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The Risk Of Over Hyping And Over Selling Your Product.

Posted on : 13-02-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the secret of success to any online business is through practicing what is term ‘under commit over deliver’ philosophy. The phrase simply means you don’t any how brag or claim beyond what a product or service is able to deliver efficiently and reliably. Most people are incline to promote a product or service features and benefits up to and possibly beyond what can be achieve in the hope that this will further convince the customer to buy.

Contrary to what many Internet Marketer says, you should be honest and state explicit only benefits which are tangible,measurable and fully demonstrated to be correct and reliable. For instance, if a product is designed to operate up to maximum temperature of 60 degree Celsius, then you should not capitalize and focus the product operating capability solely at maximum 60 degree Celsius in your sales and marketing pitch. Perhaps you may wonder why shouldn’t you?

Based on my experience working for decades in product design and reliability area, the operation of a product at maximum environmental design specification is never a guaranteed one. Rather, usually a product has what is defined as the optimum and maximum operating conditions.

A product normally is usually only guaranteed to operate efficiently and reliably within the nominal operating condition. The product life span is affected and possibly shorten under severe stress condition if subjected to continuous maximum operating stress threshold.

You will lose your credibility if customer misunderstood or have wrong expectations of the product or service which you are promoting. Be clear and specific about what you claim in your sales and marketing pitch. State clearly what the product or service can do and under what condition. It is better to be honest upfront with customer with regards to the limitations of the product or service.

You may be surprised to know that most customers will appreciate your honesty. After all it makes more sense to under commit but over deliver instead of over commit under deliver. Your aim is to sell to your existing customers over and over again.

Thus even if an existing customer decide not to purchase your product or service, you can still approach and promote other products and services in the future. You don’t loose an existing customer as a result of it so long as you are being honest and do your best to promote it to the best of your knowledge without all those over hypes.

Credibility is one of the most important factors which determine the success of your online business. Customer buy from those whom they trust and it takes time to build up customer relationship but very easy to destroy what you have build up across the years.

In summary, there are risks in over hyping and over selling your product. You may stand to lose long standing customers for what is perceived as intentional misleading and dishonesty. Do what is necessary to compete with competitors but do so with honesty, integrity and uniqueness.

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