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What Internet Marketing Tools To Invest In.

Posted on : 12-11-2016 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I used to invest lots of money into Internet Marketing tools and software in the hope that it will help me to make quick money.  Some of these tools could certainly improve work productivity, particularly in areas of automating repetitive tedious tasks such as market and keyword research, content generation, article spinning to name a few.

Here are some important things to consider before you whip out your credit card to buy such tools. You may end up paying more for what you bargain for.

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CBProAds Review – Is It A Scam ?

Posted on : 18-11-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I  joined  CBProAds  as a free member on September.  Three weeks later I got a  discount coupon offer to upgrade to professional membership account. I  get to settle a one time payment of  59.95 instead of the usual 76.03 bucks, a savings of well over  fifteen bucks so I quickly upgraded to lifetime pro account  . I think  it is good to upgrade because there are many benefits with the pro-membership.

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The Ultimate Upselling Marketing Strategy

Posted on : 10-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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What Is Upselling?
All successful Internet affiliate marketers and online business entrepreneurs share one common trait and that is of having the ability to upsell products or services to their customers using proven effective marketing strategies.

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Commission Avalanche Mastery Course Review

Posted on : 24-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Commission Avalanche Mastery

Commission Avalanche Mastery is Calvin & Patricia’s latest affiliate marketing course develop for both novice and experienced online marketers. Calvin is well  known for his mastery skills in winning major affiliate contests.  What is included in the product?

There are  ten training videos (the transcripts and video can be downloaded  for offline viewing ) plus  five case study videos revealing the most effective techniques that Calvin and Patricia used to consistently bank in thousands of dollars in commissions month after month.  The breakdown of the modules are as follows

  1. Super Affiliate Foundation & Mindset Training
  2. Hidden Strategies to Identify Top Instant Commission Affiliate Programs
  3. Ten Part Affiliate Program Checklist
  4. Creating An Effective Pre-sell Page
  5. Crafting The Perfect Bonus Package to Triple Your Conversions
  6. How To Setup A High Converting Lead Generation Funnel
  7. Rapid List Building Strategies to Explode Your Subscribers List Instantly (Part I & Part II)
  8.  Email Copywriting & Relationship Building Strategies
  9. Affiliate Product Launch Domination Blueprint

The five case study videos touched upon the various techniques that they used to win top prizes in product launch contests.  Surprisingly, most of the methods that Calvin employed are basic and simple to implement.  There is no underground radar, loophole or any black hat technique required to be a super affiliate at all.

On top of of the video training course, Calvin included twenty “Done for you” or so called 100% ready “copy-and-past” affiliate campaigns that you can readily used to make money online.  The value of the  twenty ready made campaigns are easily worth at least several times of what Calvin charged for this product.

It is getting harder and harder  to rank high in organic search result page due to the way that Google fine tune its algorithm on ongoing basis. Calvin preferred method to build a list is by using solo advertisement, better known as solo ads. That does not imply natural or free search traffic is not important but rather one should use a combination of paid ads and free traffic to build leads.

Commission Avalanche Mastery

Fast action buyers will reap additional benefits from this course because Calvin has put together a great  early bird bonus package that is really hard to resists.  The fast action bonus include 7 newbie basic videos,  3 lead generation packages with private label rights and nine video training course on dominating your affiliate niche market.

They key points that I learn from this great product is that 1) you need to build a loyal  customer list at the soonest opportunity, 2) make use of solo advertisements to build traffic, 3) have the right mindset and determination to succeed, 4) customer service is utmost important and 5) out compete your affiliate competitors by including good bonuses.

In summary, this is a good product that is worth your investment (a mere 10 bucks for those early action takers).  Even if you have missed the fast action bonus timeline,  I still think it is worth to grab a copy because Calvin is a proven super affiliate and the the twenty ready made plug and play (or copy and paste)  campaigns allows you to start making money.

Do checkout free training resources in my blog, particularly the Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit. It is jam packed with good information, especially if  you are new marketer.

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Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit

Posted on : 17-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Free Downloads & Resources, Internet_Marketing

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One of the myth surrounding online business is that it doesn’t matter what niche market, you can easily make money from it.  This is far from the truth. What you really need to take note is that the barrier entry and risk  to get into say affiliate marketing is low and that’s pretty much to it.

However there is no guarantee that you will achieve online success that will allow you to retire from your nine to five job. It is not impossible  but you need to have the right mindset and if possible get either a good mentor to guide you or follow a proven working blueprint system.

