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Ten Critical Tips For Outsourcing – Turbo Charge Your Business

Posted on : 13-08-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Getting stuck nowhere with your online business?  Wish to turbo charge and double or even triple your income?  Then you must learn to outsource some of  the tasks.  In this post you will learn ten key pointers to consider during the hiring process.  Before doing so let’s discuss and know more about the ugly truth about Internet Marketing.

Get More Work Done Via Outsourcing

It is not surprising to find many folks struggling harder than ever after they quit their regular nine to five job just so that they can become their own boss so to speak. It is not surprising that many entrepreneurs, both offline as well as online business work round the clock, sometimes as far as seven days a week in order to sustain and keep their business afloat. The is usually the case if you run a full time solo home based e-commerce website all by yourself and which happens to be the the only source of income for you and your family.

Contrary to what many think, running an e-commerce site is as complex and involved quite a number of tasks much like normal brick and mortar business. There is no such thing as  single push button setup and forget cash pumping money making business model; it simply does not exists.

Check out here to know how to go about hire a freelance service provider or third party contractor .

Time Multiplier

How can you get more things done in an hour or in a day?  Firstly, you can try to automate as much of the tasks as possible.  For instance if we talk about marketing online, there are many automation software tools  that expedite content generation, submission, traffic generation and etc.

You may form partnership or joint venture with other marketers to share resources thus reduce the product development life cycle ,enabling you to introduce your product to the market ahead of other competitors.

You can also hire people with relevant skill set and experience to help out thus enabling you to accomplish more than what you could otherwise handle yourself within tight timeline. Outsourcing allows you to multiply your time and turbo charge your business.

Listed below are ten critical factors that you should consider  when you engage an external service provider

  1. Know exactly what you want and decide realistic deadline to ensure the  service provider is comfortable with.
  2. Do background research first about the background of the outsourcer.
  3. Never pay hundred percent  up front unless it is an escrow account, particularly it is a large contract value. It is a big project, offer to pay partial  by weeks.
  4. Avoid being rip off, do some research on how much to pay,check the bidding for similar projects and then offer the average bid.
  5. Hire a local company if possible because it is easier to discuss and talk about the project when both parties are in the same time zone. Offshoring is not always a a necessity contrary to what many assume in regards to outsourcing.
  6. Give certain degree of autonomy,encourage them to use their imagination. You have to be sensible and use common sense to manage the contract worker.
  7. Don’t spend more than you can afford, if you can’t afford it then don’t. Let your business build up gradually and invest some of it back to outsourcing.
  8. Cheapest is not always the best, pay peanuts expect monkey results. Don’t always go for the cheap, quite often the cheap one are usually not very good and competing on prize and not value..
  9. Maintain flow of communication. You need to make them feel comfortable to approach you, and it is up to you to get back to them, the sooner the better. Don’t wait until they deliver everything to you only as the timeline approach and you realize it is not what you want or you start to ask for last minutes changes and etc. If they respond to you within 24 hours then you should get back to  them with same urgency as well.
  10. Major key to success is provide  precise instructions. You have to have to tell them your expectations,  for instance, a particular style of writing, programming languages, and etc. Don’t  assume the outsource  able to figure out what you want.


If you wish to elevate your business success to the next level, thrive and grow then you must start to outsource some of the tasks. You will burn out if you insists on working through every aspects of the business such as market research, lead generation, product design, website, hosting, customer service and etc.

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