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One Simple SEO Techniques – How To Get More BackLinks

Posted on : 28-05-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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There are many ways and strategies to improve your website search engine page ranking. Search engine optimization, better known as SEO is almost a universal topic that you can’t move away from when it comes to page ranking. Those who tell you that you don’t have to bother about SEO as far as online business is concern is lying to their teeth!.

Forget about those black hat SEO techniques which many try to master and deploy. Google’s recent changes to a number of the search engine page ranking workout, criteria and undisclosed number of other algorithms has affected many websites search ranking positions. Some of these sites simply ‘disappear’ within overnight from Google’s organic search result page.

One criteria that remains critically important despite recent Google’s search algorithm change is that of pertaining to incoming links to your site (which is also known as backlinks ).

You can expect your site ranking to improve if there are links from relevant authoritative sites to yours. A site that has high PR (page ranking) with backlink to your site is a vote of confidence to the search engines that your site is worth indexing and that it should be rank high comparatively to the high PR sites that link to yours!.

Thus you should focus your efforts on building quality backlinks to your site. How do you get backlinks from high PR sites? Well the first thing that you need to do is publish quality contents in your site!. It is more likely for webmasters of high PR sites to link to yours if your site contains good content. Participating in relevant high PR forums and commenting on high PR blogs are also known to be quite effective to generate some quality incoming links juice.

Do some research on high PR sites similar to yours (in terms of business niche) and determine where their backlinks comes from. You can easily do that by using various free online SEO tools, one such is backlink analyzer tool. . Study your competitor’s site backlinks to determine the kind of link juice which helps with page ranking. With such information, you can either write to these backlink websites to request for link exchange or you can follow up and input contructive comments in their blogs, feedbacks and etc.

On a footnote I reckoned that there are some Internet Marketing gurus who use the products they sold to promote their own websites.  For instance, I know of a guy (no pun intended) whom I will not reveal here but I am sure there are many others like him out there who embed their own links within the blogs created using their blogging theme/blogging software.

I studied and gathered the back-links of this particular guru website and I noticed that quite a number of the incoming links to his website comes from blogs that were created using the blogging theme and software created by that Internet Marketing Guru!. Such technique may seems to be unethical to some but otherwise it is indeed a smart way to gather extra backlinks, even from those that are not in the same niche.

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Inbound Link Tools

Posted on : 07-02-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing, Tools

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Google place high value on inbound links (also knows as backlinks). Thus it is important for you to know which sites are linking to yours. Likewise, you should also know which sites are linking to your competitor’s website. You can try to get quality inbound links from those that are linking to high page ranking competing sites in similar niche as that of yours. Inbound links aka backlinks are very important from search engine optimization perspectives.

Inbound links or backlinks are links from other websites or blogs that are directed to your site. The more quality inbound links there are to yours, the higher your site page ranking is going to be. A link from a website with contents that is closely related to yours will be deemed by Google as of having higher quality compare to links from websites that are not relevant to your site’s content.

You can use the following tools to analyze and build your inbound links.
1) Backlink Anchor Text Analysis
2) Backlink Builder
3) Backlink Summary

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog – Blog Commenting

Posted on : 20-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Traffic is the lifeline of all Internet marketing and online business. There are many ways to increase traffic to your blog. A blog is set up every second and there are well over 9 billion blogs in the Internet. If you want to make money through blogging, you need to promote your blog aggressively and work towards getting as many websites and blogs to link back to yours. You can drive massive traffic to your blog via a simple technique called blog commenting.

The more incoming links your blog has from high page ranking blogs and websites the more popular it is going to be. Back links from authoritative blogs and websites will improve your search engine ranking position and ensure it is displayed in the 1st page of the search engine result page.

How do you go about getting backlinks? The answer is surprising easy and you can start to do that even if you are a new blogger. Firstly you need to determine the best keywords pertaining to your article posting.

Even though content is king so to speak, you need to know that the search spider or crawler are nothing more than software bots. You have to write for both human readership as well as for the search bots. Search bots simply do not understand the content and the actual meaning of your blog post. Rather it scans the content for keywords.

