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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Posted on : 25-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

I have been a regular blogger way back as far as 2006.  The blogging platform that I use is Google’s blogger free service (www.blogger.com). Google blogger service is free and and easy to set up, configure and up running within minutes.

One major shortcoming or rather major differences between  Google blogger blog and WordPress is you can’t create category with blogger.  You can however make use of the label feature in blogger which more or less serves the same function like WordPress category feature.

Recently one of my favorite blogger blog account namely http://stargaterich1.blogspot.com has been removed by Google for being classified as a SPAM blog.  It is a blog on Internet Marketing and I used that blog to communicate my thoughts on IM from a newbie perspectives.

Some of my thoughts on Google shutdown of my blog can found at the following:

No warning was given whatsoever. The blog was removed unexpectedly. I wrote to request Google to review the site and was again informed it is considered a SPAM blog.  The sad thing or rather the frustration is that I can’t retrieved the blog contents.

All my past years efforts has gone down the drain simply because big brother Google deemed it  a SPAM even though I hardly earn a single cent from that blog despite blogging on it for over 4 years! What I value most is some of the contents which I think helpful for Internet Marketing newbies.

I am not a serious blogger at the moment  but it seems it is now high time for me to put more thoughts into how to generate returns from my blogs.  I have gain a lot throughout the years of blogging with blogger though . For instance, through blogger blogs, I have come to understand how Google Adsense , Chitika,  Amazon Affiliate,  Clickbank Affiliate and many other affiliate program works.

As a matter of fact, my application to join many of the affiliate programs  through blogger blogs were accepted with the exception of eBay partnernetwork. I can never understand as to why my application to register as affiliate for eBay partnernetwork were rejected but I guess this is story for another day though.

In summary, you should always use paid web hosted service to power your blog. The most important aspect of it  is that you are in total control of your blog and big brother Google has no way to shut it down as and when they like. I guess its time for me to move my focus from blogger blogs to paid web hosted WordPress powered blogging.

Furthermore, you also have more freedom in terms of monetizing your own web hosted blog according to your niche market, unlike blogger account which has many regulations and a single violation will result in your blog being either suspended or remove totally.

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