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New Clickbank Promotional Guidelines

Posted on : 30-10-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Clickbank is one of the most popular and largest affiliate program network. It is very easy for you promote any of its product as an affiliate marketer. Recently a new promotion guidelines has been released. It is important for you to check it out so as to ensure you don’t do anything that’s against its policy.

You will be presented with the Clickbank Promotion Guidelines checklist when you log into the site. You have to agree to abide by the terms and conditions by ticking the check-box. You risk getting your account into trouble if you violate any of the terms listed.

I think it is good that more affiliate program networks are making efforts to protect the rights of consumers. No doubt there are many digital online product sellers whose actual products do not perform or live up to the expectations as that of advertised in the affiliate product sales page. False testimonials, phantom or fake screen shots and misleading product information are but some of the factors that cause buyers to lose trust with affiliate networks.

Here is another thing that affiliate marketers should avoid as it only serves to annoy people. I am sure that some of you might have noticed that when you type the product keyword phrase into the search engine, high chances are that the search engine result page will include links with tags such as “XXXX scam”, “XXXX scams” or something like of that nature.

Such links usually brings you to the sales page of the product or to a landing page which tries to promote the product. No information pertaining to ‘scam” or whatsoever is found in such sites. Truth to be told, this is one popular Internet Marketing technique use by many to improve their website search engine ranking position. What they do is that they try to register a domain name with the product name they wish to promote.

For instance, you wish to promote a product say “XXX”. The easiest way to get your website index quickly by the search engine is by registering a domain name “XXX.com”, “XXX.net”, ‘XXX.org” and so forth. If all these domain names are taken, you can try to make a twist by trying with “XXXSCAM.com”, “XXXSCAM.net” or “XXXSCAM.org” and so forth.

This is exactly what you get when you search for the product name. Google does not penalize any site which promotes the product even though the meta tag or the domain name of the site contains the “scam” keywords. I have no concerns with it but it is really annoying. I wouldn’t use such technique myself but I guess it is part and parcel of Internet marketing strategy.

Even though Clickbank is just a middle party between the publisher (affiliate marketer) and product seller (advertiser), it is important for it to protect the end buyer’s interest. Customer service and reputation for that matter are critical factors that will ultimately make or break a business.

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