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Why Should You Consider Autoblogging

Posted on : 17-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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You can skip this whole thing if you are not into Internet Marketing or you just blog for fun and other personal interests. If you are an online marketer than it is important that you know what autoblogging can do for you.

First thing first what is autoblogging? It may come as surprise for some people as some think it got to do with automobile blogging. Well, autoblogging has got nothing to do with automobiles except for the fact that the word ‘auto’ sounds like something to do with automobile.

Autoblogging is what’s being called a ‘configure and forget system’ that comprises special software that allows you to setup a blog once and then let it run on autopilot. What I meant by ‘autopilot’ is a hand’s free system whereby the system or software will automatically extract relevant information pertaining to your blog topic and then publish it according to preset schedule postings all without further user intervention.

Autoblogging system usually derive contents from RSS feeds, article directories; affiliate program networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, eBay and etc.
In a nutshell, autoblogging is a system designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers and online business owners. This is an attractive system for those who wish to generate quick extra income through Goggle Adsense and promotion of affiliate marketing products from Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank.

I won’t beat around the bush and try to hype or rave just about any autoblogging software. Just type ‘autoblogging’ in Goggle search and the search list will return plentiful of autoblogging software product reviews and recommendations. Yes, just like other Internet Marketers, I certainly do hope that you will seriously consider investing in autoblogging software after you have read my honest review of what is and what is not about this product. Okay, let’s go straight to the review

Search Engines Loves Blogs
Search engines love blogs. A blog with frequent updated quality fresh postings can get index much faster by the search engines in comparison to static HTML pages. In genera, an active blog builds traffic much faster compare to static HTML web page.

A Numbers Game
Successful online business income does not come from just a single blog or single static HTML web site. In actual fact, a single blog or website is not likely to provide you with sustainable and reasonable income that enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle.
You need to generate multiple stream of source of income and one of the best way of doing so is by maintaining more sites, in particular more blogs of diverse niche market or relevant niche. More blogs equals to more potential traffic thus more money so to speak.

Short term goal
As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. One of the most important success factors in life is having short, mid and long term goals in life. This applies to brick and mortar business, 9 to 5 pm jobs as well as online business.

You defined a big goal and break it down into achievable and measurable short, mid and long term goal. You can use autoblogging as a short or mid term online business goals to enable you to generate some profits that will add to your income bottom line.

There are couple of reasons as to why you can’t use autoblogging as a long term business goal strategy. Firstly, autoblogging can never replace manual handwritten blogs where your thoughts and ideas publish allows you to foster bond and connection with your readers.

Testing Your Niche
One advantage of autoblogging network is that you can use it to explore the effectiveness of various keywords and keyword phrase for various niche markets that you intend to explore. This compliment PPC paid search traffic that some people use to explore popularity and competition of keywords and phrases.

Don’t Try To Outsmart Search Engines – Duplicate Contents
Contents publish through autoblogging mechanism are usually derived from RSS feeds, article directories and etc. A reader can sense that the content is not unique much less not to even mentioned search engines which usually able to detect duplicate content even if the articles are rewritten or translated multiple times (using multi language translation mechanism).

Ineffective Way To Gather Leads But Who Cares
Furthermore, it is also more difficult to build a list of loyal subscribers that you need to convert to buyers of your product or service through a blog that is managed and run by automated software. There is no sense of community or belonging as you know you are dealing with blogs that are managed by automated software.

Ultimate Goal Of Autoblogging
The goal of autoblogging is using the least efforts and time to get as many people to click on the Adsense in as many automated blogs as well as to get people to purchase Amazon or Clickbank products through your affiliate links embedded in these blogs.


You have nothing to lose by jumping on the bandwagon of autoblogging. You can indeed build profitable blogs in matter of hours or even minutes. You can generate hundred of blogs and not even have to break a sweat to maintain it as most of the time these blogs runs on autopilot or on practically complete hands free mode.

One final word of caution though. Since this form of Internet marketing strategy is a short term strategy, don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Always focus on building and maintaining at least one or more handwritten blogs where you can buildup a list of loyal subscribers.[ad#Chitika

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Autoblog Samurai – Part 1 Review

Posted on : 08-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Autoblogging Samurai

Auto blogging Samurai

Search engines loves blogs that are frequently updated with fresh contents.  Blogging remains one of the most attractive and lucrative means to earn money online.  Don’t quite believe me? Check out John Chow’s blogging business.  He easily earns 6 figure annual income, all at the comfort of his home.

If you are able to earn US$1/- per day through Goggle AdSense in one blog, that imagine how much you could easily rake in by having say just 30 blogs.  That easily translates to US$900/- per month!. It is very realistic to achieve at least US$1/- AdSense income per day.  The challenge though is the time to take to maintain 30 blogs , to keep these blogs updated with fresh contents.

It would be extremely time consuming to maintain hundred of blogs. You could hire others to help you maintain it but why do so if you could save money by using a powerful automated software to manage your blogs?  This is where Autoblog Samurai fits into the picture. This software helps to offload you from the tedious and repetitive time consuming tasks of posting fresh contents to your blogs.

