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Digital Versus Physical Products – Which Is Better For Affiliates

Posted on : 09-11-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The wonderful thing about the Internet is that you can make money by promoting both digital as well as physical products online. Which of these is better for affiliate marketers? Should you focus your Internet marketing efforts on selling ClickBank products or Amazon products presumably if you have time for on only one of them to focus on?

Which of these affiliate network partners (Amazon & ClickBank ) give you better return of investment for the time and effort you need to put into promoting the products? To the experience affiliate marketers, both are equally well established good online source of income to tap into. As a general guideline, promote a product that you like, something that you have knowledge and experience regardless of whether it is digital information or physical item.

ClickBank deals with digital information products or services mainly in the form of digital content that can be delivered to the customer entirely through online. There is no postage and parcel stamps fees to dealt with. Customer usually can immediately download the product or service that they have purchase. Amazon on the other hand offers a wider range of affiliate products, encompassing both physical as well as lesser range of digital products such as eBook, software and online services.

The affiliate commission rate for promoting digital information products such as an eBook is usually much higher compare to a physical item which pay out as low as 6% of the product selling price. It is not unusual for advertisers to offer affiliate commission rate of up to 75% for information products versus 8% for physical items. Many super affiliates and Internet Marketing Gurus make tons of money selling ClickBank products. Thus why would anyone want promote physical products since the commission is far lower compare to marketing digital content?

There are couple reasons people still continue to make money with Amazon. Firstly there are many physical higher price point items that will bring you more commission even though the commission is not high.

For instance, there are many high-end physical items in Amazon that sells for over one thousand dollars or more. Let’s say a massage chair cost two thousand dollars and the commission for it is 10%. You make 200 dollars commission per sale. Digital contents on the other hand usually sells for far less say on the average of 47 dollars. That work out to be 37 dollars per sale for commission rate of 75%.

There are many high cost physical items you can promote from Amazon. Items and goods that you can touch and feel is generally perceived as higher in value and people are usually more willing to invest their money to purchase it. This is one of the main reason why people are willing to pay more for digital content that are delivered in hard copy form such as DVD or hard/soft binding book.

The conversion rate (earnings per click) for promoting physical products are usually much higher compare to software or service products. It is not unusual for experienced marketers to make a successful Amazon product sale for every six to eight pay per clicks (PPC). Good chances are that if you implement the right techniques and strategy, you can realistically achieve very good conversion rate.

Your chances of profiting from Clickbank is good if you promote hot selling products, digital contents that are new or just being released recently (less than 3 months) to the market where there are lots of hypes and anticipations. It is not unusual for the demand and popularity of most software products to decline rapidly within a year or so. The popularity of physical products usually last longer compare to digital information items such as software utilities.

Unlike software products which usually becomes obsolete due to fast paced change of the Internet marketing technology, the value of physical goods are more lasting so to speak. For instance, an effective eczema itch relieve cream will continue to be a good product that will continue to be well sought after and in high demand so long as the product is available in the market for as long as there are eczema sufferers.

In summary, there is no doubt that the Internet provides tremendous opportunity for affiliate marketers, both the advertisers and publishers to create wealth. Ultimately the choice is yours, you couldn’t go wrong with either of these two major affiliate programs namely ClickBank or Amazon, it is a matter of personal preferences and with the right strategy and technique you can be successful promoting both digital as well as physical goods.

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New Clickbank Promotional Guidelines

Posted on : 30-10-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Clickbank is one of the most popular and largest affiliate program network. It is very easy for you promote any of its product as an affiliate marketer. Recently a new promotion guidelines has been released. It is important for you to check it out so as to ensure you don’t do anything that’s against its policy.

You will be presented with the Clickbank Promotion Guidelines checklist when you log into the site. You have to agree to abide by the terms and conditions by ticking the check-box. You risk getting your account into trouble if you violate any of the terms listed.

I think it is good that more affiliate program networks are making efforts to protect the rights of consumers. No doubt there are many digital online product sellers whose actual products do not perform or live up to the expectations as that of advertised in the affiliate product sales page. False testimonials, phantom or fake screen shots and misleading product information are but some of the factors that cause buyers to lose trust with affiliate networks.

