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Run Android Apps On Windows PC

Posted on : 03-07-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Technology, Technology

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Android Mobile Applications Runs On PC

I  simply can’t get enough of Android applications running on my Samsung Galaxy S2 nowadays. There are just so many interesting applications, so much so that I am beginning to feel the external 32GB SD memory might not be  adequate to store programs and apps data.

Stuffs that you do on PC are slowly making its way into mobile software. For instance, you can do photo touch up using pretty sophisticated program in your mobile before you upload it to the social media sites. Power-point, Microsoft Words, Excel, you name it, they are readily available in Android marketplace.

Due to the nature of my work, I used the  smart phone to remotely control test software, upload or download scripts and test data while on the road.  Access to corporate emails is a breeze, you  don’t need a laptop or a PC to do simple tasks such as replying to urgent emails,  post content to my WordPress blogs and etc.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to run Android applications on Windows PC? Well, you may wonder what’s the point of doing so.  Some of the benefits include the ease of sync up data between PC platform and mobile using the same application. Increasingly number of Android mobile apps are ported to run on PCs.

Mobile based software, particularly native smart phone applications usually require smaller code space and memory footprint to operate simply due to the limitation of platform which it executes. As such, Android apps are usually optimized, runs more efficiently in PC and less likely to experience memory leak thus resulting in improve performance.

Another benefit is that most smartphone programs by inherent design are usually crafted to be more intuitive and user friendly. This is simply due to the fact mobile consumers do not want to use apps that are too complicated to navigate or require too much user input efforts.

Besides, the gaps are closing in regards to online business marketing involving desktop PC or notebook versus mobile marketing. Consumers are getting increasing savvy and confidence with making transactions via smart phone. Cross platform independent software offers myriad online marketing opportunities spanning all market segments.

Here’s the link to an interesting resource to enable you to execute  your favorite Android Apps on PC.  You need to download a program that serves as a bridge which creates a hook between the Android application and the PC operating system.

There are plenty of other software emulators that allows you to piggy-back Android programs running on top of desktop personal or laptops.  The better ones are robust and do not impact your computer performance.

Mobile technology continue to advance in rapid pace. More and more software developers are harnessing on the interoperability and convergence of cross platform development toolkit to create PC and mobile compatible software.

It does not matter which of these you choose, the bottom line is that long as it helps you to get more work done and improve your productivity , by all means  just go ahead to use it, you have nothing to lose anyway.

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