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Blogger And Picasa Web Albums – Back Up Your Picasa Photo Album

Posted on : 05-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you have a blog with Blogger (a blog that is hosted by Blogger platform which ends with .blogspot )  it is worth to note that all the pictures and photos you upload to Blogger blogs are  by default stored into Picasa web album.  You are advised to back up copies of your photos as you never know when you might just need them.

I had the shocked of my life today when I realized that all the pictures, photographs and banners that I uploaded to several of my blogger blogs had disappeared.  Some of my blogs in the blogger platform are dated as far way back to 2008 or even earlier. Hundreds of photos that I uploaded throughout the years gone just like that.

Initially I thought Google might have done something to my blogger account due to violation of terms and conditions (which I did, I will tell you in a moment later). On second thought I realize that it could not be the case because apart from all missing photos and pictures, the contents are intact.

Later I recalled that I did delete some photos from my Samsung SII Galaxy gallery. It didn’t occur to me that I have configured the smartphone Android to access my Picase photo album where all my blogger blog photos were stored!. If you have blogs in bloggerspot do take caution before you delete any photos or pictures from the gallery!

On another footnote, mighty Google has serve me a notice that my Google Adsense serving for some of my sites  has been disabled. Well, I must say I violated the terms and conditions but I am say I am surprised that they did not disable my Adsense account completely. I guess it is out of goodwill that they did not go ahead to ban me completely from Adsense.

Anyway the point that I would like to bring across is 1) make sure you don’t mess with Google and 2) diversify your online income, don’t put all your eggs in one basket.  Well, that’s so much to it, I am slapped with double whammy unfortunate happenings the past few days, call it bad luck if you may but I guess, I just have to move on.






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