Thus a good quality posting will draw repeated readers and new visitors to your blog while keywords helps the search bots to figure out and categorize what sort of search phrase is associated with your blog posts.

1)Use Google keyword tool external to gather keywords pertaining to your blog articles. Type in the search phrase ‘Goggle keyword external tool’ to get the link to the keyword tool. It is a free online keyword search service and it is a very useful and handy tool to gather keyword phrases quickly.
2)Find blogs with those keywords. You can use Comment Kahuna, a free blogging tool. You can also go to blogsearch.google.com to search for blogs containing the keywords and phrases.
3)Post some comment to those blogs that includes the keyword .
4)Include your blog link in the post

So there you have it as far blog commenting is concern. Do the above 4 steps for all the blogs and I am sure your site’s incoming links or back links will increase very quickly.

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Article Writing 3 Secrets Revealed

Posted on : 17-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article marketing (which involves article writing and submission) is an important aspect of online business promotion strategy. A quality article is the ultimate viral marketing and branding tool in your promotional arsenal. Many people wonder why they are not getting backlink juice and traffic to their website despite the numerous articles submitted to ezine and article directories.

It’s one thing to write an article and quite a different thing to produce an article that gets the reader to follow your resource links thus bringing in massive traffics to your site. Article marketing will never be the same once you discover 3 secrets that allows you to produce articles that suck the reader in and literally hypnotize them to follow your link and make them wanting for more.

Secret #1 Target A Popular Sub Niche Within A Niche

Golden rule #1 is do market research and underpin the niche(topic) of the article you wish to write. Foremost, identify a niche that is profitable and in good demand and then target a popular sub niche within that niche. For instance, weight loss is a popular, high demand and competitive niche. You can drill down further and target a sub niche for that niche.

For instance weight loss for aging dog.  Choosing a sub niche within a niche will reduce the competition (amount of competing websites) and at the same time enable you to write articles that is more targeted to the readers, those who are more likely to follow your link to get more information.!
Make use of long tail keywords (narrow keywords) to target less-competitive niche markets.

Don’t forget to include the long tail keywords in the title of the article.! You can have a great article however if the niche (topic) is not popular or off topics and not related to your niche then you will not be able to reap maximum benefits as far as traffic is concern since there will be very few people searching for such articles. As a matter  of fact
you might just be simply wasting your time!

On the other hand in no way am I implying you should ignore all niches that are not popular or low in demand. It is just that you can be quite  depress if you target a niche that do not bring in much traffic and  poor sales conversion. Sometimes, you may be able to hit the jackpot by being the early bird in promoting low key niche which might turn out to be the next killer product or service. You may never know but again, its your personal choice though.

How do you determine if a niche/topic is popular or not? Just go and  Google search the topic and see how many competing pages and many searches per month! Aim for a topic that has at minimum 3 thousand  search per month and at most 100,000 competing pages. You also want to avoid choosing a very popular niche that is too competitive.  For instance, the niche market on ‘weight loss’ is very popular and so highly competitive market that it would take tremendous amount of  advertising costs and SEO efforts to position your site on the first  page of Google search engine results page.

Secret #2 Write short and focused conversational style article

Many article writers do not realize that most readers who read your article probably has a lot of in depth knowledge on the niche/topic of  the article they are searching for. After all, a lot of people search ezine and article directories to look for information that may help to address their problems. It is suffice to say that these people may have gather lots of information through the search engines before they stumble upon your article!.

Most articles in ezine and article directories are just variants of some other articles, simply being rephrase to avoid plagiarism but having the same content in retrospect! Some people prefer to take the short cut route by using article spinner software to create multiple articles from the original seed article. You may be able to get the search engine off your back from targeting  your spin off article as duplicates but what the point of doing so if human reader found the article to be regurgitate of some other articles?

