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These Article Marketing Techniques Can Really Boost Your Business

Posted on : 31-10-2010 | By : Web Designer | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article marketing is the oldest and the most effective forms of online marketing. You’re about to learn a few article marketing methods that can really take you far.

Your first goal should be to keep submitting your articles to the various directories online. That’s because when you’re constantly submitting articles, people will begin to recognize you. The internet evolves at a very quick pace, and search engines do, too. So if your articles get old and outdated, they don’t bring you the traffic like they used to.

That’s why it’s important to focus on submitting an article daily. This would allow you to achieve two important things: First of all, it’ll become easy for you to provide updated information to your target audience (which people love) and secondly, while your old articles are falling down in search engine rankings, you’d be able to gain the ranking back with your new articles.

In other words, each new article you write becomes a replacement for an older article and this will make your traffic levels increase. You should always try to make sure that the new articles that you’re submitting are not a rehash of your old articles and provide fresh information to the users. The more unique your articles are and the more your readers find them useful, the better results you’ll experience.

Your article’s resource box should help to persuade your readers. No matter how amazing your article is if it’s not succeeding in driving traffic to your website, then it’s of no use. The best articles that get the best traffic have a resource box that makes readers stop, pay attention and take action.

One great tip for getting responses from your resource box is to include it as part of your article. Don’t do the mistake of using the resource box to introduce yourself or talk about your company. Your resource box is where you’ll include what you’re offering and it really should be viewed at as one of the most vital parts of the article.

Just let your readers know about what you’re offering and then let them know that they can find more information at your website. If you can be extremely clear in your resource box, you’ll see that the readers will never be confused about what you’re offering. Don’t be shy in being too direct because no one is going to stop you from using your resource box to the fullest.

It’s always a good idea to emulate the best when it comes to writing articles that get results. Just look to the experts in your niche to see how they craft their articles and then use those same methods to get the traffic they do. When you learn from the best, you can’t help to become better and that’s how you get the most out of your article marketing venture.

It’s probably going to be apparent that these experts all have their own ways of writing articles and promoting their products. The more you spend time in studying their articles, the better you’d be able to adapt and learn from them. Learning what it takes to become good at article marketing takes time, but understand that the wheel’s already been invented and that most of the hardest effort has already been put in by other people. All you need to do is look to these experts so that they can inspire you and so that you’ll put in the work to make those techniques your own.

Before you write a single article, it’s important that you do the proper research on your keywords. The primary goal of article marketing is to help you get traffic to your website, so when you’re writing articles that include keywords that don’t have a lot of competition, it’s easier to get the top stop in the search engines.

The traffic that you get from the search engines is highly targeted and focused, which is why you should put in the effort to uncover keywords that have good traffic but low competition. Your titles and your article bodies should include the keywords. In conclusion, the article marketing strategies that we discussed in this article will definitely give you results if you take action and be persistent.

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2 Things You Need To Remember When Buying Internet Marketing Software.

Posted on : 30-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you have been following with Internet Marketing news, you will notice that there are so many new marketing tools being launch almost on monthly basis. Some of the sales pitch are so powerful and impressive  that you practically can’t resist not paying attention to it.

You may have heard the saying that people usually buy things based on emotion and then try to logically justify what they bought. Never get into the mistakes of buying Internet Marketing software simply because it it is the latest product/service or because everyone is raving about it.

I have to admit I too commit the same mistakes of spending lots of money on such software and only to realize I don’t even use it for more than twice and it ends up as digital dust in my computer hard disk. 

In my previous posting on http://www.myhomebiznet.com/internet-marketing-blogging/buying-internet-markeing-products-avoid-these-mistakes, i  highlighted factors to consider and mistakes to avoid before you buy Internet marketing products.

Another 2 things you should keep in mind is :

1)Determine if there’s any membership sites or forums whereby you can interact with other users with regards to usage and deployment of the product.

A good Internet marketing software product usually comes with both basic and premium membership (usually you need to pay monthly fee for the premium membership upgrade) whereby you can get help, advice and tutorial to fully maximize the return from the software that you have invest in.

If the membership site or forum is maintained by creator of the software product or the affiliate marketer selling the product, make sure that it is active sites with healthy participation from users and customers of the product.

2)Any audio or preferably video tutorial from the affiliate marketer who is selling the software product or the creator of the product itself in showing you how you can go about implementing something without the use of the software and what value proposition it will bring for you in terms of work efficiency, productivity and increase profit by using the software. One of the best Internet Marketer that I have come to trust is Dave Guindon. He has a background in software engineering and develop his own tools to improve the bottom line of  his online business. I have purchased two of his good products namely the Virtual Smart Agent and Golden Cash Compass.