I have been using Autoblog Samurai software which I purchased over a month ago. You can check out my preliminary preview of this autoblogging software right here. Here is my 2nd more in depth review of this product. This is my follow up thoughts on this blogging management software. I will go straight to the point and I hope that my inputs and feedback will give you a better assessment of whether this product is worth your money.

1) Is this product the Internet Marketer Blogger’s dream ultimate single push button autoblog creation and management software

Answer: No

2) Is this product worth its cost and should you invest in it?

Answer: Definitely yes

3) Will using this product helps to improve your Internet income bottom line?

Answer: Yes provided you do your part in driving traffic to your blogs created by this software

4) Will this software automatically create a blog as well as automatically generate content for publishing/posting?

Answer: No, this software will not create a blog for you. You need to create a blog account first (blogger or wordpress). It will not automatically generate content for your blog either.

5) Will this system increase traffic to your blog?

Answer: No, but it may indirectly through fresh and quality contents that you post frequently in your blogs managed by this software system.

6)How and where do you get the contents to post in the blogs manage by this software?

Answer: You can import contents from sources such as PLR articles (Private Label Rights), Amazon review products, ClickBank product sales and landing page contents and last but not least, contents from syndicated ezine and article directories.

7) In what way does this product benefit you?

Answer: The value proposition of this product as advertised is kind of misleading. The software is not the ultimate autoblog tool because it does not auto create a blog from scratch nor does it auto generate content for posting. Rather, the value of this product lies in what I called centralize management and content aggregation for blog postings.

8)What else is included in this software package

Answer: The additional bonus package bundled with this software, in particular the training package on how to generate traffic to your website by itself is worth at least 10 times more than the software itself. The bonus included in this product ensures you get the best value for money.

9) What is the biggest ROI from this product?

Answer: Ability to manage dozens if not hundred of free blogger (blogspot) and wordpress (wordpress.com) blogs; each blog capable of generating at least and very achievable US#1/- per day. It would be extremely time consuming for you to manage tens much less hundreds of blogs. Autoblog Samurai makes it so much easier for you to aggregate, modify and schedule contents for posting.


This software expedites blog management and cut down amount of time and efforts to prepare content for posting. Furthermore, the bonus tips on traffic generation (traffic boot camp) will guarantee you make money from blogging. Even though it is not a true autoblogging software by definition, nevertheless, it is still rated one of the best must have blogging tools within your Internet Marketing arsenals.

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How To Blog For Massive Profits

Posted on : 22-06-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Thousands of blogs are created daily. People often blog for various reasons. Some people communicate their thoughts, hobbies and even daily activities via blogs. Celebrities and even politicians make use of blogs to reach out to the fans and the public. It is not surprising that political parties made us of blogs to spread their manifesto and election campaign messages to the mass.

One of the most effective ways to increase traffic to your online business is via blogging. Traffic is the lifeline of all Internet marketing and online business. Diverting quality traffic that converts to leads and sales to your online store is critical to the survival of your Internet business. A blog that attracts very limited or worst still zero visitor is a dead blog so to speak, serves no purpose other than a waste of the blogger time.

Search engines crawls a blog more frequently as compare to a static web page simply because an active blog usually has more fresh postings, is more interactive and dynamic in the sense that the reader can respond and comment to the blog postings.

Furthermore a blog that is fresh and frequently updated with good quality postings can easily attract visitors, many of whom might subscribe to your RSS feeds or to be added into your list so as to receive your newsletter.

Some of you may have heard of the saying that ‘the money is in the list’. What it means is that you need to build up a list of customers that trust you and is willing to buy from you over and over again.

The bigger question that is in the mind of most aspiring Internet marketer is if it is possible to earn a full time income from blogging? Well the answer is simply an absolute yes. Blogger like Alvin Phang of Atomic Blogging and John Chow of JohnChow.com has been earning 4 to 5 figure sum monthly. How on earth did they do it?

For the first time ever, John Chow has decided to spill the beans and bares it all by letting you into the insider secrets to ultimate profit blogging, all completely for free! In a nutshell, the secret lies in using your blog to build up a huge list of prospects and thereafter offering backend products or services to generate huge income!

Seems hard to believe right? Well, simply go ahead to download the ultimate blogging profit tips right here. You will be glad you did and don’t just read, take action to implement it at the soonest opportunity.

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How To Backup Your Blogger Content

Posted on : 13-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Data loss can happen due to various reasons such as computer hard disk failure, virus attack, data corruption due to power surge, disruption and etc. Backing up your blogs regularly will save you tons of trouble from having to frantically recover bits and pieces of your critical data and restoring it during data recovery process.

One of the biggest mistakes that I ever made with regards to using Blogger is that I did not bother to back up the blog content. Sometime it is easy to overlook the importance of backing up your blog postings until it is too late for you to do so.