I did some housekeeping of my deskstop hard disk space last weekend.  I was rather surprised to discover quite a number of Internet marketing products such as ebooks, programs and video training courses which I downloaded several months ago and sadly which I didn’t even bother to use.

I guess I purchased  some of  those stuffs out of impulse and just  left it as digital dust in my computer. Rather than deleting or archiving  it to my backup portable hard-disk storage , I reckoned some of the stuffs are still pretty much relevant as of  today so  I decided to upload those training video materials to my website .

One interesting  online marketing video training materials that caught my attention is Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit. I am not sure when I bought it but it is a good course package. Novice and new aspire to be online business entrepreneurs will find the video marketing course  inside this course to be of high quality and it really is, believe me .

It is jam packed with thirty one video training modules.  The easiest way to jump start any online business, affiliate marketing in particular  is to follow a proven blue print system and one of the recommended ways is to through online tutorial training.

Do check out Ultimate Internet Marketing Toolkit. I hope you will find it helpful. You can take your time to go through all the video training clips at your convenience. Just bookmark this IM toolkit link so that you can return to view the rest of the course at your convenience.

I plan to upload more of such video marketing course in the near future. On a footnote, I purchased Commission Avalanche Mastery yesterday  and boy was I blown away by the amount of information that Calvin Woo has put together for just a mere ten dollars.

His products are indeed value for money and I strongly recommend anyone who are interested to bring their affiliate marketing success to the next level to go get it while the price is still at all time low. I will write a short review of what I think about this product in a few days time.

This is not the first product that I have purchased from Calvin though.  To date  I am quite satisfied with past products that I bought from him. Most of them are pretty much relevant even until today, particularly marketing techniques that remain evergreen despite changes to the online business landscape.

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Repeated Customers Marketing – Real Affiliate Marketing Success

Posted on : 13-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I was thrilled when I made my first online affiliate sales, a  mere 25 dollars commission which might seems like a drop of water to some but enough to make my day.  As time goes by I began to learn more about the importance of good marketing skills and customer service to increase my commissions.

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Five Simple Steps To Boost Your Affiliate Income

Posted on : 08-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.  This marketing strategy is very attractive for novice online marketers. Some people can make a lucrative full time income with it while others struggle for weeks, months and even years, quite often without making a single dime despite all the efforts they put in. In this post I will discuss five simple steps to increase your online  income.

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Google Affiliate X – Robot To Increase Your Productiviy By 80%

Posted on : 16-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Okay, I know how skeptical it seems that any Internet Marketing tools can do eighty percent of the job for you.  Is Google Affiliate ‘X’ so powerful such that it can increase your productivity by up to 80%? The answer may surprise you, please continue to read on.

Let’s visualize a mock up case study on what it takes to set up a website to promote Amazon product as an affiliate. Here’s the typical steps that most marketers do:

1) Go Amazon Market Place to search for niche products to promote. (Which and what products to promote depends on your niche market )
2) Check out the product price. (The higher the price the more commission you earn.  I would look for physical product that cost at least three hundred dollars and digital information products (software) of at least one hundred and fifty dollars).
3) A product with at least 4 star rating.
4) A product with at least 50 reviews (the more review the better as it indicates more customers purchased it.)
5) Product demand.
6) Create a website
7) Prepare articles for posting
8 )Ongoing on-page and off page search engine optimization (organic search or free search traffic building)

It might come as a routine task for seasoned Internet marketers but for those beginners and novice hopeful it might seems to be pretty daunting tasks.

As you can see there’s lots of things you need to do. Particularly with regards to item 5 in which you need spend significant time and efforts to do product competition analysis as well as associated keyword analysis and selection.
For instance, you might want to choose a product that has at least 500 searches per month and 50000 or less competing pages.  The interesting thing about all these figures are that they are are mere approximates and the statistic changes quickly due to fast pace ever changing marketing dynamics.  (Not to mention thousands of sites are put online or created daily and many of them will compete with your sites for the search ranking!)

Even if you have done the necessary product demand analysis homework and you are confident you pick the right product to promote you might be surprise to know that what is popular  today ago might not be the case three months down the road!

Even if you managed to accomplished step 1 to step 5 you will still need to spend some time to create optimize and search engine friendly website so that it can rank in the first page of  Google search .  Furthermore you also need to work very hard to sustain your site page ranking with activities such as article marketing, blog commenting, forum participation and etc.

Affiliate marketing is not difficult at all, it is just that it is time consuming and tedious. This is where the power of Google Affiliate X software comes into action.  The system allows you to work on the your business rather than in your business. You will have more time to focus on the important crux of strategic business direction rather than trying to fiddle with the gritty details of how to put your sites online.