Sometimes I think he is crazy because he offers unlimited lifetime product upgrade and support and to date,  the software works brilliantly without flaw. He also offers excellent technical support. Don’t overlook the important factor that it is not just the product that matters but more importantly the availability and quality of the ongoing customer support after you have purchase the software.

Dave is also a great affiliate marketer (even though he develops his own products from time to time) and the most interesting thing about him and which sets him apart from other affiliate marketers is his ability to produce good informative video tips.

 He provides great information on Internet marketing tips that would have otherwise cost hundred of dollars. Check out the following video on and you will know what I meant.

PS: I like that fact that he is not pushy when it comes to product recommendation. He shows you how you can do something the manual way without the software product and  how you  will stand to benefit by investing in tools that he personally use and  that will save you lots of time and improve your income.

Here’s a video clip on how to get massive traffic to your website for free.  Check it out and you will know why he is someone you could trust and count on when it comes to Internet Marketing.  This guy really knows his stuffs well.

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When Should You Consider Using PPC?

Posted on : 27-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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You may have heard of the Google Adword ban and the so called (Goggle’s PPC marketing strategy) slap nightmare on hundreds, if not thousands of advertisers who woke up to the surprise and shock of being informed that their account has been banned or terminated. Should you therefore still consider using PPC (pay per click advertisement) marketing and is it worth the money?

Some people advocate doing away with PPC marketing since it is quite apparent that it is becoming increasingly difficult, competitive and expensive to bid for popular keywords. Pay Per Click marketing strategy is also known as performance based marketing whereby you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, how much you spend depends on the number of clicks and the cost per click (CPC) for the keywords which you bid.

Furthermore, Google is known to be tough with those who violate their PPC marketing terms and conditions. The rules and criteria pertaining to PPC marketing is not fix and if you are not careful you might just lose your account and become another statistic of those suddenly losing a major source of advertising revenue.

The equation is pretty simple. You will lose money if the cost per click for your ads is high and those high number of clicks do not convert to successful sales (E.g. People click on your paid ads but they don’t buy the product or service ). Getting high traffic (high number of visitors) to your website does not necessary guarantee nor translate to high profits especially if you are dealing with Goggle Adwords.

You may wonder despite these negatives aspects, why so many people are still embracing PPC marketing? Unlike natural search traffic (also known as free traffic), your paid ads could easily rank top within hours after your PPC campagin goes live. You don’t have to struggle and wait for days, weeks or even months to have your webiste rank high in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

In a nutshell, you pay search engine companies such as Goggle, Yahoo or Microsoft to have your product or service listed and display in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors; people who search for the keyword phrase which you bid for . The higher cost per click you paid for, the higher chances it is for your ads to appear in the search engine sites.

Organic search traffic (also known as natural search traffic) is not REALLY FREE as much Internet Marketing Gurus would like you to believe. In the strictest sense you are basically trading your time in terms of efforts and focus to increase natural traffic to your website (essentially the money that you would’ve otherwise need to invest in bidding for keywords with PPC in paid advertising is replaced by extra hours you have to put into search engine optimization).

Thus in some way, this form of advertising strategy is also known as paid search marketing. You pay to get your website, for instance the product landing page display for the relevant keywords in the shortest possible time. It is pretty much the same as the way conventional brick and mortar business works whereby you spend money to buy for ad space of magazines, newspaper, cinema ads and Yellow Pages to have your business listed and published. You can normally see results in matter of hours or days instead of weeks and months.

One of the most effective ways to do market research is via PPC marketing. Since you can normally get results fast, usually within hours or days after you launch your paid ad campaigns, you can avoid wasting time on product/service that won’t sell or where there’s no adequate demand. You can made early adjustment to either your sales marketing letter, landing pages, or even keyword phrases through PPC.

Once you have determine the keyword phrases, sales marketing letter, keyword phrases and its associated estimated cost per click, you can then work on the organic search traffic (SEO) optimization based on the factors that you have gathered through paid ads marketing.


Don’t be mislead that PPC marketing is unimportant or ineffective. On the contrary, paid advertising is quite effective if you do it the right way. Proper keyword phrase research is essential and if possible try to target long tail keywords or less popular and less competitive phrases. This would translate to lower competition and thus lower cost per click.

You can make use of PPC marketing such as Goggle Adwords to gauge the effectiveness of your new product/service on targated customers. Keyword phrases, sales letters and landing pages that do well in pay ads usually will also do well likewise on organic SEO.

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Things You Need To Know Upfront About Web Host Hosting Provider

Posted on : 17-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It’s been several days since I last updated my blog. Things has not been going to well lately for me though. My pet companion, the fifteen year old Pomeranian by the name Muffin will be sadly missed as it passed away on 12th October 2010. Muffin has been our source of joy and delight even though I must say we have our hands full dealing with him making a mess out of the house.

