add a layer of defense against advance and sophiscated attackers.



As the number of incidents involving massive blog hacking increases, it is more critical then ever  to preempt and reduce WordPress exploits to the minimum.

Massive brute force attack using sophisticated botnets is not  a myth as evident by the number of mounting incidents.

It is not difficult nor time consuming to deter and protect your site from attacks.  Timely upgrade of plug-ins and WordPress version goes a long way to secure your site.

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