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Swapping Email List – Is It A Good Idea?

Posted on : 05-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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This post is about email swapping,  a very popular method that many Internet marketer used to grow their their online business.  It is every online business owner dream to have a huge subscriber list which they could sell products and services repeatedly and wherever they want.  There are some impacts and potential peak falls in regards to swapping of email list that you need to be aware of.

Of  late I received many promotional sort of emails from people I don’t recalled signing up for. To make it less pleasant, some of these ‘spam mails’ cannot be unsubscribed at all. I am not sure  if there is anything wrong with their auto-responder service which I doubt, a bad script installation or software issue. Who knows, it might just be that it is their intention to provide an  unsubscribe link which they jolly well knows  for a sure fact don’t work at all or perhaps they don’t even bother to test it!

How I know  and why do I suspect if all these useless digital flyer which landed in my inbox are probably due to swap email list campaigns conducted  by marketers that I subscribed to? You see, most of these notification mails got through the SPAM filter and the products or services promoted by these unwelcome senders are actually quite targeted materials and relevant to those niche markets of my preferences.

There is not nothing wrong with trying to reach and leverage on  someone’s else list so as to build up a customer base. However, I think it is important for those involve using such strategy to realize that they are disclosing subscriber contacts to another marketer without due consent.

Think about this for a minute, someone signed up to your newsletter or opt in to your list with the knowledge and understanding that you will keep their contacts confidential and that he or she will only receive promotion stuffs from you in regards to what you signed up for.

Your subscribers will be irritated if you provide other marketers the opportunity to blast your list with all sort of low quality none targeted promotional materials and SPAM junk mails. Furthermore, you also risk exchanging the targeted list that you take months or even years to build with someone else unresponsive and low quality leads.

Your subscribers might become frustrated and unsubscribe not just those junk adverts alerts from marketers you exchange contact with, but also probably including yours as well. So do think twice before you consider this tactic. At the very least perhaps have the courtesy to inform your contacts about the swapping of email list.

There are many other ways to build a list such as providing an opt in contact in exchange for free quality information, product or service. No doubt email list swapping is a fast and quite effective method to increase your list but you need to do it with utmost caution. As the saying goes, the money is in the list, your subscribers are your most important assets so treat it with care.

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