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Five Simple Steps To Boost Your Affiliate Income

Posted on : 08-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.  This marketing strategy is very attractive for novice online marketers. Some people can make a lucrative full time income with it while others struggle for weeks, months and even years, quite often without making a single dime despite all the efforts they put in. In this post I will discuss five simple steps to increase your online  income.

I started using this method more than 3 years ago and no matter how hard I try, no commissions generated because no one ever purchase any products or services through my affiliate links.

I studied all the different strategies and tips that I could find from the Internet and put them into practice but my efforts seems futile no matter how hard I try.  I purchased domains, setup websites, blogs, publish review articles, contents  and get involved with various traffic building techniques but nothing seems to work.

I was so frustrated and about to give up when I decided to experiment with a simple technique that I thought would never work but just to treat it as a last hopeless ditch efforts.  To my utter surprised, the following day someone actually purchase  a product through my link!

First Sales Commission – A Digital Product

It never occur to me that my first commission comes from selling a physical product from Amazon! All these while I focused my entire efforts in promoting digital products from Clickbank.  On the average the sales commission for a physical products is  much lower compare to that of a digital product.

For instance, you can get paid up to 75% of the cost of a digital book or a software product whereas the commission pay out rate for physical items hovers between three to ten percent only.

Don’t get me wrong though,  many successful marketers  are known to made thousands of dollars by promoting products from Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction and etc.  It makes sense  to promote both digital as well as physical goods, a well balanced mix range of products and services allows you to reach out to more customers.

The question of whether one should focus on promoting digital or physical product is an interesting one. For more information , please check out this post on digital versus physical products.

Lower Commissions All Add Up

I made a lot of  mistakes in my earlier marketing campaigns. I  choose highly competitive  Internet marketing niche and target products based on the commission payout.  Subsequently after much frustrations,  I decided to promote  physical products with lower payout.

To my utmost surprised, I started receiving payments from Amazon in the range of ten to twenty dollars a week and it gradually increased to a few hundreds a month. I was exhilarated and quickly created more campaigns (websites and blogs )  to promote more products.

Sometime  i feel it is better to receive several paychecks of smaller amount as opposed to one single big fat paycheck.  Reason being that it is not advisable to rely your entire income from one single product. What if the merchant or the advertiser decide to pull back the product from the market?

Ugly Website Sells Too
Another interesting observation that I made was that a fanciful website with lots of nice graphics will not necessary rake in more sales compare to one that is plain and simple. I was rather surprised that one particular website that I created was somewhat ‘ugly’ albeit with lots of interesting contents and it makes more money then those other sites which looks far better.

Bottom line, don’t spend too much time to make your website look good because it might not be worth the effort.  Instead focus on the content and other more important aspects such as ease of navigation, on-page optimization and traffic building techniques.  It took me weeks to analyze the whole situation and figure out as to how I finally managed to succeed.

Step One – Target “Evergreen” Market
It is a lot more difficult to  promote a product with perceive value and demand  that diminish with time. The value of most Internet marketing products depreciates as time passed.  Software that relies on the search engine services and various social media platforms becomes obsolete as Internet technology evolved.

Likewise, many consumer products such as electronic gadgets becomes obsolete as quickly as they are introduced into the market.  Thus try to focus on “Evergreen” niche markets such as health, personal development, and other sub niches which are not easily affected nor impacted by timeline.

Step Two – Give People What They Want
Business is all about the customer.  After all, people purchase things that you recommend not because they feel good about you but rather they trust that the product you recommend will help address their wants or needs.

As an analogy, it makes no sense to sell ice to the Eskimos because they have no need for it, its everywhere!.  Find a niche market that is in demand and which has rabid buyers. Don’t try to create a product and then try to sell it. On the contrary, create or pick a product that sells. In short give the customer what they want.

Step Three – Give Google What It Wants
Traffic is the life blood of all web based business. Traffic basically refers to visitors. You can’t do without it, regardless whether it is paid traffic (advertisement) or organic search traffic. Mighty Google is the leading search engine that many people relies on to locate sites for contents.  Don’t do anything that will cause your sites to get slap and penalize by Google.

Pay close attention to the terms and conditions and adhere to it. It is not Google’s intention to  penalize publishers, the main goal is to ensure that consumer get the best user experience from the search.  Do not focus your site just solely on search engine optimization (SEO)  but rather provide quality content for readership.

Step Four – Uses Follow Up Campaigns To Increase Sales
People buy things from whom they trust.  It take time to build up relationship with your prospect or visitors. One of the biggest mistakes that many novice marketers made is not capturing the contact email of those who visit their website for the first time.

You need to build up a customer list which you can sell products  to over and over again. Make use of auto-responder email service to automate follow up campaigns to increase your sales.  Provide simple and easy to notice opt-in form with clear instructions for the visitor to take action by signing up for valuable gifts or newsletter.

Step Five – Promote Different Products On ONE Page
Not everyone agree with this strategy. Some felt that it is better to focus on one specific  product and write a good review to promote it. On the other hand, the more products you promote on the same page, the higher chances it is for you to make sales because the customer has more choices to choose from.   It is important that you include only related products besides the main product in the same page.



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