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Search Engine Optimization-The Zero Cost Way Of Doing Online Advertisements

Posted on : 31-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing


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Putting up advertisement in newspapers and magazines is very costly. Advertisement on newspapers and magazines are usually charged by the number of characters. In the earlier days long before the Internet revolution, only big corporations could afford to put up large advertisements on the press and other print medias.

On line advertising popularity is increasing by leaps and bound over traditional advertising because of its many advantages. One of the major benefit with online advertising is that information can be made accessible to the viewing public in a very short amount of time (that is there is no need for publication etc.) and in a wide geographical area depending on the advertiser’s needs.

On line advertising can be quiet expensive however. Some companies are spending thousands of dollars every month to run their advertisements on paid ads such as Google Adwords and Yahoo advertising. Some engaged third party company specialize in advertisement to promote product or service. The amount of money spend on paid online marketing depends on the form of advertising you select.

If you have budget constraint, then there are some techniques you may consider. One of the most popular online advertising techniques that is getting very popular among advertisers is search engine optimization (SEO). Your main target with search engine optimization is to get listed in at least first 2 pages of the major search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing for specific keywords.

The goal of being listed here is that when someone type or search for a service that is similar to yours in the search engine, your page will be listed in the search results and hopefully your page gets clicked. Hundreds if not thousands of new web sites are created daily and you need to strive to optimize your web pages so as to compete for the major search engine ranking for keywords that users are searching for.

Being listed in the first 2 pages of the major search engines gives your website a higher probability of being noticed by potential customers. The good thing about it is that you do not pay for each click, in a way, you can have unlimited number of clicks.

You may wonder how to execute search engine optimization? To optimize your website you need to have a very basic knowledge of HTML. You can embark on by fixing the META tags of your pages. Focus on your web-site’s page title and page description. Page title is what appears in the search results of the search engines.

Make sure that your page title accurately identifies the contents of your page. For your page description, make it as appealing as possible. Your page description also shows in the search results, it works like a marketing tag line, so make it eye catching.

Next to the META tags, make sure that your index page have good text contents that speaks about the service or product you are providing or selling. As the index page is the most significant page in the eyes of the search engines, make it as good as you can. If you have images, do not forget to put alt tags and make them descriptive.

If you are hosting a blog on your own domain and using WordPress to manage and post your contents then you have plenty of free WordPress plug-ins to optimize your blog contents. For instance you can get the ‘All in one SEO Pack’ wordpress plugin at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/all-in-one-seo-pack/

When you are done with fixing and optimizing your pages, you should proceed to link your site to other websites in the Internet community. Write articles and submit it to various bookmarking sites and article directories . You can also promote your site further by sending articles in different sites and ask them to put a link back to you.

Ping your blogs to sites such as Pingomatic.com. Your site will appear in Google ranking within a week. If you continue to generate articles in your blog or web site and post it to various ezine and article directories, your site’s popularity will continue to improve.

Just continue creating back links and after few months you will see your rankings slowly coming up. It is not an instant process, so just have patience and just keep on improving your sites.

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