Here is another thing that affiliate marketers should avoid as it only serves to annoy people. I am sure that some of you might have noticed that when you type the product keyword phrase into the search engine, high chances are that the search engine result page will include links with tags such as “XXXX scam”, “XXXX scams” or something like of that nature.

Such links usually brings you to the sales page of the product or to a landing page which tries to promote the product. No information pertaining to ‘scam” or whatsoever is found in such sites. Truth to be told, this is one popular Internet Marketing technique use by many to improve their website search engine ranking position. What they do is that they try to register a domain name with the product name they wish to promote.

For instance, you wish to promote a product say “XXX”. The easiest way to get your website index quickly by the search engine is by registering a domain name “XXX.com”, “XXX.net”, ‘XXX.org” and so forth. If all these domain names are taken, you can try to make a twist by trying with “XXXSCAM.com”, “XXXSCAM.net” or “XXXSCAM.org” and so forth.

This is exactly what you get when you search for the product name. Google does not penalize any site which promotes the product even though the meta tag or the domain name of the site contains the “scam” keywords. I have no concerns with it but it is really annoying. I wouldn’t use such technique myself but I guess it is part and parcel of Internet marketing strategy.

Even though Clickbank is just a middle party between the publisher (affiliate marketer) and product seller (advertiser), it is important for it to protect the end buyer’s interest. Customer service and reputation for that matter are critical factors that will ultimately make or break a business.

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The Best Products To Promote On ClickBank

Posted on : 22-10-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the common question that many novice affiliate marketers has in mind is what are the best ClickBank products to promote. Well, there aren’t any specific best products because it all depends on your preferences, interest, experience, niche market, the amount of time, focus, efforts as well as your expectations of how much money you wish to make money online and how soon you wish to achieve your goals.

Everyday new products are added into CB (ClickBank) market place. Some Internet marketers prefers to promote fresh new products, some prefer to focus on promoting just money making products such as Internet marketing software & tools and there are those who just simply follow the crowd and promote anything and everything that others claim as hot products!

Usually the higher the price of the product, the higher is the sales commission. That does not mean you should promote only high end products because what works for others may not work for you! If you are novice Internet marketer then it is advisable that you choose products that you are familiar with.

It is even better if you have purchase and use the product yourself. You should only promote a product that you strongly believe in, have personally use and satisfy with it. People can tell from a mile if you really know the product which you recommend through your website.

Of course it is not always possible to evaluate every product that you wish to promote. Always do a Google search of the product you are interested. Check out reviews and feedback. Even though it is not likely that every customer will like the product and give a positive review, chances are that if over 70% of the reviews are positive it is quite alright for you to promote it.

It is not difficult to find quality products from ClickBank to promote. Study the affiliate product sales page. If you are not impressed with the product sales page or landing page then chances are that the customer or prospect you recommend will likewise not going to be motivated to purchase it . Choose one that offer at least 50% sales commission. In other words, if the product cost one hundred dollars, you should get at least 50 dollars when the sale is made.

Some of the factors you need to consider in choosing an affiliate  product are 1)credibility of not just the product but also the product creator, 2) the quality, 3) the conversions and refund rate, 4) the saturation of affiliates, 5) the gravity, 6) the cost-benefit relation, 7)after sales support, 8)promotional materials such as banners, marketing emails and and last but not least the price.

The ‘gravity’ factor is one of the most important criteria that you need to take note. Generally speaking, the ‘gravity’ indicates how popular the product is; it provides a rough estimation of how many affiliates actively promoting it. Don’t bother to figure out the how the value is derived. The higher the gravity the better chances that you will be able to make money promoting it. A gravity above 10 is consider good.

Another important factor that is often overlook by many is the ‘Rebill’ total. Any product with re-billing value is good as it indicates you get paid not just once for the initial sales but also repeatedly so long as the customer continue to use and pay for the upkeep of the product or service. You can achieve passive income of some sort with this mode of payment.
Factors To Consider In Choosing A ClickBank Product To Promote
In summary there is no doubt that ClickBank is an interesting starting point to begin with if you are thinking of how to make money with affiliate programs. You shouldn’t doubt if you can make money with affiliate marketing but rather how to earn good passive income and live on multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing.

