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How To Recover From WordPress Attack

Posted on : 12-05-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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How To Recover From WP Attack


Don’t let hackers rob you off those precious online income you painstakingly build throughout the years. Stop intruders  from hijacking your money making websites, particularly those running on WordPress software platform. What should you do if  your site has been hacked?  What measures must you take to remove the threats and bring the site back online?

Confirm If Your Blog Has Been Hacked

Before we dwell into the topic on what measures to take to deal with WordPress theme or plug-in exploits, it is important to determine if your site security has been compromised or not. Many webmaster overlook this and assume things are okay so long as there is no visible signs such as the displaying of  ‘hacking pages’ and etc. It is not so straightforward nor easy to confirm if the security of your  business web portal has been breach or not. Make it a point to scan your computer for virus and the possibility of injection of malicious codes and scripts.

What is error code injection – why should you bother with it?

If you are not WordPress technical savvy, then fret not; you can always consider third party expertise to help validate,verify and confirm your website ‘health’ exposure  cyber attackers.

Inform Your Hosting Provider

The first thing you need to do is notify your web hosting provider at the soonest once you have confirmed your site has been hacked or your site security has been compromised. Most host service providers assists in regards to the restoration or reversion of  files hosted on their  network to an earlier date.  A common term for this is process is  called ‘roll back’. The restore dates varies ;  once every day, once a week and once a month. If you request a restore they will usually agree to it.

You may have to pay additional  service charge (usually as monthly or annual subscription fee)  for  daily data backup and express restoration service.  You can restore the files yourself if you have the backup data and the technical experience.  The restoration process is quit simple and straightforward.  Check out this link to an earlier post on online data backup and restore via cPanel.

How Does Roll Back Helps?

One  common technique used by  most hackers to take control of a website is by inserting malicious code into an existing script or replacing it totally with a virus program. Replacing the affected files, essentially reverting to the previous version is one of the fastest method to recover from the attack.  A roll back is more effective if you do data backup (both the WP database as well as the software ) on weekly or daily basis.  You should scale up your data backup activity according to the frequency of information updates to your web pages.

Start At Fresh – A Clean WP Install

What should you do  if your service provider, under whatever circumstances unable to restore your site to the previous date and you do not have backup copies of it?  Under such situation, the only viable and sensible course of action to take is to start at fresh again. Start from ground zero, clean install process can be very time consuming and perhaps impact your on-line income. Always make it a point to upgrade the WordPress software, theme, plug-ins and make sure you change the default WP login name and password.

Quick Summary

As the saying goes, prevention is better than cure. Many people secure their websites only after they have been hit. The impact is not trivial, it might lead to lost of hundreds if not thousands of dollars in revenue. You might even lose all your customers if confidential details of buyers are compromised. Fortify your network and secure your business portals at the soonest. Always make it a point to backup all important files (inclusive of databases ) so that you can quickly do a roll back if the need arise.

All it takes is just few simple measures to secure your on-line business for life. Be prepared for the worst though.  Should the inevitable occurs, the steps described in this post can in some way  help you to jump start the recovery process.

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