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Procrastination – It Can Impede Your Success

Posted on : 09-02-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life



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Procrastination, the act of putting something off until later or doing something at the last minute may impede your success and also an invitation for disaster. A person who regularly delays carrying out a task, postpone and causing needless delays accomplishing something affect not only himself but perhaps others too.

For instance, a person who is habitually late for meeting may drive recklessly to beat traffic and put not just himself but the life of others in the car at risk. A good project may be compromised by last minute issues that were not discovered earlier simply because the person responsible for inspection fails to do so earlier when he had the opportunity to do so.

Procrastinating may lead to unnecessary problems We may end up missing critical time line to deliver products or services as a result of such habits. The quality of product or service may also suffer due to last minute work. A lot of people are unable to achieve their goals and aspirations because they procrastinate and fail to act on getting things done when its appropriate time to do so.

It is easy to put away things and say to ourself to get it done by tomorrow. Well, there’s never ending to the next day, the day after next and so on. Thus why not get things done at the soonest opportunity so that you will have less backlog work to clear later.

I recalled my dad once told me something regarding procrastination. He said ‘Son, the first thing that you ought to do when you woke up in the morning is to fold the blanket. It takes you mere minutes to get it done and you can proceed to other things such as brushing your teeth, take a shower and etc. Why put off something that you can do conveniently and quickly and is right in front you?”

There are times we may not even be aware that we are procrastinating simply because we don’t view it that way. We may subconsciously at the back of our mind justify our act of putting aside a task through perceiving it as less importance compare to other tasks that we need to carry out at that point of time. We find excuses for not wanting to do something that we don’t like, we don’t think it is important enough, we are not familiar enough to do the task or simply because we felt we are too busy doing so.

Procrastinating is the direct nemesis of good time management. You will never be able to manage time effectively and getting things done efficiently if you procrastinate. A person who is poor in managing time is more likely to procrastinate. You will never succeed in life if you continue to procrastinate.

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