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Remember To Backup Your Online Data

Posted on : 23-02-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the things that a lot of webmaster often overlook or simply put aside with regards to running online business is online data backup. It is common for people to not even give a second thought on the importance and critical needs to perform regular and periodic data backup of their websites and blogs until the inevitable occurs.

You need to make plans and provisions to ensure your ability to restore your websites or blogs in the event of catastrophe involving data loss due to web host server crash, theft, computer virus attack, account being suspended or ban due to unforeseen circumstances.  You also need to keep the most recent backup  just in case you are required to revert or roll back to a previous version of the scripts or whatever software due to coding bugs and etc.

All the efforts, time and investment that you pour into your Internet marketing and online business will come to naught if you suddenly lose all those critical business data due to unforeseen disastrous circumstances. It is not surprising that many companies, either big or small that suffer critical data loss will go bust within 4 years or less. Not having a definitive plan to address online disaster recovery in areas of  data restoration of your Internet marketing business data can lead to dire outcome and disastrous consequences.

Most web host service providers do not offer any specific form of data backup services. Some web hosting companies do provide limited data protection for a small monthly data maintenance fee.  There are many reputable companies that offer Internet data backup services and you should seriously consider investing some of your business capital budget on data retention and backup.

You can perform regular online data backup of your websites and blogs easily if your web host service provider offers front-end CPanel site configuration and management software support. Logged into your CPanel account and click on the ‘backup wizard’ icon as illustrated  in the diagram below.

cpanel data backup wizard

After you click the “Backup Wizard’,  you will be presented with two major options namely ‘backup’ and  ‘restore’  choice as indicated below.

cpanel data backup wizard

Click the ‘Backup ‘ icon if you want to start the backup process. Otherwise choose the ‘Restore’ option if you wish to restore your previous backup version.  There are two backup options that you can choose, namely a full backup or a partial backup.  A full backup is essential if you wish to switch to a new service host provider and you want to migrate all your sites content from the old service provider to to the new one.

A full backup typically creates an archive of the entire data. It is important to note that you CANNOT restore the full backup archive to the existing server space of the same host service provider where you generate the full backup archive. The full backup is meant for total migration to a new service host provider.  One interesting feature of the full backup is the option for you to be notify of the completion of the backup process.  After the backup operation is completed, it is essential that you move the full backup archived to somewhere else, preferably to your local hardrive or any other backup storage.

cpanel data backup wizard

The partial backup option is essential and critical because it allows you to restore the backup data to your existing remote web hosting space  where you have an account with and also the server directory and location where you generate the backup files.

The partial backup option supports the back up of home directory (which include all your website scripts, images and etc MINUS the database and email filters), MySQL database and email filters. You are strongly encourage to do partial backup of all of them (namely the home directory, MySQL database and the email forwarders and filters.  Keep the partial backups in your local hard disk drive or any other local data storage.

How Often Do You Need To Perform Backup

There is no universal hard fast rule as to how frequent you need to backup your files. A lot depends how on important the  site is to your online business bottom line,  the frequency as well as the amount of data that you update to the site. A general guideline is that you should perform backup at least once every two weeks.  The more frequently you update your site, the more frequent you should backup the contents.


Never shortchange yourself when it comes to online data backup,retention and website disaster recovery.  It is just pure common sense that you should keep backup copies of your site contents to protect the online business that you have built up across the months or even years.  Make it a habit to archive your website contents. You never know when something happens to your site and it is better for you to be safe than sorry.

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