What are the chances of readers following your link? By the way, for goodness sake, don’t just emphasize on figures and facts!. Your main objective of article writing is to make it interesting and entertaining. Write articles that stands out but don’t over hype!.Choose a topic that you know a good deal about. When you are familiar with a particular subject, it will be easier to write an article on it. Be passionate about the niche or topic because it will show in your writings.

You want to produce article that hypnotize and suck the reader that thirst for more after they read it. Many writers simply miss the point in the sense that you don’t need to produce an article that is absolutely 100% true to the facts but importantly , just simply convincing enough. Write in conversational manner, as if you are talking to friend and inject personality into articles that are short and focused.

Secret #3 Structure The Content Properly

This is one of the most important tips that determine if your articles makes or breaks with regards to getting visitor to follow the author bio or resource link. (Your website link) structure your article to 4 major steps namely, 1)the title, 2) the opening, 3) the body and 4) the closing.  You need to produce an article that is captivating enough for reader to go through the opening, the body and finally the closing which has call to actions to get the reader to click on the resource link. Title->Opening->Body->Closing->Resource link

Step #1 – Title
The title of the article is the 1st thing that a reader look and upon which a decision is quickly made, usually within seconds whether the article is worth reading or not. If the title of the article is  captivating and interesting then you have managed to move one step closer to achieving your objective. If you have done all necessary homework for secret #1 then chances are that you have a solid title that draws the attention of the reader to proceed to the next phase.

Step #2 – The Opening
Your title got you to the next phase. Your first paragraph must keep them reading. Readers have a short attention span and if the first few lines don’t compel them to keep reading, you have lost the deal.  Include the keywords in the opening paragraph. State in less than 200 words what benefits or problems the article will sought to address.  If you state 5 secrets or 5 tips then you must make sure the subsequent body of the article cover the 5 tips or secrets mentioned in the opening.

Step #3 – The Body
The body of your article is where you deliver on the promises you made with your title and opening. Remember the ‘what’s in for me’ mentality. The article is about the reader and not you. Provide solution that is practical to implement and not some out of touch suggestions that requires huge amount of money or incredible efforts.

Step #4 – The Closing
Your closing lines of your article are where you reinforce the ideas you’ve covered in your article. Don’t leave your reader hanging but neither should you give away all the secrets or tips. One of the most powerful strategy to get the reader to follow your resource link (visit your website) is by using the what is the term ‘link bait’  technique.

Essentially what you do is described one or more great tips to solve a specific problem in the article. At the end of the closing, you tell the reader that there is one or more tips or strategies you recently discovered that are more effective and powerful than all the combined solutions mentioned in the article and they can get it for free through your website.  The article should serve as appetizer for the reader to visit your website to get more information.

Article marketing is a powerful and effective technique to increase traffic to your site. It is pretty much an art as much as it is science. Writing a good quality article is only half the story. You need to implement effective article writing strategy to catch the attention of the reader. After all, the ultimate goal of article  writing is to increase backlink juice and traffics to your site. Learn more about Effective Article Writing

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Organic SEO Tips

Posted on : 26-08-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Why is it that over 98% of the Internet marketers and E-commerce fails to take off within the 1st 2 years in business? One of the major factors is lack of traffic (or worst still not a single visitor to your website or blog).

Hundreds if not thousands of new websites and blogs are created and published daily. The Internet is no longer an environment whereby any hobby of yours can easily be converted into instant money pumping cash machine. If there is such a product or service (no doubt there are plenty of Internet ‘Gurus’ that preys on hopeful newbies) you know where I am coming from; it’s a bunch of BS.

To establish any profitable online business in the Internet or to proceed with any e-commerce it is essential that you focus on website promotion so as to achieve better ranking for your sites on the search engine result pages.

If you drive a car you probably don’t need to understand the gritty details of how the car engine works. You do however need to know some basic stuffs such as how to check the the break oil, how to jump start the car battery or how to change the car tire just in case you run into emergency situation.

Likewise if you are a newbie to e-commerce, online business or Internet marketing, it is imperative that you understand the importance and fundamental of search engine optimization in relation to organic search traffic.