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How To Find Quality ClickBank Products

Posted on : 17-10-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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A common dilemma faced by many novice affiliate Internet Marketers pertains to what ClickBank products to promote? There are hundreds of products in ClickBank and it is important for you to find those of quality and which will give us the best return of investment (ROI).

Before you get to the key question of how to find quality ClickBank products, let’s revisit and understand what affiliate marketing is all about. After all, ClickBank is one of the biggest market place that you can and ought to sign up as an affiliate. You are leaving money on the table so to speak if you are not involved with ClickBank.

Affiliate marketing is an attractive method particularly for Internet marketing newbie to start with. You can realistically generate some sideline income for your site through this business model. Promoting affiliate products is a great introduction and start to the world of e-commerce. Many people has achieved financial freedom and went on to become millionaires through it.

There are no complex formulas or secret techniques to create true wealth using this online money making approach. The more traffic that drop by your site, the greater your chances will be at creating an excellent income and that’s all to it. You don’t need to create your own products or do any hard selling through your site. You don’t need worry about payment processing, refunds, customer support and etc.

Simply focus your efforts on getting or diverting targeted traffic from your site to the affiliate product sales page and you are more or less done with your marketing campaign for that product. The more popular the product and the better the sales page, the highest chance for the sales deal to be closed.

An affiliate marketing program involved a company that offers to either pay you a certain amount of commission for either a click through from your website, or a set amount for visitors signing up, or even a percentage of a purchase made by visitors as a result of being referred from your site. You can promote either affiliate digital as well as physical products.

A typical well established company that you can sign up with to promote physical products is no other than Amazon. It is one of the largest marketplace with a variety of physical as well as digital products to choose from to promote in your site. eBay is another reputable company that offers affiliate marketing programs.

Clickbank is one of the best digital marketplace that you can sign up for as an affiliate to promote digital information products. Believe it or not, there are some top super marketers that earn up as much as up to US100k per month promoting Clickbank products!.Ewen Chia, known as the world number one super affiliate does just that!.

Moreover, even if visitors don’t make a purchase immediately, a lot of programs offer cookie duration, consisting of 30 – 90 days. What this means, is that as long as the visitors have the cookie in their cache, you’ll still receive a profit from any sales generated eventually.

Don’t get the wrong notion that you can make quick and fast money online through with this method. Even though it is a proven money making model, you still have to put focus and efforts to pick the right product, build targeted traffic to your site and then to refer them to the affiliate product sales page.

It is not surprising that the majority amount of time in maintaining your website will be searching and implementing affiliations with various companies align with your interest, experience and expertise. No doubt there’s huge opportunity and potential to make money via affiliate marketing, you have to take the time to search for the right programs that gives you the higher ROI (return on investment).

Affiliate tracking can also be a problem. Once you have applied to become an affiliate for a company, they’ll usually supply you with a personalized link or code. It’s very important that you implement this code into your page correctly, or you may be sending visitors to the company without you receiving any profit from the sales.

So lets get back to the question on what to consider and how to find quality ClickBank products? First thing first you need to understand what CB product ranking is all about. There are so many ClickBank products to consider thus you should do some research to consider only those that meet your expectations in terms of competition, earnings per sale and etc.

It takes time and experience for you to figure out what affiliate products to promote however you need not fret about it. There are many Internet marketing tools that helps you to choose quality products which will earn you higher commision. One such tool is CBSurge and it is free!. Go ahead to download and install in on your computer. You won’t be dissapointed with this tool, I assure you!

Affiliate Marketing can be a very lucrative business. Many affiliate marketing associates make good income online. Begin by selecting the right affiliate program for you and get to work directing traffic to your website. Remember more traffic equals more sales.

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The Easiest Way To Start An Online Business – Affiliate Marketing

Posted on : 28-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are newcomer in the world of Internet Marketing then you may wonder what is the easiest and quickest way to start an online business. A lot of people has the wrong notion that they need to create their own product or service in order to start one.

Do you actually really need to create your own product in order to start an online business?  Absolute not!, you don’t need to create or own any product at all. Have you heard of the term affiliate marketing? In a nutshell affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you get certain commissions for recommending and referring people to buy products for which you are the product affiliate.