I was mentally prepared to expect Muffin to go anytime though. The average life span for a toy dog such as a pomeranian of weighting 5kg and below is around 15-18 years. Thus Muffin has lived to a ripe old age and he passed on due to aging. He breathed his last at home and joined the rest of the pets before him.

Apart from that there’s pretty much work to do with regards to getting to complete some of the last minute software project request. Quite annoying though was the fact that it has to be completed by next week. It’s good to be a software developer so long as you are not hard pressed to meet ridiculous project time line i guess..

Another thing that really piss me off lately is with regards to the bad connections that I keep experiencing with HostSo web hosting company. I wrote to them to complain about the unacceptable high occurrences of bad connections, drop connections and extremely slow page loading time.

Much to my disappointment, the customer service support of HostSo responded by saying that there is nothing wrong with their server that is hosting my domain. I did a search on the Internet for HostSo review and well it seems that there are plentfy customers who experienced similar problems with this web hosting company.

Do Your Home Work! Get Feeback & Reviews Of the Web Hosting Companies!
I must admit that I didn’t do any thorough study and review of web hosting companies when I sign up with HostSo. Budget was the first thing on my mind and I reckon that so long as I am able to get a cheap web hosting deal then other factors such as performance, reliability or even customer service becomes secondary concerns.

Well, boy am I am dead wrong! Getting a reliable, robust, efficient and proven web hosting provider company is very important if you are serious about your online business. There is always a catch when it comes to companies that offers low cost attractive package. I guess you pay for what you get.

There are some important things you need to know upfront about web hosting provider. Google is going to measure website page loading time as part of the page ranking criteria. I learn the painful and costly lesson which has caused me dearly in terms of Internet income opportunties. Frequent connection dropout and poor site page loading time is serious enough to devastate your online business.

Don’t try to be a cheapo when it comes to engaging paid web hosting service. First thing first you need to determine your objectives and requirements with regards to hosting for your websites or blogs. Web hosting charges varies and most offered different plans. You get to pay more for higher plans which offers extra features such as unlimited disk space, unlimited domain hostings, unlimited bandwidth and etc.

The specifications and features outlined for the various plans are for ideal conditions only and do expect less optimal results though. For instance, there are many customers who has their paid web hosting accounts suspended simply because their web hosting providers deemed that they were using too much of the Internet traffic bandwidth.

Unlimited Bandwidth – It Is Simply BS!
Unlimited bandwidth is just some sort of gimmick because if the traffic to your sites exceed a certain limit (too many people accessing your sites or if you stream upload/download huge files, some of these host providers will not hesistate to remove your account. (usually without advance warning and you stand to lose all your contents if you don'[t backup your data regularly!)

Shared Web Hosting Server
Low cost and cheap plans usually relies on the processing power of shared web hosting servers. What it means is that the hosting server bandwidth is shared among multiple users. Thus if there are many service request (Internet access by users), the network traffic gets bogged down and this result in reduce upload and download speed. Your site page loading time will increase and people will get piss and avoid it!.

Dedicated Server Please!
If you have the budget you should go for the more expensive plan whereby a dedicated server is allocated just for your account. The dedicated server web hosting plan is recommended for online business and webmasters that requires stable and guaranteed bandwidth access. Badwidth utlization is never an issue with dedicated server so you don’t have to worry about server overloading resulting in degrade site page loading time.

Forget About Those Disk Space Gimmicks!
Hard disk is very cheap nowadays and you should not get excited with plans that offers unlimited disk space. After all,chances are that you will never get to make full use of the disk space allocated for your plan. Even if disk space is a concern, you can always store your files in some other sites and direct your sites to fetch files and contents from these alternative sites.

Microsoft SkyDrive and ADrive offers whopping 25GB & 50GB disk space respectively and its free!. Just sign up for free acccounts and you are good to go.

As the saying goes, you get for what you paid for. You get the type of ride for the class of ticket that you buy. Don’t make yourself being penny wise pound foolish when it comes to paid web hosting. You may save some money here and there with cheap hosting plans but if you are unlucky you may end up with sites that are difficult to access, frequent down time, slow page loading time, poor customer support help desk and etc.

You are exchanging your time and efforts for money and you want to make sure that your sites get the best exposure and user experience. Don’t short change your sites by using lousy and irresponsible host service providers. So what if your sites has great contents? It is a dead and orphan website if people gets piss off with the bad Internet connection services.

As I am writing this post, I experienced disconnection from my WordPress control panel about 5 times within a short span of 15 minutes!. No it is not an issue with my local Internet connection as I have no trouble staying in connection with other websites hosted in the USA.

I always make it a point to write my post in notepad first and then copy and paste to WordPress. This is to prevent connection lost with HostSo. How appaling isn’t it?