No doubt you can start to make money online without having to understand what organic search and SEO is all about (that is provided you follow a proven system ) however you stand to gain more in the long term if you acquire fundamental knowledge of website optimization.

Getting your web site display in the first page of the search engine result pages will help to generate visibility and public awareness of your site’s existence and subsequently generate more traffic, traffic that could lead to potential buyers of your services and products.

Sponsored Links Versus Organic Search Traffic

Sponsored Links Versus Organic Search Traffic

As shown above, the Goggle search for the keyword phrase “airline ticket” return the list of links associated with it. The organic search list is usually located on the column of the left side (indicated by the red bounded boundary) while the sponsored links (pay search traffic through Goggle AdWords) are located on the top and right side columns (indicated by the green bounded boundaries).

What is organic search? It can be described as the list of relevant web page links (URLs) return by the search engine through the mechanism of indexing of pages based upon keyword relevancy and content.The term SEO (Search Engine Optimization ) is always associated with organic search traffic.

SEO is a marketing technique that emphasize on increasing the number of hits to a specific website through search engines. SEO optimization involve utilizing tools and methods in making your site top ranking in the results of search engines.

The concept of search engine optimization is not as simple as it seems to be. In fact there are a number of things that are to be followed for having the search engine optimization done for a website.

Search engines are the largest source of web traffic and it will continue to be so in the years ahead. In this respect the SEO becomes the most crucial factor for any website and the fact is that this is the best means to get a website within the top ten ranking on the search engine result pages.

Organic search is also known as “natural search” or “free traffic” as it is supposed to be not influenced by commercial payments or bids and you don’t need to pay for services to get your page rank high in the SERP. Organic SEO gear towards making your website more popular through the use of targeted text which relates to what people are searching for.

This is in direct contrast to paid search traffic or sponsored links whereby the search result page ranking is based on keyword bidding to appear at the top such as those on using PPC Goggle AdWords. Paid advertising such PPC (pay per click), ezine ads and many others are quick way to get high page ranking.

So why should you bother with organic SEO instead since you can get instant traffic with paid search ads? Yes, you can get hordes of massive traffic directed to your website through paid ads, the problem though is that at any point of time other competing advertisers can easily outbid you for the same keywords. You have to constantly monitor your ads, do split testing and refine the keywords to improve click through rate (CTR) with paid search traffics.

If you are inexperienced and just getting started with online business my advice would be don’t spend money unnecessary on PPC and other paid search traffics. CPC (Cost per click) for popular keywords are getting increasing expensive and unless you have the necessary budget and you know what you are doing, otherwise be very careful with your budget on PPC.

So what are the organic search traffic steps you need to take to get your website rank as high as possible by the search engines? In a nutshell, page ranking = On page factors +
Off page factors.

Organic SEO

Organic SEO

Goggle computes page ranking based on several dozens of metrics such as the age of the domain, keywords, content, backlinks, off site and on site page factors. No one knows for sure what all the exact metrics are and neither do anyone knows the contribution of each metric and the ranking algorithm to page ranking. (with the exception of Goggle engineers of course!)

Goggle is known to review SEO algorithm from time to time. For instance, it was reported couple of months back that the loading time of the web page will be a new factor that determines page ranking. Some of the old metrics are removed and new ones added. SEO strategy is pretty much an art as much as it is science.

The key to getting good page ranking via organic SEO is 1) identifying key metrics, 2) identify the factors that impact the key metrics and 3) developing the means and strategy to improve your site ranking in the search engines.

What we do know is that there are 3 important key metrics which you need to optimize to improve your site page ranking. These are 1) content 2) keywords and 3) backlink.

You may have heard the saying that content is king. It is absolutely true and will continue to remain so regardless of changes to SEO algorithm. The main purpose of any website is to provide information that entertains or helps address people’s wants and needs. Always remember that the primary objective of Goggle is to provide quality and relevant information to search engine users.

As such content is very important. Your site will go nowhere without high quality, reliable content that is both relevant and useful to visitors. Good content will help to increase the number of incoming links (backlinks) as people book mark and link to your web page.

