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How To Make Your Post To Become More Viral

Posted on : 16-12-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Stiff Competition For Visitor Attention

Hundreds of blogs and websites were being added every sixty seconds!. You could imagine the stiff competition among millions of sites to get visitors attention.  Nowadays it is not easy to attract readers and visitors to read your post.

Most people don’t have the patience when it comes to reading stuff online, not even two minutes when they stumble on your page. It is not surprising that those who land upon your web portal are more unlikely to take further action, perhaps just take a quick glance and then move on no matter how good you have content to share.

Even if  a reader do read the entire post, from the  title  up to the last character, chances are that he might not forward it to  friends unless it is really interesting. Quality content is important however you need to do more in order  to increase traffic viewers to your site.

You need to make sure your article or post is viral, in the sense you have to give the reader a reason to share the content with others. You can’t rely solely on search ranking to build traffic.

Content Is King – What If You Are Not A Good Writer?

Google has made it clear that despite changes to its algorithm, content is still the one of the most important criteria in regards to search engine ranking. Not everyone is a gifted writer so for those who hates writing or simply cannot afford to outsource article writing, there is another better way to get your posts to become more viral.

The technique that I am about to reveal to you is very simple and a time tested proven strategy. It can be used to boost any content to become viral rapidly.   The best part of it is that you probably just need one or two text sentences to communicate the required message to the reader .

Forget about all those so called SEO and traffic generating techniques taught by the Gurus and experts , mainly those who told you that in order to build traffic to your post or page you need to provide quality article of at least five hundred words. Why do I say that, well you know what?

The main problem with pure text based content is that nowadays most readers has very short attention  span. Nowadays people want to be able to visualize in their mind what you wish to communicate within seconds!. It is very difficult to describe something to the reader with mere words.

You need to provide a medium that is more immersive, something you can depict effectively.  Amazon dot com excelled in the strategy that I am about to tell you. Please read on..

Viral Boost With This Simple Strategy

So what is the method that I am talking about?  Simple, you guess it right,  it is graphic and image.  As the saying goes, an image is worth a thousand words and that is certainly the case when you think about millions of photo and images shared by people in social media networking sites such as Pinterest ,Facebook, Instagram, Flickr, Twitter and etc.

Well established big e-commerce portals such as  Amazon.com and eBay populate their web portals with photos and images of products.  Regardless of which niche market you are targeting , there is no doubt interesting images stands out and make people more inclined to engage and take actions.

You can easily increase traffic views by adding quality and interesting photos to your post.  Think about this for a minute, is it simpler to include an interesting photo or to create a quality unique content ? Your guess is as good as mine..

Social Media Signals –  Image And Photo Sharing

Google has indicated that social media signals do affect search ranking to a certain degree.  Some of the important factors (Google do not indicate what specific signals but most SEO experts are able to put up a good guess )  are the frequency of sharing, value of contributions and quality of  interactions.


Copyrights & Royalty Free Photo

It is quite tempting to copy and paste photo from various online sources to your web page. Do bear in mind images posted online are protected by copyright law. You risk being charged with content theft and copyright infringement.

Fret not though because there are many graphic image sharing sites that are royalty free and not constraint by copyrights. Listed below are URL to photo and graphic resources which you can check out. To find more simply search Google for: free stock images

http://www.themeheaders.com http://freewebpageheaders.com http://openphoto.net/ http://www.freefoto.com |http://www.sxc.hu/ http://www.stockfreeimages.com/ http://www.freedigitalphotos.net http://www.stockvault.net

Almost all smart phone models are equipped with high resolution camera.  The picture qualities taken with some of these mobiles are very good.  New features such as image stabilizers, auto contrast and low light adjustment and etc makes camera snapshots an easy task for the novice.

Moreover, there are many mobile photo touch up apps available which you can use to edit and create snazzy interesting picture for upload to Facebook and etc.  For most of the usual marketing involving images, you don’t need to engage professional graphic designers at all.


We live in the visual culture age.  Computer technology is progressing at rapid pace. Who knows, perhaps in the near future interactive 3D  image might permeate every aspect of our daily life, particularly in regards to social media interaction.

Sharing photo is one of the best way to make a post viral.  It leaves a deeper impression in readers mind compare to a pure text content.  After all a photo is regarded by some as a universal language’. Don’t you agree? Do drop me a comment on what you think about this strategy.

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