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Information Overload – Don’t Just Read, Take Action!!

Posted on : 30-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the biggest issues confronting Internet Marketing newbie is that of information overload. It is quite common to get bombarded with tons of Internet Marketing ideas and techniques so to speak particularly when you sign up for freebies such as free products or services. It is not surprising for an Internet marketing newbie to get overwhelmed and confuse by tons of online business ideas, techniques, tactics and strategies which sometimes seems contradicting or confusing totally.

Most people have in one or another experience what is term paralysis through analysis. A lot of people struggle for hours, days, weeks or even months to try to digest tons of information (be it free or paid products or services) in the hope they will be able to achieve success in the online business and Internet Marketing world through the mastering of that one killer strategy and tactic.

Some people feel they lack the necessary information, expertise and experience to jump start their online business. As a result many do not realize they spend more time than necessary trying to understand and studying all those techniques, many of which may or may not be suitable for the kind of business model they are dealing with.

On thing that I have learn, painfully though is that you need not spend all your time going through every single email marketing promotions, products or services which comes along your way. After all, you are not studying to get your PhD so to speak. Your success in the online business do not depend entirely on how much time you invest in trying to understand as many Internet marketing techniques and ideas. Your online business success depends primarily on the actions you take to implement what you have learn.

On a personal note, I would recommend that you pick one particular Internet Marketing technique which you have not used and focus on it. Try to balance the amount of time you invest in getting to understand the technique and the time where you actually take action to implement it in your website or blog.

As a matter of fact, you can start to implement some of those IM techniques once you grasp hold of the fundamentals pertaining to that one particular technique which you are focusing on. As for me, I usually spend 50 percent of the time reading up whatever I can on an Internet Marketing technique and the rest of the time to implement what I have learn.

Thus for instance, say if you spend 2 hours a day to understand article marketing, you should likewise spend another 2 hours or so on that same day to actually implement what you have learned by generating articles pertaining to your product or service and submitting to the various ezine and article directories.

Don’t just read what you need to know whole day long. Take action and implement what you have learn. As the saying goes, ‘I see I forget, I read I remember, I do I understand’. In summary, your success depends not just on your depth of understanding of the marketing techniques you used, but more importantly on the kind of actions you actually take to make it happen.

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