There are lots of work involved to make money with your own product. Not only do you have to spend time and money to create a product, you also need to deal with marketing stuffs such as writing  a good sales-copy letter, sales banner, handle payment system, refunds, technical and customer support and etc.

On the contrary you don’t need to worry about all the above when you deal with affiliate marketing. You just need to focus on promoting and recommending products to the customer. Isn’t that an easier business model for novice and newbie Internet Marketers to begin with? By the way you can still create your own products for instance eBook which you can bundle as additional bonus or add ons for customers that purchase affiliate products through you.

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time, even in offline business, well except that people don’t called it specifically ‘affiliate marketing’. Take for instance a shop which sells various products and goods. Do you think all those products are manufactured or created by the shop owner? Of course not!. So where do all those products on the shelf comes from?

Put it simply, the goods and products are distributed by salesmen who make a deal with the shop owners who stand to earn some profit when a sale is made. The same goes for affiliate marketing whereby you sign up as an affiliate for products or services that you wish to promote through your website. It is as easy as directing the customer to the product website. You get paid when the customer you refer to buy the product.

The main advantage with online affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a lot of initial capital start up investment at all. As a matter of fact you don’t even need a website to begin with. You can promote affiliate products directly through Facebook, Squidoo, HubPages, and various social networking media and social book marking sites such as StumbleUpon. You have the flexibility and choice to promote both physical as well as digital products.

All that you need is a computer with connection to the Internet to start an online business and you CAN make money as an affiliate marketer, usually as quick as in within the 1st 24 hours . I used to be very skeptical about people being able to make money online within 24 hours starting from scratch until I attended the  Internet Live Business 2 seminar conducted by Ewen Chia and Patrick Chan.

There so many affiliate programs that you can sign up for as an affiliate marketer. Most of these companies do not have strict criteria and they usually approve your application quickly. Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction are but some of the bigger names that offers you the opportunity to promote physical products.

Among these companies, eBay is the most difficult to sign up for as an affiliate also known as eBay Partnership. Don’t’ be surprise if your application gets rejected by eBay no matter how hard you try. Of course there are some tips that you can use to improve your chances of being approve by eBay but again that’s an article for another post which I will write shortly.

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Control Your Finances: 3 Reasons To Start An Online Business

Posted on : 09-11-2010 | By : Catalin Pahomi | In : Internet_Marketing

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In today’s economy, many people have no choice but to struggle month after month only to find that there isn’t enough money to make ends meet. They know this and often will have very little love for their job. But because a regular nine to five is all they’ve known, people will strengthen themselves and continue the cycle.

This strategy may have worked in the past but in today’s world, there are a wealth of opportunities that make themselves available to those who are looking. The world of online business is one of these opportunities and there are several good reasons to take it up.

Potential Earnings

Because lots of people are on the internet daily, there is a greater earning potential within than at most jobs. A marketing scheme and a product worth investing time into are all that some people have used on their way to increasing their income. E-commerce is not something to take lightly and if you don’t capitalize now, you are in for a world of hurt.

Greater Flexibility

Since working hours are the initial thought when it comes to flexibility that can be addressed first. Yes, working hours are flexible but that’s not the only thing that adjusts easily with online businesses. Consider the scenario where the company is implementing a bad idea into their marketing technique or making changes to the product that will end badly. With internet business, you can change what you’re doing until you’re happy with the money you’re making. Also, the fact that the internet is so adaptable is another one of the reasons why there may be more confidence in believing your business will have constant “going concern”.

Greater Control

As the person in charge of your online business, when anything involving your business takes place, you have final say. If you want to change your hours, you can. If you’re debating the benefits of hiring a few writers, it’s up to you. An online business has many of the advantages owning an offline business has, but you can bypass many of the problems these business owners encounter.

Contrary to what the media has been claiming, the problems in the current economy are only the start of more to come. By embracing the powerful potential within the internet, it is possible to secure both your current and future financial success. Online business is on the verge of becoming an extremely popular way to make money and that trend is only going to continue.