Do I recommend HostSo ? The answer is regrettably a definite NO. Perhaps the connection is fine in the United States (where the web hosting company is located but I wouldn’t give a damn. I just want a reasonable operating service whereby I can comfortably run my online business from Singapore and whereby people outside USA can access it with acceptable connection access and speed!!

I am very dissapointed that even with HostSo Elite Plan, the connection service and access to my websites through HostSo web hosting is appalling. So my advice to all, stay away from HostSo! You don’t want to end up being another statistic of disgrunted and cheated customer.!

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Success – What Does It Meant To You

Posted on : 11-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development

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What is success and why should you bother about it? What does it meant to you? Do you envy those who are successful and blame yourself for those things you can’t achieve in lie? Do you believe that you have what it takes to be successful in life?

In A Nutshell – General Term

Most people associate success with reputation, power, status and money. There is no doubt that money is one of the most important factors for the simple fact that you simply can’t have too much of money but you certainly can’t do without money. You work so that you have money to spend for your daily expenses, feed you loved ones and etc. The Singlish term, no money no talk may come as a catch phrase for many but it is a stark fact of the reality of life. No doubt, it would be strange for anyone to dispute that success should not bring along with it, financial wealth and prosperity.

A Matter Of Perspectives

Being successfull means different thing to individuals but generally speaking it makes one feels good. Having the choices and abilities to enjoy the finer things in life is a form of success that not everyone can achieve in lifetime. There are those who deem success in life in terms of the ability to lead a life of spiritual calm and serenity.

Individual experience success in different personal ways. For instance, achieving your goals makes you feel good and fills your heart with sense of pride, joy and success. Some people may cast you as a failure but you may see yourself in a different light. Thus, success is truly a matter of perspectives.

You may spend years in the deep jungle of south America looking for that one tiny frog species which others won’t give a damn. When you discover such a rare tiny frog species you jump with joy and that itself is the success you have been aiming for which no one else cares..So you see what I mean?

There is no universal definition for what it really means. After all, there are those who claim that success is but the state of the mind. What do you think? Can you measure success? Is there a metric that you can use to define it from a scale from 1 to 10? Certainly not I guess…

The important thing is that many people don’t really take time to ponder and think of what success clearly means to them personally. You can’t achieve success if you are unable to quantity and measure it in a personal way that is unique and applicable to you.

After you have a good grasp of what success means to you, you will then need to know what is currently important to you and how that will impact and fit into your future success. Being successful is not all about making the right decision even though that would be the most ideal case. Rather, success is about making some decision in life and taking swift actions to work towards attaining those goals.

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Why You Are Not Achieving Your Goals

Posted on : 06-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, personal development


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Time sure flies. Soon we will bid farewell to year 2010.  For some, it’s time to take stock of  life, to determine how we fare economically, in career, health and how far we have come in terms of achieving the goals we set  for this year. Perhaps you may be wondering as to why you are not achieving your goals.

As the saying goes, it is not how a race begins that matters but more importantly how it ends.  This philosophy and concept applies  to managing goals. 

It is easy to set up goals but generally it takes time, efforts and commitments to accomplish them.  There is no point in setting up impressive and fanciful goals if you are unable to follow up through and accomplished it.

On the other hand it is also important and to be mindful that the journey, process and the path to reach the goal is equally as important as achieving the goal itself.ey itself. 

The challenges, knowledge, experience and wisdom gain during the ongoing process to achieve the objectives  is what makes striving to attain and achieve goals so enriching and rewarding .

Various factors could disrupt you from achieving your objectives.  Unforeseen circumstances and changes of priorities in life are but some of the situations that may disrupt your short, mid or long terms plans. Some people felt that goal setting is just applicable for those living the corporate life that moves in the fast lane.  Some are pretty contented with life and feel that there is no need to set any goals because they are certain that they won’t be able  achieve and accomplish the goals anyway.

Successful men and women of the world, be it in the corporate, social political or personal life all share one common trait;  and that is they all have clear established goals and work towards achieving them.  I can’t imagine any accomplished and successful people who become what they are without any goals and aspirations.

Over here I outlined the main reasons why people fail to achieve their goals.

  1. Lack of interest
  2. Unrealistic goal
  3. Numberless goal
  4. Lack of focus
  5. Poor time management
  6. Lack of strategy


Lack Of Interest

You should set goals that you have strong desire to accomplish, unwavering commitment and  long term interest .  Many people make the mistake of setting a goal that don’t really interest them or that eventually wane off.  It is very likely that you will not accomplished something that you don’t like to do or something that you don’t find interesting particularly if you faced challenges or obstacles along the way. You will give up easily if the going gets tough if you don’t have strong attachment and passions of your goals.

