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Is Article Marketing Dead?

Posted on : 20-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the most important factor that determines the number of targeted visitors to your website is of course the amount of useful, relevant and interesting information you post in your website. When it comes to online publicity content is king so to speak. Who would bother to waste time to look at a website devoid of any interesting information?

There is no reason why you cannot increase targeted traffic to your website so as to build up a good responsive subscriber list that you can easily convert into buying customers. There are many ways to promote your sites. Social network marketing is the in-thing and popular medium to reach out to visitors and customers. Some claim that the old technique involving article marketing is dead. Is it truly obsolete?

Nevertheless, you should not rule out article marketing. Article marketing is still one of the proven time tested winning strategy to gather targeted traffic to your site. Most article directories allows you to include links back to your website through the so-called article author ‘byline’ or the author biography.

Most article directories allows you to include links back to your website through the so-called article author ‘byline’ or the author biography. By syndicating your contents for others to publish and post (with the condition that the article must include the link back to your website) you increase and improve the opportunities for others to link back to your site.

The increase in back links, particularly from authoritative sites or sites with similar niche market of yours will greatly enhance and improve your site page ranking. You have a winning formula to put your websites at top ranking of Google’s search engine result page if you can consistently provide timely fresh useful information which the reader can apply to address their problems or needs.

The ability to provide consistent fresh content in conjunction with good niche product marketing and keyword research puts you in very good position to succeed.Staying ahead of the competition is not really not difficult so long as you are able generate quality back links to your website and one of the best ways to do is via article marketing.

Creating useful content for your website should always be a major focus and part of your Internet marketing campaign. There are many articles that seems more like sales pitch and lacking in terms of depth and substance. Take some time to so some research on what you wish to communicate to your readers. Write articles about your niche.

What if you are not a good writer? There are many good freelance writers out there who can do it for a small fee. Not all ghost writers and freelance writers able to write good articles that are search engine friendly (with good keywords). So when in doubt, check out the profile of these writers and ask for sample articles.

Here is the key to article marketing success. Rewrite the articles and post it to various article directories. Rinse and repeat. Do it over and over again for each of your website. You should consider automating the process so that it takes minutes instead of days. Here is a free article writing software which is completely free that you can use to help you with article research. One important thing to take note is that you should only rewrite articles that you hold copyright to change (original article that create or own.)

The major advantage with article marketing is that the articles resides in the article directories for years thus the more articles you submit for syndication (submit to major ezine and article directories ) the more opportunity it is for you to increase backlinks to your site.

In summary, is article marketing dead? Well, it doesn’t seems to be anytime soon or in the distant future given the fact that more and more people are going online to look out or search for information and solutions to problems and needs or access to information that enable them to make well inform decisions.

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