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A Powerful Lightweight Free WordPress Autoblog Plugin

Posted on : 29-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Here’s the link to a free powerful lightweight WordPress autoblogging plugin. I have not tested it, but anyway if you are contemplating on whether to check out any autoblog software, this is a good one to start with. I know there are many other similar tools but most of them are just plain crappy 8)

As the saying goes, content is king and this is certainly the case with business blogging.   People are attracted to blogs with fresh quality and interesting contents.  The challenge though is that sometimes it is hard to keep the momentum going, to prepare articles and news for posting. It takes time and effort to create good quality contents for blogging readership.

With recent Google Panda update, there are talks and discussions that autoblogging is dead and a thing of the past. Is that truly the case?  There is no doubt in my mind that manual article posting beats autoblogging anytime of the day but that does not imply you can’t or shouldn’t consider such automation .Opponents of autoblogging claimed that you risk getting your blogs penalize by mighty Google for duplicate contents.

Is Autoblogging Still Relevant?
The way I see it, pulling contents from other websites still has its use in today’s blogging world. You just need to work a little bit more smarter and use this strategy with caution.  don’t treat it as a means to free you from spending time to maintain your weblog. Instead of configuring it once to pull in feeds and RSS contents from other sites to post to  your blog directly, you should take some time choose which of the imported contents you wish to post at a later date and then mix it with your opinion or articles.

For instance, lets say you decided to pull in feeds content on ‘How to tame a Pitpull dog’ to post on your site. You schedule it to be published on say 5 days later. Take some time to read the content and then figure out if there are any questions that are worth asking. For instance, at the end of the imported content, you can add the statement ‘is it worth to rear a Pitbull dog anyway and what is the primary reason that you should consider one?

Citation And Reference
Contrary to what many assumed, any articles and information that you post in your site without any citation or links to relevant information from other authoritative sites  or any other sources (as quotes or reference) lacks credibility.  During my university days, we were taught to include citation and references to remarks or ideas that we expound in our thesis.

In the same way Google value any sites that provide rich content even if it is syndicated articles so long as you include the source of the information as well additional information of your own relevant to the topics under discussion. Well, don’t get me wrong that all your posts should have citation or links to other sites, the point I am trying to drive at is that duplicate content is fine so long as you do not infringe on copyrights and that your post add value to the readers.

You may also wonder what good does it bring if you have to manually edit the imported articles for after all the whole idea behind autoblogging is that it should free you from such tasks and that it should auto post contents indefinitely after it is setup. Well it depends on what your goals and intentions are.

Google Page Rank
If you just want to build up dozens of even hundreds of autoblogs to earn some Google Adsense income without regards for the Google page rank than by all means go ahead. If you are concern about page ranking factors than you should play by a different rule, implement some sort of hybrid posting of unique articles and imported contents.

In summary, autoblogging is still relevant today. Provide good quality contents and avoid posting of articles  that may be construed as digital content theft. Do not try to spin the imported articles because the search engines are getting smarter and most are able to detect it from a mile!.

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Should You Consider Autoblogging?

Posted on : 24-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am not an enthusiasts and certainly not an advocate of autoblogging but I do think automated blogging strategy has its place in the Internet marketing world.  Do check out my thoughts on autoblogging and related topics  on autoblogging with blogger as well as my review of Autoblog Samurai.

You don’t have to risk your websites being penalize by Google for implementing autoblogging because so long as you don’t spam and give what Google wants you should be fine . The simplest method to avoid Google slap is by including the link to the source of the article that you extract and publish on your website.  Do make sure you do not have any duplicate contents in any of your web pages.

To be on the safe side, do not pin all your online income solely on autoblogs.  One caveat regarding blogger blogs. If you are using Google account to create autoblogs, try to limit the number of  autoblogs created on the same PC to five or less.

There are observations and feedback from  autoblogging community that Google alert is raised on multiple blogs created using one account or using the same computer IP  address. It may or may not be true but why take the risk?  Try to create multiple blogger blogs using different PC.

In summary you have got nothing much to lose by automating some of your niche blog content posting. Do so judiciously and with moderate amount of extract contents intermix with unique contents.  Always remember to include the link to the original source of the article that you publish in your autoblog.

