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Repeated Customers Marketing – Real Affiliate Marketing Success

Posted on : 13-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I was thrilled when I made my first online affiliate sales, a  mere 25 dollars commission which might seems like a drop of water to some but enough to make my day.  As time goes by I began to learn more about the importance of good marketing skills and customer service to increase my commissions.

Don’t be too happy or waste your time celebrating your first sales with a customer. I know it sound’s as  if I am contradicting myself; there is a reason why I see the first online profit you made as not really a big deal at all.

You see, my dear reader, the SECOND sales with the same customer, a repeated customer is the one that REALLY counts!.  If  the same customer do business with you repeatedly, it is a clear signal that he or she is saying to you there is something appealing, unique or special about you and your business empire.

There are many key areas where you need to pay attention to in order to win a customer trust. As the saying goes, people buy from whom they believed in.  Today’s Internet business is all about customer relationship. You can’t win a customer trust over night. You have to demonstrate excellence in customer service and build up close rapport with your customers.

I purchased many stuffs from the Internet particularly and mostly information products . So in essence as a customer myself in many ways, there are online sales dudes  that I will never want to deal with again, ever because of bad after sales service and support.

Most affiliate marketers focused only on selling, something which they felt they have to do to their customer in order to make a profit. When it comes to after sales customer service, most affiliate marketers think that they are doing something FOR the customer. This is absolutely wrong behavior.

You can have a product that is not as good as those of  your competitors but still outsell and outdo them if you provide excellent good after sales support and show your customers you care and value their inputs and feedback.

Take note that if you have made something wonderful during the sales process that satisfy the customer, they will want to do business with you over and over again. All said and done, repeat business is your only clear indication and hallmark of real reassurance and in the final analysis , the only true measure of your affiliate marketing success.





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