Unrealistic Goal

You are bound to set yourself up for disappointment if you  try to establish a goal that is unrealistic in terms of time-line to accomplish or too complex to begin with.  For instance, what are the chances of succeeding in setting the goal to say lose 30kg of weight in a week.  So be realistic with what your goals. Yes, you ought to think big when it comes to setting your goal but you also want to be realistic and make sure it is achievable.

Objective And Measurable Goal

This is another big mistake that people often commit.  For e.g. It is not sufficient for you to just simply define and underpin the goal to achieve say financial independence and retirement before you reach the age of 50. You need to set concrete timeline and how much you intend to make by months or even weeks to achieve that sort of goals.

You need to break down the main goal into measureable sub goals that allows you to track progress on daily or even weekly basis if possible . In otherwords, you need to underpin goals that are objective and measurable. You can’t achieve what you can’t track and measure so to speak.

Lack Of Focus

You need to be 100% focus for the duration of time of which you have allocated and scheduled to work towards accomplishing your goals. There are many things that could easily distract your attention . For instance, TV programmes, surfing the Internet aimlessly, chatting in social media sites and etc could easily and subconciously distract your focus.

Besides, most people are not very good in multitasking. There is sufficient research data demonstrating decline productivity, mental focus and acuteness when someone multitasks.  Multitasking seems to be a good way to get more things done where in actual fact it affects and hampers your ability to focus on getting quality work done.

You need to be in your focus zone  to do your best and deliver what is required to bring you closer to reaching your goals. In other words, your attention must be undivided when you set aside time to work on your objectives.

Poor Time Management

There are those who gave excuses  that they don’t have sufficient time to work on achieving their goals.  It may be a tough call and challenging to juggle between a full time job and say working part time towards becoming a profitable Internet Affiliate Marketer . But hey, no one ever said it is going to be easy anyway.  One of the key strategy with regards to effective time management is plan a schedule and  prioritize tasks based on criticality, importance and future needs.

You need to learn how manage  time properly.  It is simply poor excuse to justify why you cannot achieve your goals under the pretext you have no time. One good method to keep track of amount of  time you spend on working on your goals is through with the use of a timer. For instance, you may schedule half an hour daily to write articles for submission.  Start the timer and stick to half an hour and then move on to other tasks when done. Doing so help you to improve mental focus and improve work efficiency.

Effective time management is crucial amidst today’s fast paced hectic environment where it seems that everything and everyone fights to get our attention. There are plenty of  information pertaining to effective time management strategies available  online so do check it out. The bottom line is that you need to master time management as it contribute directly to getting you closer to achieve your goals.

Lack Of Strategy

It is essential that you setup a strategy to achieve your goals.  It involves setting up a plan that you will use as a checklist on what needs to be done, specific actions and targeted date of completion.  You have to  start small by breaking the main goal into sub goals and then workout a plan to accomplish the sub goals on a monthly, weekly or daily basis.

A good strategy plan involves breaking down of  a main goal into subgoals and specific actions that you will need to take to meet the subgoals. You also need to specify the specific actions say for isntance;  writing 3 articles per day for article directory submission, write blog comment posts on specific days and etc. After you have set up the plan you need to commit spending 80% of the time implementing the actions underpin.



I am as much guilty as others when it comes to goal setting and not following up nor making it a point to work towards achieving the goals.  Actually it is not difficult to achieve your goals, be it short term or long term objectives.   Have you heard of the saying ” How do you eat an elephant?, well, you just have to eat small pieces bit by bit!”

Master the thing which you are really good at and be the jack of all trade for the rest of  the things indirectly associated with your goals. Spend more time working on what is working rather than those aren’t working.  You must be unwavering,  possesed self determination and fighting spirit. Don’t just continue to learn and not take action to do what is needed otherwise you might end up in paralyze by analyze situation.

You need to have the right mindset, acquire the ability to accept that failure is part of ongoing learning process while you strive towards success. If things do not go well along the way, you should never give up. The path leading to your goals may change but it’s alright. Don’t procrastinate. Time and tide waits for no man so to speak. 

Now that you know the reasons as to why you are not achieving your goals, isn’t it time for you to take concrete actions to making things right?  After all, you can have what you want in life so long as you set your priorities right, have the right mindset and take the right actions to works towards you goals.

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Buying Internet Markeing Products – Avoid These Mistakes

Posted on : 02-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Recently there are many new Internet Marketing products being introduced into the market.  Some of these products have outrageous claims such as ability to reap in profits amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars with just a single push button.

Sometimes I wonder if these so called Internet Marketing Guru’s thinks everyone is dumb or what?  It gives me the creep when I read some of the ridiculous testimonies and claims by these people who promote such products.

Despite the ICAN regulations on proof of testimonies and product claims , there are still plenty of unethical people who’s aim is just to get as much money from you.It is always the same kind of story.

For instance, here is this guy who used to work as a janitor, a bell boy, a bankrupt, a former drug addicts and so forth and where suddenly they discover the secret to making lots of money through some online business strategies and from there forth they are living the lifestyle of the rich and famous.