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What Is Google’s Stand On Autoblogging

Posted on : 15-02-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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There has been a lot of differing opinions with regards to autoblogging. Some people feel that autoblogging is not legal from Google perspective because of duplicate contents associated with autoblogs. You may recall that autoblogging technique usually involved the extraction and publishing of contents from syndicated sources such as RSS feeds, ezine articles and etc on your autoblogs. How does Google view autoblogging?

The big question though is will Google penalize you for publishing duplicate contents? It all depends on where you put the contents that you extract from other websites and blogs.

Duplicate Content Within The Same Website
First thing first, make no mistake about this. Google has make it clear that it will penalize a website that publish duplicate contents located within the same site. In other words, do not post duplicate contents in the same website or blog. Your page ranking will drop drastically if Google discover that your website contains duplicate contents.

Syndicated Contents
Google will not penalize any website that publish contents which is not original so long as there is no duplicate in the same site. For that matter it is alright for you to extract contents from other websites or blogs (such as from RSS feeds and ezine articles) and post in your website or blog with the condition that you include the link to the source of the article. Do check out the link to additional information on autoblogging and how Google view it.

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Why Should You Consider Autoblogging

Posted on : 17-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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You can skip this whole thing if you are not into Internet Marketing or you just blog for fun and other personal interests. If you are an online marketer than it is important that you know what autoblogging can do for you.

First thing first what is autoblogging? It may come as surprise for some people as some think it got to do with automobile blogging. Well, autoblogging has got nothing to do with automobiles except for the fact that the word ‘auto’ sounds like something to do with automobile.

Autoblogging is what’s being called a ‘configure and forget system’ that comprises special software that allows you to setup a blog once and then let it run on autopilot. What I meant by ‘autopilot’ is a hand’s free system whereby the system or software will automatically extract relevant information pertaining to your blog topic and then publish it according to preset schedule postings all without further user intervention.

Autoblogging system usually derive contents from RSS feeds, article directories; affiliate program networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, eBay and etc.
In a nutshell, autoblogging is a system designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers and online business owners. This is an attractive system for those who wish to generate quick extra income through Goggle Adsense and promotion of affiliate marketing products from Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank.

I won’t beat around the bush and try to hype or rave just about any autoblogging software. Just type ‘autoblogging’ in Goggle search and the search list will return plentiful of autoblogging software product reviews and recommendations. Yes, just like other Internet Marketers, I certainly do hope that you will seriously consider investing in autoblogging software after you have read my honest review of what is and what is not about this product. Okay, let’s go straight to the review

Search Engines Loves Blogs
Search engines love blogs. A blog with frequent updated quality fresh postings can get index much faster by the search engines in comparison to static HTML pages. In genera, an active blog builds traffic much faster compare to static HTML web page.

A Numbers Game
Successful online business income does not come from just a single blog or single static HTML web site. In actual fact, a single blog or website is not likely to provide you with sustainable and reasonable income that enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle.
You need to generate multiple stream of source of income and one of the best way of doing so is by maintaining more sites, in particular more blogs of diverse niche market or relevant niche. More blogs equals to more potential traffic thus more money so to speak.

Short term goal
As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. One of the most important success factors in life is having short, mid and long term goals in life. This applies to brick and mortar business, 9 to 5 pm jobs as well as online business.

You defined a big goal and break it down into achievable and measurable short, mid and long term goal. You can use autoblogging as a short or mid term online business goals to enable you to generate some profits that will add to your income bottom line.

There are couple of reasons as to why you can’t use autoblogging as a long term business goal strategy. Firstly, autoblogging can never replace manual handwritten blogs where your thoughts and ideas publish allows you to foster bond and connection with your readers.

Testing Your Niche
One advantage of autoblogging network is that you can use it to explore the effectiveness of various keywords and keyword phrase for various niche markets that you intend to explore. This compliment PPC paid search traffic that some people use to explore popularity and competition of keywords and phrases.

Don’t Try To Outsmart Search Engines – Duplicate Contents
Contents publish through autoblogging mechanism are usually derived from RSS feeds, article directories and etc. A reader can sense that the content is not unique much less not to even mentioned search engines which usually able to detect duplicate content even if the articles are rewritten or translated multiple times (using multi language translation mechanism).

