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The Power Of Curiosity

Posted on : 13-05-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : personal development

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There is a saying that curiosity kills a cat. Perhaps in some ways, being curious to the extreme may land us in trouble but at other times, curiosity will enable you to open up your mind to new ideas and allow you to explore new opportunities that you never thought were possible. Curiosity helps to keep your mind active. Curiosity exercise your brain and make it stronger. Many people underestimate the power of curiosity.

In your childhood days,  life seems so much more exciting and you seems eager to explore and accept new ideas. As you grow older, your mind began to become dull and you become less receptive and less curious to events around you.

You may not realize that your curiosity may spur you to ask question and seek for answers that enable  you to break new grounds in your quest for success. Curiosity allows you to look at things from different angles. All too often you unconsciously program your mind to see things in a particular way and this limit your mind and prevent you from accepting alternative solutions. If you are unable to believe that your life can be more successful than where you are, then chances are that you won’t take necessary actions to improve your life.

Perhaps you may wonder in what other ways curiosity helps you to achieve your goals and dreams. You see, when you are curious, you won’t hastily tossed out or ignore ideas that comes to your mind. Chances are that you will miss out on important ideas if you lack curiosity simply because your mind becomes dull and you unconsciously program yourself to perceive important ideas as silly or insignificant.

One of the key factors to achieve  goals is that you must also be receptive and open to suggestions. Your pride may be the main stumbling block that prevent you from attaining your goals. You may not want to hear people’s advice and for all you know, the advice which you ignore of these days  might just have been the one thing that you badly needed to do in your life which will open the flood gate to immense success in your life!.

In summary, be inquisitive, curious and at the same time always be open to suggestions by allowing yourself to ask more questions and seeking different answers. Success might just comes along the way through curiosity and follow up actions that you  take.   Never understimate the power of curiosity as it could be your key to success in life,

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