You should also take note that search engines do not reward sites that publish duplicate contents. Your site will not get penalized for duplicate contents but will not get any benefits in terms of page ranking either. Therefore as far as possible try to post unique articles on your website.

You can outsource content creation to others if you do not have the time or you are not good at it. You can make use of PLR (private label rights) materials and rewrite it to suit your web site niche topics. You can also make use of article spinning software to expedite rewriting of articles.

There are exception to the rules though in the sense that if people like the content in your web page even though it is a syndicated article from elsewhere and they link to your web page you will still get the benefit of incoming link juice that will work towards improving your web page ranking.

Search Engine is just a piece of software that comprises of what is known as spiders, crawlers or bots. Search engine send these bots/spiders/crawlers to scan web pages for keywords and other metrics so as to build up dictionaries of relevant links (URLs) . The information gathered and farmed in search engine cloud could then be used to expedite the returns of search engine result page that best match the phrase or topic that a user is searching for.

Search engine crawler use keywords that appears in the title, meta and other relevant tags as well as the content of web pages as index to the dictionaries/database. Some keywords are highly popular and is found in thousands perhaps millions of web pages. Goggle rewards website/web pages that has relevant keywords in the relevant tags that best match the phrase that users are searching for by ranking it higher in the search engine result page.

Search engine do not in fact actually understand the content of any web page since it is just a piece of software program. Much of the web page content analysis is influence by the on page factors.

Keywords in the various HTML tags such as the title, meta and other factors such as the keyword densities, domain name, age of domain, navigation layout of the website (site map), internal page links and many other on page metrics are used to compute the page ranking.

Now and then you might come across some black hat SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing and even special software bot that generates two sets of web page, one for human and the other one for the search engine only. No doubt such techniques can increase your on page ranking nevertheless it is definitely a short lived technique which search engine will catch up with sooner or later and lands you in deep trouble (your site might get blacklisted or ban).

You should spend time to do keyword research for each and every Internet marketing campaign of yours. Some keywords are extremely competitive and you will have tough time to compete if the number of competing pages is high ( greater than 100K hits) . If possible try to include long tail keywords. Keyword research is worth every effort and you should invest in keyword research tools if necessary.

One of the keyword research tools that I strongly recommend is Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite 2. It is truly an astounding software that provides immense power into your hand. This software simplifies and expedite keyword research and automate other time consuming tasks such as competition strength analysis , Adword and Adsense site search and analysis and many more. This keyword research tool is one of my best investment to date.

Goggle increase its ability to analyze and determine the popularity and quality of the web page content by considering the number of backlink/incoming links .The more backlinks you have, the more love you get from Google and other search engines.

Backlinks are the only proven way to get and keep high search engine results. Search engines such as Goggle in particular consider backlinks one of the most important metric that determines the quality score of your page ranking. Aim to get as many incoming links as possible from authoritative and high page ranking websites.

As illustrated (pink boxes), there are many ways to increase backlinks to your site. You can participate in forums, article marketing, commenting on blogs, sign up and promote your website via social book mark sites and social media web 2.0 networking sites such as Squidoo, Hubpages, Facebook, StumbleUpon and etc. If you enjoy writing then article marketing is one of the most effective means to promote your site link (through the author’s byline or the resource box).

High page ranking and authoritative article directories such as ezinearticles.com receive thousands of visits daily so you can expect your site traffic and incoming links to increase significantly if your content is good and attract readers.

Video marketing is also quite effective and you should post some video pertaining to your niche market on social web 2.0 sites such as tubemogul, youtube, flicker, facebook and etc. There are some additional work involves though such as video editing to include your website link during the video playback.

Facebook is really catching up fast and may overtake Goggle in terms of volume of traffic. If you are software developer then you have more choices and opportunities. You can develop facebook applications with your website address embedded and share it with others. One interesting facebook application is ‘TagK’. This application allows you to display all your social sites and blog links in your facebook profile.