Ineffective Way To Gather Leads But Who Cares
Furthermore, it is also more difficult to build a list of loyal subscribers that you need to convert to buyers of your product or service through a blog that is managed and run by automated software. There is no sense of community or belonging as you know you are dealing with blogs that are managed by automated software.

Ultimate Goal Of Autoblogging
The goal of autoblogging is using the least efforts and time to get as many people to click on the Adsense in as many automated blogs as well as to get people to purchase Amazon or Clickbank products through your affiliate links embedded in these blogs.


You have nothing to lose by jumping on the bandwagon of autoblogging. You can indeed build profitable blogs in matter of hours or even minutes. You can generate hundred of blogs and not even have to break a sweat to maintain it as most of the time these blogs runs on autopilot or on practically complete hands free mode.

One final word of caution though. Since this form of Internet marketing strategy is a short term strategy, don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Always focus on building and maintaining at least one or more handwritten blogs where you can buildup a list of loyal subscribers.[ad#Chitika

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Autoblog Samurai – Part 1 Review

Posted on : 08-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Autoblogging Samurai

Auto blogging Samurai

Search engines loves blogs that are frequently updated with fresh contents.  Blogging remains one of the most attractive and lucrative means to earn money online.  Don’t quite believe me? Check out John Chow’s blogging business.  He easily earns 6 figure annual income, all at the comfort of his home.

If you are able to earn US$1/- per day through Goggle AdSense in one blog, that imagine how much you could easily rake in by having say just 30 blogs.  That easily translates to US$900/- per month!. It is very realistic to achieve at least US$1/- AdSense income per day.  The challenge though is the time to take to maintain 30 blogs , to keep these blogs updated with fresh contents.

It would be extremely time consuming to maintain hundred of blogs. You could hire others to help you maintain it but why do so if you could save money by using a powerful automated software to manage your blogs?  This is where Autoblog Samurai fits into the picture. This software helps to offload you from the tedious and repetitive time consuming tasks of posting fresh contents to your blogs.

I have been using Autoblog Samurai software which I purchased over a month ago. You can check out my preliminary preview of this autoblogging software right here. Here is my 2nd more in depth review of this product. This is my follow up thoughts on this blogging management software. I will go straight to the point and I hope that my inputs and feedback will give you a better assessment of whether this product is worth your money.

1) Is this product the Internet Marketer Blogger’s dream ultimate single push button autoblog creation and management software

Answer: No

2) Is this product worth its cost and should you invest in it?

Answer: Definitely yes

3) Will using this product helps to improve your Internet income bottom line?

Answer: Yes provided you do your part in driving traffic to your blogs created by this software

4) Will this software automatically create a blog as well as automatically generate content for publishing/posting?

Answer: No, this software will not create a blog for you. You need to create a blog account first (blogger or wordpress). It will not automatically generate content for your blog either.

5) Will this system increase traffic to your blog?

Answer: No, but it may indirectly through fresh and quality contents that you post frequently in your blogs managed by this software system.

6)How and where do you get the contents to post in the blogs manage by this software?

Answer: You can import contents from sources such as PLR articles (Private Label Rights), Amazon review products, ClickBank product sales and landing page contents and last but not least, contents from syndicated ezine and article directories.

7) In what way does this product benefit you?

Answer: The value proposition of this product as advertised is kind of misleading. The software is not the ultimate autoblog tool because it does not auto create a blog from scratch nor does it auto generate content for posting. Rather, the value of this product lies in what I called centralize management and content aggregation for blog postings.

8)What else is included in this software package

Answer: The additional bonus package bundled with this software, in particular the training package on how to generate traffic to your website by itself is worth at least 10 times more than the software itself. The bonus included in this product ensures you get the best value for money.

9) What is the biggest ROI from this product?

Answer: Ability to manage dozens if not hundred of free blogger (blogspot) and wordpress (wordpress.com) blogs; each blog capable of generating at least and very achievable US#1/- per day. It would be extremely time consuming for you to manage tens much less hundreds of blogs. Autoblog Samurai makes it so much easier for you to aggregate, modify and schedule contents for posting.


This software expedites blog management and cut down amount of time and efforts to prepare content for posting. Furthermore, the bonus tips on traffic generation (traffic boot camp) will guarantee you make money from blogging. Even though it is not a true autoblogging software by definition, nevertheless, it is still rated one of the best must have blogging tools within your Internet Marketing arsenals.

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