Aspiring online business newbie could easily get swayed and influence to purchase such products, only to become disappointed and realized that it is not working the way it is advertised. Even though some of the crap products are back up by iron clad 60 days no question ask refund policy, getting your money back involves much more hassle than you think.

Of course not all automated single push button Internet Marketing (IM) products are bunch of craps. There are indeed some which are so powerful that it is life changing and could increase your online business bottom line by double or even triple folds. One of these powerful products that you should invest into is Autoblog Samurai.

I have purchased for Autoblog Samurai and completely satisfied with all the great features along with benefits. As matter of fact, the best products are those which under commits but over deliver. There are so many benefits not listed in the sales copy of this product and you will be amazed how it opens up new opportunities for you to increase your online income.

Okay, back to where I was, sometimes it is important to note that what work for others might not work for you though.  The effectiveness of the product or service depends on the niche market that you are dealing with and how you approach to solve a problem with the product/service.

A person who is promoting say dog toys may see his online affiliate income increased through implementation of product A or service A while it could amount to zero profit for another guy who is trying to promote say knitting.

Internet marketing product developers knows we live in an instant gratification world. We want to instant results and we want results from the least amount efforts.  The catch phrase is effortless single push button solution that is attention and mind grabbing!.

The main benefits that attract users are Internet marketing automation tools that results in time saving to get something done. This result in improves productivity and efficiency. The ultimate goal is providing a solution that offers the user more time to focus on other more important aspect of online business or even to spend more quality time with your loved ones.

Don’t get influence by all the hypes, blow and whistles that comes along with new product marketing campaigns.  Many of these sales copy letters are written by professionals copywriters and if you are not careful you may get emotionally charge up and before you realized it, you have spend a fortune on unnecessary products.

Never judge a product by its pricing.  An expensive product may not be better than alternative cheaper solutions. Similarly, don’t base your decision solely on how cheap or inexpensive it is.

You need to be due diligent when it comes to investing your hard earn money.  The key thing to remember is what problems or challenges the product will addressed and how it it it will compliment the products you already have or what you plan to do in the future.

Do not focus solely on the product itself but rather what kind of service the sales provider  is able to provide (after sales service). Most seller overlook the fact that it is the customer service that makes the whole lot of difference and there are many irresponsible sellers that just hit and run when you purchased the product.

Don’t be influence by the scarcity factor which sales promoters are very good at. You will no doubt time and again come across promotion events whereby a product price is schedule to increase after a certain period of time since the product is officially launched.

Amidst all the excitement associated with automation software products and tools, there are many hidden loopholes that many people aren’t unaware of.  Here I outlined briefly some of the challenges and questions that you need consider before you invest and purchase any software automation tools.

1) What are the main benefits of the software?
2) Are there any equivalent free products/services in the Internet and if so how different are these free products/services compare to the one you intend to purchase
3) Any recurrent monthly fees associated with the product
4) Check out this product reviews, positive as well as negative feedback if any.
5) Any credible Internet Marketing Guru’s promoting this product
6) Internet marketing business model most suited for this product/service and if it is align to your niche market product.
7) How fast can you get up to speed with comfortably using the product?
8) What is the refund policy and duration of trial period?
9) What are the type of extra bonuses which affiliate marketers willing to go to the extend to promote this product.
10) How often do you intend to use this product/service, everyday, once a week or once a month?
11) What impact if any to your current online business bottom line without this product.
12) Quality of customer support (help-desk) should you run into problem with the product
13) Restrictions if any to the number of computers that you may install the product (in particular if it is a software tool).
14) Web technology progressed at break neck speed.  Software product that works today may not function properly couple of months down the road. Thus it is very important that you determine if the product is upgradeable and cost associated with the upgrades if any.

As the saying goes, sometime the best course of action to take is that of not to take any actions at all. I have come across situations whereby a product that is sold for U$97/- becomes a free added bonus package for another upcoming product barely few months after it was launched.

Last but not least, it is worth to point out that most of these products shows you what to do and when to do it. Rarely does any of these products explains how to do it nor why you need to do the way being told.  In summary, would you rather that someone give you the fish or have someone teach you how to fish?

Getting the state of the art automated Internet marketing tools is only as good as you can get provided you make full use of it. Otherwise it is just a fish that after you consume it you are done with and you need to wait for the next fish (next product so to speak).

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Automated Blogging System

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It sure feels good to know there exists an affordable and reasonably price high quality automated blogging system that enable you to spend at most 10 minutes to set up a new blog and then let it run automatically on autopilot mode to generate cash for you.