Here is how yo do it.  You  figure out a keyword associated with Amazon or Clickbank product  you wish to promote. The rest of the steps (from 1 to step 7) are pretty much automated.  If that does not appeal to you I wonder what else could?  This product is feature rich, check out my previous post on Robert Black’s Google ‘X’ Affiliate review.

As the saying goes, space we can recover, time never.  Ray Johnson  and  Robert Black’s ‘X’ system assist you to find profitable and easy to dominate niches quickly. Furthermore, building fast-ranking mini-sites around the product brand name is a brisk even if you are not familiar with WordPress, hosting and etc.

In summary, the software in this product is just like a robot, it assist ,offload and increase your productivity by up to 80% or more. Google Affiliate ‘X’ is not a scam so to speak. The system works right out of the box and you get to learn evergreen techniques to rank highly in the search engines.






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Google Affiliate X Review – Walkthrough Part II

Posted on : 11-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Okay, here is the second part of my review of Google Affiliate X product.  As I mentioned in my earlier Part I review of this system,  this is not a scam product, it is not  a single push button get rich quick scheme stuff.  It is a real solid system that helps you to dominate micro niche product affiliate marketing in a very short time.

In this Part II, I will briefly walk through on the Google Affiliate X Software.  Now please do take note that pretty much of what the software does can be implemented manually but it will take you a lot of time, efforts and focus to do it.

Remember that many Internet Affiliate marketers spend way too much time in the business rather than on the business. You should spend your time and efforts on focusing in promoting affiliate products that gives you the highest return of investment and not on trying to create a nice looking website or scouting for relevant contents to post.

It doesn’t matter how good your website looks and how great the contents are in it. If you choose the wrong product to promote (e.g. too competitive,  too many bad reviews, lack of demand, low popularity and etc) you will virtually end up with no profit.

This software automatically analyze the product that you wish to promote from Clickbank, Amazon and Commission Junction and then indicates if it worth to consider or not in matter of seconds!  This  feature is  a ‘gem’  because you don’t need to do all those boring product and keyword competitive research and analysis . All that is done for you with just a few mouse clicks!  Do check out this  feature on my previous post namely  Google X Affiliate  Walk-through Part I

Keywords for the product you have chosen with rating  ‘Excellent’ indicated by this software implies you have a very good chance of getting your site to rankly high in the first page of  Google search.   Ray and Robert has taken that away the difficult task of product and keyword research from you through this software.

Google Affiliate X Software

Creating Wordpress With Google Affiliate X

Next, you need to create a neat, nice clean looking search engine optimize website to promote the product. This could'nt be any easier using this software.

Fill in the 'Blog Name', 'Keywords', Clickbank or Amazon affiliate ID in the 'HopLink field', select the 'Theme' and the plug-ins of your choice and you are done with it.

You have the flexibility to select other WordPress themes of your choice. For instance, I prefer to use Atomic Blogging Theme but the choice is yours though.

I make use of the 'X' software to first create the Wordpress blog and after that I change the theme to Atomic Blogging Theme.

Robert wrote to me that about 1% of the customers may have some problem with auto WordPress site installation. The exact cause of it is not known but he thinks it more likely due to the host service provider.

For the 1% unfortunate customers, the way to get around the problem is by using other WordPress tools such as CPanel and etc. This is not really an issue for those who knows how to setup their own blog using WordPress.

You need articles for your website. Here is where the power of Google X Affiliate starts to shine.

There is a huge list of articles pertaining to keywords that you chose for your product.

All you need to do is to select the articles that you wish to add to your site.

This feature saves you a lot of time since you don't need to look for articles elsewhere.

Of course you are advice to use the articles as reference and preferably try to rewrite the articles to make it unique.
Google Affiliate X Article Database

In the next upcoming posts, I will shared with you on some of the powerful techniques and strategies revealed only through this system to bring your affiliate marketing success to the next level.

In summary, this product is not a scam. I think it is very cool product with excellent content and a great piece of software that will definitely make use successful in the promoting Amazon and Clickbank product.

Don’t take my word for it though. Why not give it a try, after all it comes with rock solid iron clad guarantee no question ask 60 days refund policy.  You have nothing to lose really and everything to gain. Go check out this product.

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Google Affiliate X Review – Walk Through Part I

Posted on : 02-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Google Affiliate X is an Internet Marketing product created by Ray Johnson and Robert Black.  These two guys are experience and well established Internet Marketers who earns huge income from affiliate marketing.  I will cut the chase and let you know my thoughts about this product.

