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Online Business Success Formula – Prerequisites

Posted on : 28-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am often met with bewildered and doubtful stares, usually from friends, peers and colleague who thinks I am crazy when I told them one of the most  promising, economical and best ways to achieve financial independence is through online business and Internet Marketing.

The entry barrier into Internet marketing is very low and practically almost everyone, and I mean anyone can start to a home online business anytime with minimum budget.  A lot of people thinks they need to have knowledge and background in computer software and Internet technology in order to start up any online business. This is far from the truth.

The Chinese Internet portal Alibaba.com was started by someone who don’t even know what HTML is. Likewise you don’t need to have complete grasp and understanding of Internet Marketing before you start any online business. You can take action to start and learn at the same time.

Learn from someone who is being there and done that so to speak. Follow a proven working system by learning from a trusted online business mentor, someone that is willing to teach you and committed to make you succeed.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheels so to speak. You can try your best to avoid mistakes others have made with regards to your online business.

A mentor can’t do the job for you though. You have to take appropriate actions based on what you have learn and be committed  to make it succeed. Even though everyone can jump into online business, not everyone will succeed.

The statistic is pretty grim though in the sense that over 95% of online businesses fails within the 1st two years. Why is that so? I believe it all boils down to  the fact that you need to have certain prerequisites to succeed online.

These prerequisites are Internet Marketing success formula that will improve your chances of succeeding in any niche online business that you deal with.  Let’s go through each of these prerequisites and understand how it contributes to Internet marketing success.

The prerequisites are:

1)You described yourself as an overachiever. Or at least that is what others perceived you.
2)You are competitive, possess fighting spirit and you enjoy winning.
3)You are a self starter and you don’t need someone to nag over your shoulder to get things done.
4)You are goal oriented and you take charge of your life without leaving things to fate.
5)You love to live the life of fast lane and you enjoy and thrive amidst some stress in life.
6)You are passionate of the things you love in life be it hobby, sports or whatever.
7)You take full responsibility for your actions. You don’t blame others for your lack of success or failures.
8)You are open to feedback and you welcome suggestions and even criticism from those more experience than you.
9)You love to read and you enjoy applying what you have learn.
10) You possessed never say die attitude and you don’t give up easily.
11) You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone to try out new things, even to the possibilities that you will face tough challenges dealing with unknowns and things that you are not familiar with.
12) You view mistakes as part and parcel of ongoing learning opportunities and not failures.
13) You don’t need the consent and approval of everyone around you to make decisions to achieve your goals.
14) You believe in the Law Of Attraction. You have strong personal conviction that you will get what you want in life so long as you pour your heart, mind and soul into it.

You will achieve Internet Marketing and online business success if you have the right mindset and positive traits that differentiates you from the rest of the 95% which fails miserably. It is important to note that everything starts with the mind and ends with the mind.

Thus do focus on the necessary online business success formula such as the prerequisites outlined above if you wish to be survive today’s competitive online industry. The choice is yours, the battle is yours!.

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