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How To Get Started With Outsourcing

Posted on : 31-07-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Wow, it has been several weeks since I last update this blog. Well, sometime laziness just get over the better of me. Anyway, I was  also caught up with both work as well as some personal commitments past several weeks so much so each time I decide to blog, mental block sets in and I call it off another day.  The condition went on and on for several weeks. There are many ways to expedite the writing of  quality post and to keep your mental juice flowing no matter where you are or what you do.

Time sure pass quickly, the Olympic is in full swing and here I am writing this post from my nephew’s bedroom in Surrey UK.  I am in UK on a personal trip and will be spending the next ten days here before heading back for sunny warm and humid Singapore.

One of the most interesting aspect about online business marketing is that you can practically do it from anywhere in the world, all you need is a computer and Internet connection. In the near future, you might even be able to operate and run an entire business empire via a tablet PC such as an iPad or a smart phone,  absolutely not kidding though.

This brings me to another key point; that of why it is important to keep the momentum going on blogging otherwise the traffic to your website will be impacted.  Search engines are attracted to sites that are frequently updated with fresh quality content. Unfortunately not everyone enjoy writing or knows how to create quality content all the time.

One way to maintain consistency in posting quality information is by creating articles beforehand when you are in writing mood. You can then schedule the posts to be publish at later dates. You can relief yourself from the time consuming tasks of creating search engine optimize posts by outsourcing content writing  to contract content providers or experience freelance article writers.

Practically every aspect of any online business can be outsource.  There is only so much you can do within a day and the best proven method to get more things done in an hour is by hiring someone with more relevant, qualified and suitable experience to get the job done.

Be On Top Of The Business, Not Into The Business
One of the most common thing that most Internet marketers commit is that of trying to do everything by themselves.  Moreover, many newbie and novice aspiring online marketers are constraints in terms of budget and money to invest in the business.

It is alright to learn and do as much of the activities during the initial start up phase but you need to make it point to set aside some of the profits you make back into the business in areas that could improve your productivity,increase your sales, new product creation, customer experience, branding and etc.

If you try to micro manage and personally carry out every tiny bits of the work you will soon burn out.  No doubt there are some people who makes good living by operating a solo home based online business but the odds are stack against the majority. The Internet world is every changing and you can’t be expert in everything.

No doubt it is good to gain real experience by hands-on however, once you understand the fundamentals,  you should move on to focus on building the business instead of overloading yourself with the tedious repetitive time consuming tasks such as product creation, traffic generation and etc. Focus and capitalize on your strength, do what you are good at and enjoy doing.

Hire Professionals To Accomplish Tasks
Leave those tasks you are not well versed to others who are more qualified and experience. Of course sometimes it is important for you to be familiar with critical functions, even those that you aren’t familiar with or which you do not like for instance business financial planning and marketing strategy.

How To Sub Contract Your Internet Business
There are two factors you need to consider namely 1) what areas of your Internet business to outsource and 2) who or what company to sub contract to.   It can be  a nightmare if you approach the wrong person for the job  or you identify the wrong components or areas of work to sub-out.

The third party that you sign up with to get the work done might already have several other projects at hand. English may not be their first language and they might be located on a different time zone.  Miscommunication is a common problem so you have to underpin ways and means to converse with them.

I have uploaded a video training program on introduction to outsourcing. It provides basic information on what you need to know and expect from it. I hope you will enjoy and learn something out of it. Do drop me a note if you like it or there’s other more information you wish to know about.

1) Beginners Introduction To Outsourcing
2) Benefits Of Subcontracting Tasks To Third Parties
3) What Can You Sub-contract Out
4) What To Look For In A Subcontractor
5) Getting The Most From Your Subcontractor
6) Introduction To ODesk  


Outsourcing is not just for big companies with huge budgets.  Individual running a home based Internet business can also benefit from it. Identify key components of the business that you can paid others to work on, establish and define proper metric on what and how you expect the deliverable will be measured and exit strategies.

Engage a reputable,trusted party to get the job done and last but not least, always make it point to monitor the progress of the subcontracted project. You don’t want to be caught by surprise at the very last minute.  As the saying goes, the journey of a thousand mile begins with a small step. Start with a small project and then gradually move on to hire people to work on bigger and more complex projects.








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