If you are considering whether to buy this product then you have come to the right page. I know there are a lot of websites that review this product however I can tell you for sure that most of those people who put up such review sites don’t even own the product much less having hands on experience to give you a proper perspective of review of the product. Attached below is the screen shot of the purchase receipt.

Google Affiliate X ReviewIs this product really that unique and worth your money as advertise or is it a scam? What can this product do for you?

The course in this product helps you monetize your websites more quickly and easily by promoting affiliate products from Amazon or Clickbank.

The comprehensive guide and software in this product shows you step by step and tips on what micro niche market to target, product selection , creating a micro niche Wordpress site and techniques to drive laser targeted free traffic to that site.

What Is Included In Google Affiliate X Package

1) Google Affiliate X Software

2) The Google Affiliate ‘X’ Core Manual

3) Ten Google Affiliate ‘X’  Software Training Modules

4) Traffic Siphon Series Videos (Up sell option)

Web Based Software

The software is a web based application which you access online.  Just log into the members area with the password provided after you purchase the product.  You don’t need to install any software on your computer.  The advantage with web based app is that you can log in from any computers that has access to the Internet.

The cool thing about this software is that it is a command control center where you can watch all the video tutorials, download the core manual, find products based on keywords, automatically generate a micro niche WordPress site, access to a huge databases containing relevant articles for your site and much much more!

Core Manual
The core manual is a 34 page PDF file that describe the entire process of this GAffx.You are strongly adviced to read the manual before you proceed with the next step.

The information in this manual is already worth more than what you pay for this product! GAffx process basically involve 5 steps namely:

1) choose a product to promote,
2) create a web site,
3) add content to the web site,
4) get the site ranked on first page of Google and
5) move on to the next site.
Google Affiliate X

The manual also cover other tips such as how to choose a domain name that will increase your site search engine ranking position in the shortest possible time.

Another important information revealed  are the set of criteria that you need to use to determine if an affiliate product is worth to promote or not.

You can make use of free Internet tools to validate the criteria such as the page ranking, competition, monthly search volume and etc.

Here is the outline of the chapters of this manual.  The nice thing about the tips covered are that most if not all of the strategies and techniques can be done using free Internet tools.

Chapter 1:  The Google Affiliate ‘X’  Process
Chapter 2:  Product Selection
Chapter 3:  Keyword Research
Chapter 4:  Domain Name
Chapter 5:  Site Creation
Chapter 6:  Site Optimization
Chapter 7:  Adding Content
Chapter 8:  Search Engine Optimization

How To Find A Product Using Google Affiliate ‘X’ Software

Google AffiliateX Find ProductsThe 'Find Products' feature is where you locate affiliate products to promote. Just simply enter the keywords associated with the product you have in mind and choose the affiliate network partners you wish to search.

Currently the list only include Amazon, Clickbank and Commission Junction. It would be nice if more
affiliate networks are added.

One thing I find lacking in this otherwise good feature is that the return entries of the search include only the gravity and earning per sales.

Stats such as rebill total is important but is not reflected in the system. This is not really a big problem because you can always get the stats through Clickbank but it is a nice feature to have nevertheless.  Click the corresponding ‘Add Product’ icon to add the product to your Goggle Affiliate ‘X’  ‘My Products’ category.

You can add as many products to the ‘My Products’ category. You can check out the list of products that you have added by clicking the ‘My Products’ tab. See the diagram below. In this example I added two products pertaining to eczema.
Google Affiliate X 'My Products' Feature


Keywords & Domain Name Selection

Google Affiliate 'X' software automatically scans the sales page of the product you have chosen, gather,analyzes and compute the rating of the list of relevant keywords associated with it.

You don't have to spend a lot of time time to figure out what keywords to use. The tedious job of keyword analysis is done for you. Keywords with rating of 'excellent' indicates opportunity to rank highly in Google search.

Choosing a product and associated keywords that are too competitive and difficult to rank for is a waste of your time and efforts. You will never be able to make any affiliate sales and as such the sooner you figure out and move on to other products or keywords, the better.
Google Affiliate X - My Products

This software takes the hard and tedious work away from you. You get to know the main keywords, primary and secondary keywords to compete and rank highly in matter of minutes.  In addition, the software also able to suggest domain name that improve your search engine ranking position.

That’ s all to it for part I review of Google Affiliate ‘X’ product.  In the next post I will touch on other features such as the auto WordPress micro niche website creation, free traffic generation techniques and many more. Till then stay tune for my next post on the continuation second part of this product review and walk through.

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