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Merry Christmas 2012 – Moment Of Reflection

Posted on : 24-12-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life

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Merry Christmas And Moment And Reflection
Time sure pass quickly. Oh my gosh, it is just less than a week for us to bid farewell and welcome a New Year. Thank goodness, the doomsday end of the world event on 21st December that many prophesied based on the Mayan calendar did not come to pass.

I read an article about some wealthy people in China sold all their properties and donated million of dollars to charities because they felt it is pointless to keep the wealth since the world is coming to and end. I wonder how would they react since life moves on without any catastrophic event. Would they demand the return of properties they donated to the charities?

Christmas is around the corner. For some, it is a time to clear annual leaves, go on a family holiday, party or shopping. What about you my reader?  As for me, I would normally take the last few days of the year off from work to enjoy some personal quite moments, to review and take stock of  what I have or have not achieved this year and what I plan to focus on in the coming year.

Moment Of Reflection – Achievements & Failures

It is again the time of the year to ponder upon personal achievements and the failures in year 2012.  What are the things that we could have done better and what are the mistakes that we should or could have avoided?

What are the good things that we have done and which we should continue to do so in the new year. What are the shortcomings and mistakes that we can learn from. What is the take away lessons from this self reflection that will help improve the quality of our life and loved ones moving forward.

Here are a list of goals that I want to target coming 2013

Stay Healthy

There is a saying that goes like this; ‘Being rich will not make you healthier, sick will make you poorer though’. It is not difficult to keep fit and stay healthy. Keep up with healthy life style such as adequate quality sleep, nutritious diet, exercise and positive thinking.

Continue To Be Passionate About Blogging.

A  lot of people ask me why I persist to spend time on blogging, a hobby that does not generate even a tenth of my current full time job income. Well, for a start, I write and post online not  primary for the money, rather because I find satisfaction in sharing my thoughts and knowledge on what I’ve learned and gathered  about internet marketing with like minded community.

Moving forward in year 2013, I would like to be more committed and  focus in providing quality content to my blog on regular basis, at least 2 or 3 post a week. I plan and commit to put aside at least half  to an hour daily to write articles for posting.  I would like to aim to bring my blogging to the next level and aspire to be someone like John Chow, Yara Starak and other successful bloggers.

 Start A New Hobby (Nano Aquarium & Aquascaping)

I have kept various tropical fish during my childhood years.  What really fascinate and rekindle my interest is the technology and knowledge sharing of this hobby  that proliferates throughout  the Internet.  Back then, there is no high tech filter systems, lighting or know how information that can be obtain easily.

There is so much to learn in regards to Aquascaping and along with it the thrill and excitement of creating nature like environment within the confined of  a small nano tank.  This hobby can be quite enriching and a stress reliever as well. It might take time to maintain the inhabitants and the aquarium but I guess it is worth  the efforts.

Learn More About Mobile Apps & Mobile Marketing

Over 40% of the population is expected to access emails and Internet websites via mobile devices, particularly  moving forward into 2013 and beyond.  Smart phone technology is progressing at rapid pace ; increasingly powerful and sophisticated smart phones are release every six months or so.

More and more consumers are making online transactions via mobile apps.  Specialize software which requires desktop PC configuration to execute are nowadays usually confined to enterprise applications.  Beyond that, increasingly number of  e-commerce and social media interactions can be conducted via mobile apps and mobile friendly websites.

I planned to spend time to study and gain more knowledge about mobile apps and mobile marketing in year 2013.  I have  purchased three or four smart phone platform marketing tools and products advertised in the Warrior marketplace. I intend to start at least or two offline business ventures via mobile marketing strategy.

Commit More Time To Daily Devotion

Last but not least, perhaps my most important new year resolution of all, is my commitment to spend more time in personal spiritual devotion. I mus admit I have slackened a lot in regards to maintaining my spiritual life. I don’t spend much time reading the Bible or praying daily as I used to in past years.

God has blessed me in many ways,anything more than I could ask for. I may not be rich nor successful, nevertheless I am contented and thankful for my health and well being of  loved ones.


It is a time of the year end to  reflect upon personal achievements and setbacks. Identify key takeaway lessons to improve future endeavors. Ponder upon the things that we can improve upon and the lessons from mistakes that will help make better choices and decision moving forward.

Merry Christmas everyone, take care and enjoy, Cheers!

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