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Mighty Goggle Versus China

Posted on : 16-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Goggle Versus China

To the man on the street, Goggle pull out from China is practically just another news, commercial news that has very little bearing on their life. To Wall Street and even the government of the United States, Goggle’s exit may signify a broader significance, that in terms of human rights violation, future US trade relation uncertainties with its giant counterpart China and IT security within international context.

Some would see Goggle’s action as response to China’s government demand in imposing impossible criteria on the giant search engine operating in the country. It is not surprising that the Chinese government will seek to enforce filtering of sensitive information such as human rights and politics deemed detrimental to the political and social stability of the country.

At the heart of this entire fiasco, it seems at least according to Goggle is the politically motivated and perhaps even Chinese government backing and endorsement of organizations involved in hacking, hijacking and infiltrating Goggle email service and its related infrastructure to gain access to sensitive information.

No one knows for sure as to what precise reasons Goggle has it mind when it announce it is exiting from the China market. Some people perceive such action by Goggle as some kind of face saving exit strategy.

Apparently there are unconfirmed reports indicating the US giant search engine is losing ground in terms of competing with China’s search engine Baidu for the Chinese language Internet market.

This rumor may not be totally unfounded given the fact that the same fate falls on eBay, which fails to gain market share despite pouring millions of dollars to compete with China’s equivalent ‘Alibaba’.

Goggle’s exit from China Internet search engine market does not bode well for Internet Marketers and online business hoping to ride on Goggle’s access to the China Internet market to cash on advertising profits. You could have imagined the opportunity to generate profits from via Goggle AdSense and AdWords for the Chinese market.

Perhaps Goggle exit may come as blessings for other search engine entities such as Microsoft Bing or even Yahoo Search who might be more accommodating to China’s censorship and filtering demands.

For now, only time can tell as to what Goggle, Microsoft or even Yahoo next steps may be in terms of devising strategies in trying gain access to the huge Chinese Internet consumers market without agitating the Chinese authority.

Even though Goggle remains the number dominant player of Internet search engine market, it also pays to target Microsoft Bing, Microsoft Bing is gaining market share and market response to it has been much more favorable than anticipated. More and more advertisers are using Bing to reach out to the consumers.

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