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Should You Worry About Google Page Ranking

Posted on : 01-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Couple of days ago someone wrote me an e-mail to express indignation that I had the audacity to publish posts pertaining to search engine optimization (SEO).  That fella whoever he or she points out that my blog Google Page Rank (PR) is  lousy and continue to rant about  how impossible it would be for me to achieve blogging success. Here is excerpt from the email; ‘  People measure a blogger credibility and success through their site’s  page ranking (PR) and in this regards, you fail miserably.’

That person further suggested I ought to engage third party SEO service and stop wasting time to blog on SEO related matters. Well, my dear reader whoever you are, thanks for your kind feedback, I am in no hurry to work my nose through to get my blog page ranking to improve, not at least in the near term.

By the way, I don’t just write SEO related topics, my area of interest is affiliate marketing and I must admit I am certainly no expert in any of these fields.  Nevertheless I felt quite honored that there are people who bothered to write something to me, albeit negative remarks which I think quite uncalled for and not to my liking though.

I suppose there are some who share the same thoughts as me that the return of investment (ROI) of any online business is not directly related to this criteria.  I fully agree that we should still pay attention to it and that it is still relevant today but one should not be too obsessed with it.

No doubt there is still some bearing in regards to this numerical value but do not be too anxious and concern if your website do not rank well nor should you overrate and get it over your head  if it does do well it in regards to your online business success.

Some people resort to Black or Grey hat techniques to boost their site position but the efforts rarely pay off.  Google is constantly revising and updating search algorithm so as to make it more inline with current user experience and expectations. What use to be an important metric is no longer the case because apart from it there are well over  two hundred other parameters (a.k.a signals ) that Google added as conditions to evaluate and compute in order to determine the quality score any webpage or site.

I strongly believe Google  ‘Panda’, ‘Penguin’ and future algorithm updates would further erode and dilute the significance and influence of  page ranking in regards to search competition . It used to be that a site with this good metric is extremely important because it is used and referenced by many as an indication to estimate the dollar value of a business website.

No doubt, some Internet business involving CPA (Cost Per Action), JV (joint venture), flipping websites such as Flippa and many affiliate networks still make use of this criteria to evaluate and made business decisions.   It is just a matter of time such a requirement is drop as Google continues to refine its algorithm that place less emphasis on this signal.

Is Google Page Ranking Obsolete?
Some believed this numerical value is outdated as Google no longer seems to regard it as a critical metric in the Google index.  As a matter of fact the ranking assessment is observed to be conducted quite infrequently, usually just a few times in a year.  Besides, there are over two hundred other signals or criteria that Google evaluates and computes to determine the relevancy and importance of a page or website in regards to search results.

Difference Between Page Rank And Search Engine Rank
Many people assume both metric of the above are the same and the fact is they are not.  For details, here is the link to a clear concise article on the difference between the two numerical evaluated ranking terminology. Good Search Engine Rank is more difficult to achieve but the efforts is well worth it because you get to target specific keywords pertaining to your niche topic in regards to SERP. (Search Engine Result Page ).

Focus On Search Ranking 
It makes more sense to focus your time and efforts on optimizing keywords you wish to rank and compete for instead of worrying about the overall Google page ranking.  Type the keyword or phrase of your choice into the search engine and what does Google returns?  List of URL with content which contains the keyword that you search for. Interestingly, did you notice that some of the URL that ranks highly for the relevant keywords has page ranking that is worst off than those on page 2 or even page 3 of the search engine result page ?

Focus on publishing quality content, build quality backlinks, reduce bounce rate, build leads, improve relevancy and before you realize it the PR  of your site will improve accordingly. A good site with say 4 or higher PR does not imply that web based business will be good and that it will earn the rights and guarantee to rake in high online income and good  profit, not all all.

Should You Ignore Google Page Rank Completely?
Established authority sites such as Wikipedia has good ranking thus you should not disregard this metric completely.  Avoid using techniques, tips and strategies that will cause your site to be penalize by Google.  In other words, give what Google wants, quality content to enhance user experience. Focus on key factors such as social media , article marketing, forum and blog guest posting to enhance your site quality, credibility and authority. This will eventually lead to improvement in terms of Google Index to your webpage as well as targeted search rank for keywords of your choice.

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