Commenting on high page ranking blogs will also help to increase backlinks. You need to look for authoritative and high ranking blogs with no-follow tags and which has similar niche and topics as that of yours. Input constructive and engaging comments instead of the usual spam like comment such as ‘Great posting, please check out my website at….’.

You can save much time and expedite searching of high ranking blogs to comment using the free link building software called ‘Comment Kahuna‘. I have been using it for quite awhile and I must say it is quite an impressive software that helps to built targeted backlinks to my website. Do give it a try for after all, it is completely free.

You should be on your toes if someone tells you there is an instant automatic single push button solution that does not require any effort on your part to get your site rank in the top placement of the search engine result page.

Organic search traffic to your website takes time to build up and the main advantage of it over paid ads is that the traffic is more targeted and more likely to convert into buyers.

Apply at least two of the techniques discussed (for e.g. article marketing and blog commenting) diligently and you will see your web page ranking improve significantly for organic search traffic result in weeks instead of months. If you have the budget, why not integrate paid search traffic together with organic SEO to get to the top search placement?

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Efficient Ways To Improve SERP – Backlinks

Posted on : 14-08-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The more websites linking to yours, the higher the ranking you will have. Backlinks are critical factor to ranking high in Goggle. Getting quality back links is important if you wish improve your website SERP (Search Engine Result Page).

What is SERP? It is the search engines listing of results displayed in relation to a query using one or more keywords that a user has entered. The pages of results that you will see are the SERPs. Search engine results can generates huge amounts of quality, targeted traffic that can obviously result in huge profits for your online business.

It is important to get your website rank on top two of the SERP because generally people would not bother to go way pass beyond the 1st two pages of the result query. If you want your website to do well, then it is important to position your website as high as possible in the SERP.

Getting backlinks from high PR (page ranking) websites to yours is a clear indication to search engines that your website is popular and a vote of confidence. There are many ways to acquire backlinks.

The more incoming web links (backlinks) you have with your keyword in it’s title (also called as anchor text), the better you will rank on the Search Engines for that keyword.

Backlinks can be categorized into different types depending on the link building strategies and link relationship. The link types are:
1)1 way link
2)2 way link (aka reciprocal link)
3)3 way link

1 way link
Search engines loves one way links. One way link is a link that points from one web page to another person’s website and not vice versa. It is a one directional link. For instance, website ‘B’ may contain a link that points to website ‘A’. Website ‘A’ do not contain any link that points to website ‘B’.

2 way link (aka reciprocal link)
A 2 way link usually involves agreement between web masters to exchange links. For instance, website ‘A’ contain a link that points to website B. Website ‘B’ contain a link that points to website ‘A’. Two way link is also known as reciprocal link.

One way link is usually treated more valuable compare two way link because search engines take into consideration the possibility of agreement between web masters to exchange links. Reciprocal links can still be important if they are from high ranking pages.

3 way link
3 way links are variants of one way links. 3 way linking is considered a triangular one way link between three sites. Site A links to site B and site B links to site C, then site C links to site A.

Multiple one way links leaves no footprint for the search engines to quickly detect and devalue such arrangements. It is still possible for Goggle to detect these by checking the domain registry for ownership of the websites. Chances are though Goggle will not go to such extreme measure unless such 3 way links are generating insurmountable amount of huge

The risk associated with 3 way linking is that you might not have control over the 3rd link and where its coming from in particular if you don’t own or control the 3rd website.  Thus if the 3rd
link is blacklisted or ban by search engines than your main website might get affected too.

The key advantage of 3 way links is that if you own multiple websites or the other websites are trusted and authoritative sites, you can increase the rankings for all of them. For instance, You can link social media sites such as Squidoo page to a Hub page which in turn points to your main website.

Free Service To Generate Backlinks
There are many companies that offers automatic link building services. You have to be careful to ensure you don’t end up with those that implements link building techniques that may ran afoul with the search engines.

Receivelinks offers free link building services. You may wish to give it a try but do so with discretion. Nothing is foolproof so you could start with websites that generates less income and gradually move up to build up your more important sites using this service.