Imagine a blog that automatically post fresh content without any user intervention. Try to visualize the sensational feeling of seeing your Adsense, Clickbank eBay, Amazon and other ads income increase by leaps and bounds; all without you having to break a sweat and toil to write and post time consuming up to date fresh contents on regular basis.

It gets even better when you think about such blogging system that don’t require you to pay for any domain or webhosting? Is it possible that such a system exist? Well, the answer is a definite yes. Not at least till recently with the release of a new blogging system. It is a a dream come true for people who wish to monetize their blogs.

A blog without any frequent fresh contents updates is a dead blog so to speak. Search engines loves blogs that are regularly updated with fresh postings. An automated blogging system such  as auto blog Samurai could not just help save you time but also improve your blog search engine page ranking with least amount of efforts on your part.

For those who are not good in writing blog posts or constraint by time, outsourcing is one of the way to get around such challenges. Well guess what? You don’t even need to outsource content creation with this system thus saving you money. You don’t have to spend as much time and efforts to prepare and publish new postings and you don’t even have to as a matter of fact.

Thus one of the major benefits of this recently released auto blog system is that you have more time to focus on other things, particularly in terms spending more quality time with your family and leading a more well balanced life.

Setting up a new blog is easy; maintaining a blog to be interesting and generating income is a different story all together. It takes hard work, commitment and dedication to maintain a profitable blog . Not to mention time to do SEO (search engine optimization) on top of regular postings.

It gets even better. How about getting hold of a system which automatically publish your blog in different languages? Now that’s what I called a shake and bake system. An all in one system that not only saves you time and money to automatically retrieved and publish relevant contents from RSS feeds, Yahoo Answers and may other social media networks but also options to publish the contents in different languages.

AutoBlog Samurai System

So what is this system that I am referring to? It is none other than autoblog Samurai. It is by and far the most advanced automated blogging system. It is the only software that I know of which allows you to make use of free blogging accounts such as those of wordpress.com and blogger.com to create hundred of cash pumping blogs.

Like most things in life, there is always pro and cons associated with such a system. You will have to consider the benefits versus shortcomings  if any associated with using automated blogging system. First let’s look at why this software has created so much news recently.

Automated Content Publishing

This software enables you to create literally dozens if not hundreds of blogs in record breaking time. It is a fire and forget solution so to speak. You don’t have to worry about keeping all the blogs up todate with fresh postings.

By and large this is the strongest selling point and the reason why you should consider adding such a system to your arsenal of Internet Marketing tools. Time is the essense and any software Internet marketing tools that helps you to improve your work efficiency is a plus.

No Need To Apply For Domain Or Subscribe To Webhosting

This is another strong benefit that is offer only by Auto Blog Samurai system to date. There are many other auto blogging software but none offer this interesting feature. You just need to invest in this software once and after that there is no more additional expenses incure.

You don’t have to worry about hitting the quota and limitation on number of domains and SQL databases associated with standard webhosting that is typical of what most webmaster face when they try to create dozens, if not hundreds of websites and blogs.

Easy Adsense & Affiliate Income

If your main objective is to generate as much Adsense revenue as possible then the automatic blogging system fits in nicely. The more blogs and websites you have with Adsense, the more likely it is for you to generate nice income for it.

After all, it’s a numbers game when it comes to Adsense. Take for instance, if you can get click of US$1/- from each blog, then 100 blogs would rake in US$100/- per day. Multiply that by 30 and you can easily earn a nice income of US$3K/- per month! All without having to lift a finger via auto blog Samurai system!

You do not need to be limited by Adsense income though. There are many other affiliate programs which works on the same publishing business model as that of Adsense. Besides, it is also possible for visitors to purchase from Amazon, eBay and etc through your affiliate links from such blogs that is managed by auto blog Samurai system.

Some of the shortcomings which you ought to take  note of are:

One Shoe Fit All Size Solution?

Of course having hype so much and getting all excited about this system, by no means is auto blog Samurai a panacea for all blogging constraints and challenges. Firstly, automated blogging systems are usually build around what is termed content aggregation.

Merely Just Another Content Aggregator?

In a simple nutshell, the software does not create fresh content but rather pull and post relevant contents from social media network sites and other sources such as article directories and etc. In some way is it pretty much like a magazine which has print articles from various resources. Is this good or bad? It all depends on how you wish to monetize your blogs and short term versus long term online business goals.

Diminish Building Trust

For instance, if you are looking to build long term relationship and trust with your subscribers and readers than I would say that blogs build upon automated blogging system such as this is not as effective as manual postings. A blog that you personally spend time to build on and post unique contents and posting has more sense of personal touch so to speak. It all depends on your objective, whether you are targeting quantity of blogs versus the quality of blogs.


The benefits associated with autoblog Samurai is every blogger’s dream. You now possessed the capability to create and manage dozens, if not hundred of profit pulling blogs with minimal efforts.  Another thing though is that you can still manually create and insert your own posts in between those automated contents posted by auto blog Samurai system.

