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Pleasant Weather In Longmont

Posted on : 14-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life


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Just barely two weeks ago the weather in Longmont was extremely cold. It was snowing and ice freezing so much so that I could barely spend more than 5 minutes outdoors. As it turns out, the weather has taken a turn for the better. It is sunny and cooling today in the morning and it gets warmer in the afternoon. Night is also pretty cooling and I feel it is the best temperature all year round. Spring is in the air I guess.

Residence Inn Marriott  is not bad at all. The service staffs are extremely friendly.  Breakfast is free and I must say I enjoy the scramble eggs.  The guest laundry is just right at the corner beside the lift so its pretty convenient to get  laundry done.  There is a gymn, spa and swimming pool but I have yet to try any of it. Guess I am all not too interested in the ammenities. Instead, the Internet is my greatest joy and companion. Free Wi-Fi service means I get to surf  the Internet and do my blogging conveniently at the comfort of the hotel room.

There are many restaurants nearby the hotel. One of my favorite Asian restaurant is Koh’s Bistrol.  It is within walking distance but I still make it a point to drive though it is just 3 minutes drive!:)  It’s a family business and surprising the restaurant owner and his family are from Johor Malaysia.  I reckon it though because the manual has Singapore and Malaysia cuisines on top of the Japanese specialties which it is famous for.

Okay, I still have a couple of days over  here before I return to Singapore. One thing that still irritate me is that I still seems to lost my sense of directions after I had my lunch or dinner. Finding my way to the restaurants seems to be easy but getting my way back to the hotel or to the company after the meals seems to be a bit more problematic. Yeah, I know my car is equipped with GPS but even then it is pain in the neck to figure out that you are on the wrong side of the road and the GPS screams ‘recalculating’ trajectory and position.  Interesting that man can find their way to the moon but have problem finding their ways in a departmental store.

Okay, that’s preety much to it,  I have alot of a catching up to do in terms of learning as much as possible the software that I need to transfer to the software team in Singapore. Yes, I look forward to returning back to my home sweet home even though the weather is hot and humid. I will also certainly miss the good times and wonderful place in Longmont.

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