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Mobile Apps Takeover Review

Posted on : 15-10-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Marketing

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Mobile Apps Takeover

Here is my take on Mobile Apps Takeover Internet marketing training course.  This product was release and promoted in the Warrior site early October. It is created by a guy by the name of  Mario Brown, a fella with a strong European accent.[pinit]

There are some interesting tips covered inside the members area of the course. You get to learn how to dominate the mobile apps market.  I am not an expert as far as mobile e-commerce is concern. I purchased the product after I look through some of the positive reviews published in the Warrior’s forum.

Does It Lives Up To My Expectations
Quite frankly speaking I was expecting something more than what was included in the training course. One thing for sure, it is not for newbie at all.  If you are an affiliate marketer and thinking of making some money as a publisher then this training program is not for you.

In my opinion, the sales pitch for this product is somewhat OVER-HYPED.  It is not that the training material sucks or low quality but rather it involves some up-sells or upgrade which you will need to be prepare to pay on monthly basis to get your hands on the software to create mobile apps.

What You Get From The Course

The training modules are divided into four sections namely 1) Lead Generation, 2) Creating Apps, 3) Pricing & Positioning and 4) Mindset.  Mario also bundled a huge bonus in the members area.   The bonus comprises 1)  Mobile Customer Acquisition Strategies, 2) Infographics, 3) Local Mobile Explosion and 4) Mobile Marketing Magnet.

The Local Mobile Explosion bonus comprises the following training video namely:

#1 QR Codes
#2 How to AVOID Crippling Your Campaign
#3 What Value will you give
#4 Mobile Friendly Friendly Page
#5 QR Codes Tactics – Engage Customers
#6 QRj Code Tactics – Video tour
#7 QR Code Tactics – List building

The Mobile Marketing Magnet bonus comprises the following video session namely:
#1 – Introduction
#2 – Generating Free Traffic
#3 – How to cash in on your mobile traffic
#4 – How Make Your Website Mobile Friendly
#5 – How to create mobile marketing campaign
#6 – How to test and track conversion from your mobile ads

One Stop Local Mobile Solution.

There is a video introduction to a software by the name of  ‘MOBILEBIZBOX’ in the members area.  It is an integrated online web based software developed by Mario and team to facilitate various mobile campaigns such as loyalty and reward programs, coupons and QR code generations and etc.

The software is still under beta testing and no confirmation to the cost of the software yet at this point of time. I am incline to believe it is going to be recurrence charge for using this online service though.

Mobile Apps Takeover

What I Don’t Like About This Product
The Webinar is not uploaded to the members area. Not everyone is able to attend live webinar so I am really disappointed that Mario take this too lightly.

Why Should You Consider Smartphone Apps & Mobile Business
There are five billion cell phone users in the world.  With over two hundred million mobile users in China alone, more than the population of the United States, you can just imagine the immense opportunity and potential  mobile marketing can do for both online and offline  business.

Smart phone and tablet PC market share is set to grow rapidly in the near future. Regardless of the state of the world economy,  Google Android, Apple and Microsoft powered embedded operating systems and applications are set to dominate web commerce arena.

It is said that nowadays three out of five searches are done via mobile devices. More people now use apps on the go rather than through standard web browsers.   Over eighty six percent of people use their smart gadgets while watching TV or even while romancing in bed!

Last but not least, according to Distimo, there are well over 400,000 Android applications today and the numbers are set to grow exponentially. Combined with Apple and Microsoft, mobile apps will no doubt exceed all desktop software.

Summary – Wrapping It All Out

Is this  Mobile Apps Takeover worth your money? Well, it is a dime sales product and I managed to secure it at US$10/-! At  that price I have nothing to complain. I hoped the recorded Webinars can be uploaded into the members area as soon as possible.

Mobile apps marketing offers tremendous growth opportunities for those who wish to build leads and expand their customer base reach to offline business such as restaurants, shops and etc.

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