Suffice to say, it is also very important that you continue to maintain at least one or more blogs that you personally take charge of in terms of interacting with your subcribers and readers. After all, the purpose of blogging is to build and foster trust and long term relationship with your customers and readers. Nothing can substitute that conventional blogging tasks, not even with automated blogging systems such as the Samurai.

You can however leverage on the power of automated blogging Samurai system to drive targeted traffic from such blogs to your primary blog. You just need to include the main blog link in your free domain blogs.   If you are a newbie to blogging and you wish to monetize and earn some multiple income streams from your blogs then you should do yourself a favor by using autoblog Samurai. You will be glad you made that decision. I am wasting no time to grab my copy of this great software before the price goes up, you should likewise I suppose. Cheers!


autoblog samurai
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How To Write A Compelling Title For Your Article

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This post focus on tips on how to write a compelling title for your article. As the saying goes, the eye is the window to the soul, well guess what, so it is with the title of your article. Surveys indicates that less than 10% of people reading an article title will take further action to read the full text of the body.

The title of the article is the first thing that a reader gets to look at, thus first impression counts so to speak. It goes to show how important it is for you to craft the title in the way that it captivates and motivates the reader to read the full text.

One common mistake that many article writer make is not paying sufficient attention to the title. Suffice to say, if the title sucks or does not adequately draw the attention of the reader, it does not matter if you have the best article content in the world. You article will get bypassed because people prejudge the relevancy and quality of an article content simply based on the description.

There are many factors that you need to deal with as far as creating a compelling title is concern.

Keep The Title Short And Sharp
Generally it is preferable to limit the number of characters to max of 65 characters. Take a look at advertisement sign boards along highways. A driver only have seconds to catch a glimpse of the ads while on the wheels moving at high speed so how would you think drivers will react to long winding ads?  Most would give it a miss.

Include Numbers
Which of the two titles sounds more interesting and eye catching? “Discover The Secrets  To Longevity” or “Discover The Only 2 Secrets You Ever Need To Longevity”? Numbers will grab a lot of attention!

Persuasive Punch Line
Word phrases such as “How to”, “Discover the secrets”, “Best tips”, “Amazing”,”Revolutionary”,”Remarkable”, “Startling”,”Quick”,”Announcing” ,”Exclusive”,”Incredible” and “Miracle” to name a few are persuasive and attention grabbing words. You need not exaggerate nor over-hype. Instead focus on creating punch lines that gets the reader to sit up and drawn into curiosity, excitement and perhaps drooling to want more about what’s in the article.

Search Engine Optimized (Friendly)
Include keyword phrases that are search engine friendly, not too competitive (less than 100K competing web pages) and while maintaining reasonable amount of search volumes (at least 3K per month). Why would you want to bother with search engine factors?

Most people make use of search engine facilities to locate the web site address  that contains the  information (website)  of interest. Thus you need to include keyword phrases that are popular, competitive and which are most likely to be part and parcel of search query terms.

Get Some Hints & Ideas From High Ranking Articles.
There is no universal hard and fast rule as to which is the best method to implement however there is one interesting technique  that some Internet Marketing Guru’s employed to great effectiveness.  Locate relevant articles with highest number of readers from major ezine and article directories such as at www.ezinearticles.com and use these titles and headers as reference to craft yours. Of course you should not copy the exact title;  some major article directories strictly prohibits such actions anyway.

Adhere To Article Directory Guidelines (Which Also Helps To Improve Your Click Through Rate!)
There  are plenty of  tips you could find from article directories as far as crafting of titles are concern. Refer to the general guidelines and requirements  for instance at ezinarticle(http://ezinearticles.com/editorial-guidelines.html). The rules and guidelines are not there to stiffer your creativity but rather to make it more user easier for readers to locate articles that best match their requirements.

Sometime it is kind of like chicken and egg  dilemma with regards to decide what’s the best title for your article. On one hand, you essentially need to craft a title that is exceedingly interesting but on the other hand you have to ensure the keywords and phrases are SEO optimized so that people can locate your article through search engines! Regardless, it is worth the time and effort to write a compelling title for your article. Do checkout other article writing tips in this blog.

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3 Great Free Online Web Logo Creation Tools

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Having a good nice looking logo in your website is important as it serves to draw the attention of the visitor.  Even though content is king so to speak, it is inevitable that a site’s visual and aesthetic  logo will appeal to most visitors. Here are three free online logo creation tools that are pretty handy for those who want to create logo without any fuss or without any web graphic design background.


No doubt there are many other free online web logo creation products, these three are very easy to use and you can get a logo created within minutes. The features are pretty limited though but it’s a no-brainer and pretty much get the job done so I am giving 3 out of 4 stars rating for it. Cheers!

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