There are many ways to increase your website page ranking. SEO algorithm may change from time to time but its very likely that the number of backlinks will continue to remain a critical factor which count as votes to website popularity.

1 or 3 way linking from high ranking websites will definitely help to increase your website SERPs. It is important to explore other SERP improvement strategies so as to increase your site ranking. Notably you should pay attention and focus to target optimal keywords and optimize your website for both on-site factors as well as off-site factors.

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Backlinks: Secrets To Get Your Site To The Top Of Google

Posted on : 03-08-2010 | By : Tom Goodwin | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are involved in internet marketing, back-links is an an often discussed topic. If you are new to internet marketing, however, you may not fully grasp what they are and how you get them.

If your web business will use paid advertising such as AdWords, AdBrite or Yahoo’s paid ads, then back links are something that you do not need to worry about. You only need to focus on keywords when dealing with paid search traffic.

On the other hand if you rely on free search traffic (aka organic search traffic) then it is of primary important that you get good quality back-links to boost your search engine page ranking.

So, let’s assume that you are going to be relying on decent organic rankings in Google (they are the free ones) and you need to get your site high up on Page 1 of Google – preferably #1 – but you don’t understand this SEO business or using back-links and your new web business can’t yet afford someone doing this mysterious art for you.

A back-link is a link that is on one page on the internet, and that links to another page on the internet. In essence, it is the one site “voting” for the other site.

The three major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo and Bing do not rely on back-links as much when ranking websites, but since Google encompasses the vast majority of search engine traffic, Google is where all the action should be at.

Anchor text is an important factor when it comes to getting good back-links. If you want to rank for “blue rabbit”, when you can, you want the back-link to include the anchor text “blue rabbit.” In addition, the more links you can get from authority sites the better, as Google counts these “votes” more when the incoming links are from more authority sites.

Your next question should therefore be, how can I get these back-links for my new Siamese fighting fish site? Back in the prehistoric age of the Internet, you would approach other webmasters and politely ask for a link on their website and in return you would offer one on your site to theirs.

If you want to rank in Google for somewhat competitive keywords these days,you may need well in excess of 1000 back-links, or more. That just isn’t feasible if you are simply going around asking for webmasters to
link back to your site.  You need something that gives you more back-link traction.

There are some other factors to consider such as whether the links are do-follow or no-follow, the Page Rank of the site where the back-link comes from and having back-links from a big variety of sites. 

Some of the major factors that you need to be aware of and pay attention to are:

Quality of back-links
Back-links from authorative, trusted and high page ranking websites (for e.g. ezinearticles.com ) gets more vote from Goggle versus back-links from unknown low page ranking websites. A single back-link from such authorative website is worth more than a hundred back-links from irrelevant low page ranking sites.

Relevancy in back-links
The extent of the relevancy of a back-link site’s topics to your site influence how Goggle determine your search engine page ranking position (SERP). A back-link from the same niche or market count as a vote to the relevancy. Thus you should strive to get back-links from authoritative relevant sites.

Quantity of back-links
There is a school of thoughts that it does not matter where your back-links comes from, the more the better so to speak. On the other hand there are also those who feels that Goggle will not reward you based on number of back-links but rather based on the quality and relevancy of the back-links. As a matter of fact your page ranking might even suffer if it comes from banned websites and link farms.

Main Index Page Versus Sub Pages Ranking
One interesting topic that is not often discussed is should you focus on getting back-links to your website main page such as the index page (home page) or should you focus on gettng back-links to the sub pages as well? Well, the truth of the matter is that it all depends on the content layout of your website.

You should avoid diluting your high page ranking main website index page to none SEO optimized sub pages. You should try to balance the back-links throughout your website without hurting the back-link juice to your high PR pages.

One easy way to achieve this balance is by creating a sitemap page where you list all the pages on the site using text links that best describe the pages. This will enable Goggle to crawl and index all the pages more quickly and thus expedite your SERP via back-links.

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