Don’t wait  to get retrench or layoff and then you start to panic. The best time to invest your time and focus on Internet Marketing or any online business is now, not tomorrow or next  year.  Time and tide waits for now man. You have to take full responsibility for your own future path. It is not the government’s job to take care of your financial situation.

No matter what sort of home based business network in which you work, you can locate help and suggestions on the Internet. As a mortgage consultant online marketing helps you to reach the targeted audience who will improve your revenue.

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All You Need To Start Affiliate Marketing

Posted on : 14-05-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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It’s no longer a dream being able to make money online.  In fact almost everyone can do it. New internet marketers are often adviced by the Guru’s  in the game to consider affiliate marketing in order to earn lots of money and to learn the business from the ground up.

The good thing about affiliate marketing  is that you don’t need to create any products, you just need to promote other people’s work and get paid in terms of commision for the product that you sold.  All Internet marketing business require work;  regardless what you have heard, affiliate marketing can make you a lot of money but you will have to work for it. Lots of new internet marketers gives up because they soon realize they probably won’t be making millions while they sleep.

For all those affiliate marketer wannabes out there, here is a good report by Ewen Chia on how to start and online business. The methods he recommends is so easy to follow and guaranteed to make money even if you are a  first timer. The report is a no fluff, cut the chase and straight to the point tips on how to jump-start an online business using affiliate marketing.

Don’t know how to set up a website?  No problem at all  because you can start to make money online without having to create your own website.  Some social media sites such as Squidoo allows you create articles known as lens. You can create unlimited lens and advertise Amazon and other affiliate products. You can even make use of Squidoo to channel traffic to your website.

So go ahead download this report on what you need to start affiliate marketing and take the actions at the soonest opportunity.  You will be surprised  by the immense opportunities to earn lucrative income through affiliate marketing

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Internet Affiliate Marketing – You Can Make Money

Posted on : 25-03-2010 | By : Kevan Cowley | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing on the Internet is one of the simplest methods to make money on the Internet. Affiliate marketing online is a win-win situation because products get sold, people make money and the consumer gets the product they want.

The big manufactures get their products sold without having to shell out small fortunes on advertising and marketing. They pass on these savings to affiliate marketers in the form of commissions because their efforts get the products seen and purchased by the consumer.

There are potentially thousands of these marketers on the Internet promoting affiliate products to the end user, people who would not of otherwise seen this item/product if not advertised in this way.

The affiliate marketer can earn thousands of dollars each month this way. Normally not only do you often make a flat upfront payment but you as the affiliate marketer will also earn a volume commission on sales generated. Just like a salesman would get a quantity bonus for achieving increasing levels of business.

The big difference been a salesman is limited by how much work he can do on his own, therefore his earnings are limited where as the affiliate marketer is not because he or she can increase the sales volume by growing a team of affiliate marketers all running their own online enterprise but each being rewarded for the amount of total business they bring in.

This can be a great way to steadily build your income and be rewarded for your efforts, and the efforts of your team under you and it still costs the vendor less than pricey advertising campaign from a slick advertising company.

The end consumer benefits because they are getting the product that they were looking to buy anyway probably cheaper than they were going to pay retail. Also you can give them more of a personal sell because it is person to person, so the end user is able to make a more informed decision about the purchase of the product. The manufacture or dealer makes a sale that that they did not have to market too and you make a passive income for your endeavors online.

I hope this has giving you a good insight into affiliate marketing and if it has not convinced you to dive in for yourself then consider also that all an affiliate marketer needs is a computer and Internet connection. You can work in your pajamas, you can work whatever time of day you want, you can work for as little or as long as you want and you can sell as many different products or services as you want. Your earnings are only limited by how much work you put in to it. Do you know of any other line of work with all these benefits? If you do please tell me and I will join you but for now I am happy in this little virtually unknown but very lucrative world of online affiliate marketing.

If you would like to make massive profits through affiliate marketing then please check out Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon 2. It is a no fluff straight to the point guide on how to earn comfortable income from affiliate marketing.

Kevan Cowley is an affiliate marketer and is the owner of Super-Affiliate-Income.net and reviews online internet earning opportunities. The best affiliate marketing opportunity online with over six income streams and is set up within 24 hours is Plug-In Profit Site

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