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Opportunity Seeker Versus Entrepreneur

Posted on : 16-03-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I have invested close to two hundred dollars on various Internet Marketing products, mostly those  promoted through Warrior Forum since January of this year.

Some of the top notch quality items cost less than twenty bucks so I think they are good deals.  It is not uncommon for some online business monthly expenditures to  just to maintain their online business presence and profitability.

At times it pays to be an early bird customer, to order the moment the product is launch with special introductory price. Most Internet marketing product are  promoted using  so called  ‘dime sales’  marketing tactic whereby the price goes up in when more people put out orders and purchased.

Should You Invest In Internet Marketing Products?

The main reason, albeit not the only reason why I don’t mind to invest some  money on my Internet business on a regular basis  is so as to educate and keep myself abreast with new marketing tactics and online strategies.

Occasionally I go on the  look out for cool applications that hopefully can help me increase my productivity, enhance business competitiveness and bring in more online profit with minimal efforts.  Nowadays a lot of the business and marketing activities can be automated using software and processes.

Anyway, don’t try to be a cheapo and assume you don’t need to invest some money to improve and upgrade yourself. Don’t get the wrong notion that you don’t need to spend money to make money. It doesn’t work that way. You have to invest what you have earned back into your business.

Majority Don’t Take Action

Like many,  I have to admit I usually  don’t take all the necessary action to implement what I have learnt from the products that I purchased. There are simply just way too many methods and tactics to implement. Some of the tips don’t really align well with the niche market I am targeting.

Nevertheless, suffice to say, if you just spend time learning and don’t take action then nothing good will come out of it. You will not succeed and nor will you be able to build a sustaining million dollar online business  is all you do is just reading and learning without taking massive imperfect action.

Opportunist Don’t Win All The Time

I used to think I am an online business entrepreneur simply because I am always on the look out for the latest marketing tactics, acquire new advertising tools and applications as soon as they are launched.

It is not until I read Rich Schefren Internet Business Manifesto little did I realized I am more of an opportunist rather than a real entrepreneur. Well you see, according to him, over 90% of business failed because people are just making themselves more busy and working harder instead of working smarter.

Click here to get a soft copy of  The Internet Business Manifesto. It is a must read for all Internet marketers.

Most people got it all wrong, including myself  for the reason that we tend to focus more on tactics instead of long term business strategy. I guess this problem is compounded by all the hyped up products that emphasize on instant gratification, overnight success and all those one push button money generating tools.

All those punchline marketing headlines such as ‘Google loopholes’, ‘Underground techniques’, ‘Below radar tactics’ , ‘Black-hat secrets’ and etc mislead opportunity seekers, most of whom only think about quick short term ROI  instead of a sustaining business that brings in long term passive income.

There is nothing wrong for being an opportunity seeker. What you need to realize is that there is a high probability you might end up completely exhausted and having to spend more time and money to keep your business afloat in the long run.

You might be be better off with a nine to five job instead of struggling and constantly on the look out for new opportunity to make some quick cash online. You are more likely to become a slave to time and work your butt off everyday.


As the saying goes, ‘the only constant is change’ thus know for the sure fact the Internet marketing and online business landscape change very quickly.  Marketing tools and tactics that you rely on can become obsolete over night.

If you are one of those who jump from one  marketing tactic and strategy to after another you are in trouble. Work hard does not equate to opportunity, not at least all the time.

Entrepreneurs work smart and capitalize on their key strength while outsourcing repetitive and time consuming tasks to those who can do it faster, better and cheaper. By doing so, you work less but earn more.

Opportunist thinks about what they are achieved occasionally while entrepreneur knows and take stock of what they have accomplished  daily and what they need to do moving forward to be dominate whatever niche they target.

What is the difference between an opportunity seeker versus entrepreneur? In a nutshell an entrepreneur seeks to create value  for the customer through the  product or service they promote. In doing so they  indirectly build up  loyal customer base.

Opportunist on the other hand think only on how fast they can make money and not likely to win customer trusts. Along this line of thoughts it is no wonder that many eventually give up after spending thousands of dollars on various useless marketing tools and tactics.

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