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How To Backup Your Blogger Content

Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Data loss can happen due to various reasons such as computer hard disk failure, virus attack, data corruption due to power surge, disruption and etc. Backing up your blogs regularly will save you tons of trouble from having to frantically recover bits and pieces of your critical data and restoring it during data recovery process.

One of the biggest mistakes that I ever made with regards to using Blogger is that I did not bother to back up the blog content. Sometime it is easy to overlook the importance of backing up your blog postings until it is too late for you to do so.

If you make use of Blogger platform to monetize your blog, then it is important that you backup your blog content regularly as there is no telling as to when Goggle may just slap a ban and take down your blog.

Fortunately there is an option provided by Blogger for you to export your blog easily. Just log into your Blogger account and select the blog you want to backup. There are three options namely ‘Export blog’, ‘Import blog’ and ‘ Delete blog’.

Backup blogger content and posting

Click on the ‘Export blog’ follow by the ‘DOWNLOAD BLOG’ option. You will be prompted to download an XML file. The XML file contains the entire blog contents.
Save the XML file in a proper location and you are pretty much done with the backup.

You can view the XML file with a web browser or you can create a new blog and import the XML file to restore your blog content. Unlike self-hosted Word press, there is no need for you to backup your database because the XML file exported contains the blueprint of the entire blog content.

You should also backup your blog theme if you wish to restore the blog to its exact layout and setting. Log in to your blog account, select the blog you wish to move, click the ‘Layout’ tab follow by the ‘Edit HTML’. Click the link ‘Download Full Template’ and save the theme XML file to a proper location.

download blogger theme template

You can easily restore the blog theme by clicking on the ‘Upload’ button after you have selected the template file from your back up location. That is all you need to do to backup your Blogger content and theme. It will take just couple of minutes to do such backup.

There is another method that you can use to backup your Blogger postings. It involves importing Blogger blog content to your WordPress blog. This is the preferable method if you wish to import your entire Blogger postings to your self hosted WordPress.

Log into your WordPress account and under the ‘manage’ option, navigate and click the ‘Import’ option. Look for ‘Blogger’ and click on it. You need to enter the Blogger log in name and password to authorize WordPress access to the Blogger account.

WordPress will import information pertaining to your Blogger account and display the list of blogs with corresponding posts and comments. Click on ‘import’ to initiate the retrieval of posts and comments from Blogger to your WordPress.

In summary, it is extremely easy, convenient and fast to keep a backup copy of your blogger blog postings and the template for the theme. You should backup your blogs frequently.

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