If you make use of Blogger platform to monetize your blog, then it is important that you backup your blog content regularly as there is no telling as to when Goggle may just slap a ban and take down your blog.

Fortunately there is an option provided by Blogger for you to export your blog easily. Just log into your Blogger account and select the blog you want to backup. There are three options namely ‘Export blog’, ‘Import blog’ and ‘ Delete blog’.

Backup blogger content and posting

Click on the ‘Export blog’ follow by the ‘DOWNLOAD BLOG’ option. You will be prompted to download an XML file. The XML file contains the entire blog contents.
Save the XML file in a proper location and you are pretty much done with the backup.

You can view the XML file with a web browser or you can create a new blog and import the XML file to restore your blog content. Unlike self-hosted Word press, there is no need for you to backup your database because the XML file exported contains the blueprint of the entire blog content.

You should also backup your blog theme if you wish to restore the blog to its exact layout and setting. Log in to your blog account, select the blog you wish to move, click the ‘Layout’ tab follow by the ‘Edit HTML’. Click the link ‘Download Full Template’ and save the theme XML file to a proper location.

download blogger theme template

You can easily restore the blog theme by clicking on the ‘Upload’ button after you have selected the template file from your back up location. That is all you need to do to backup your Blogger content and theme. It will take just couple of minutes to do such backup.

There is another method that you can use to backup your Blogger postings. It involves importing Blogger blog content to your WordPress blog. This is the preferable method if you wish to import your entire Blogger postings to your self hosted WordPress.

Log into your WordPress account and under the ‘manage’ option, navigate and click the ‘Import’ option. Look for ‘Blogger’ and click on it. You need to enter the Blogger log in name and password to authorize WordPress access to the Blogger account.

WordPress will import information pertaining to your Blogger account and display the list of blogs with corresponding posts and comments. Click on ‘import’ to initiate the retrieval of posts and comments from Blogger to your WordPress.

In summary, it is extremely easy, convenient and fast to keep a backup copy of your blogger blog postings and the template for the theme. You should backup your blogs frequently.

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Building A Website Or A Blog – Using Free Hosting

Posted on : 06-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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At first glance, it seems pretty easy to jump start any online business. Cash tight and no money to invest in online business? No problem, you don’t need much capital anyway (with the exception of the computer and Internet online access).

Don’t know how to design a website? No problem either, there are many software Internet Marketing tools that offload the technical aspect of web site design and implementation for you. You can sign up and make use of some of the automated software tools, mostly completely free of charge.

One of the best free web site building tools is BlinkWeb . Just sign up for an account and you are good to go. It is a very user friendly system and you could easily get a good website created up and running in minutes.

There are many other online free website building tools apart from BlinkWeb. The important thing to take note is that you need to find one which do not contain advertisements and banners on the website you created using free account or free membership. Sign up for one which provide options for you to seamlessly upgrade all your websites created using free account into paid services and accounts should the need arise.

If you are new to blogging and interested to give it a try, one of the best blogging platform to use is WordPress. Another blogging platform that you may wish to consider is Google sponsored blogger hosted platform.

If you are a newbie and beginner to online business, you may be curious as for a start which blogging platform should you use namely WordPress or Blogger. The various blogging platforms has its own advantages and merits and which platform you should go for depends pretty much on your blogging objective.

In my personal opinion and experience, Blogger would be a better choice in terms of flexibility to quickly setup and to incorporate Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates into the blog. Google Adsense and Amazon affiliate marketing are two online marketing business models which you can quickly implement to earn some money.

Blogger platform comes ready with Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliate widgets installation support. You just need to follow the instructions and steps along the way to apply for Google Adsense or Amazon Affiliate account. Once the accounts are approved, you can proceed quickly to install the widget , usually with just a few mouse clicks.

You may also wish to consider other free blogging platforms such as B2Evolution, typepad and last but not least movabletype to name a few.

If you intend to monetize your blogs on a long term basis, it is strongly recommended that apart from hosted free blog platforms such as Blogger or WordPress.org you should apply for a domain URL and subscribe to a paid web hosting service company such as HostSo to host your websites and blogs.

Please refer to my previous posting on why you should not focus all your entire efforts on hosted free blogging platform services such as Google sponsored blogger platform. There are many limitations to using free hosted website or free hosted blog platform services.

Some of these limitations and restrictive terms renders free hosting services completely unsuitable for normal operation of online business. For instance, limitation in terms of disk space, databases, email addresses, FTP accounts and other host of services which is critical to the success of online business.

Free hosted blog platform such as Google blogger can be use as early staging for your online business campaigns. One of the better free hosting services that you could sign up with is freehost.

This free hosting service provides you with ample disk space of 1500MB, SQL databases, web mail, auto installer scripts and many more. You could use this hosting service to learn more about WordPress installation, themes, widgets, plug-ins and etc.

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Should You Ignore Blogger Service?

Posted on : 29-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Does it implies we should not use Google blogger for any Internet Marketing purpose? The fact of the matter is that we can and should still use blogger free service to promote products or services. Creating a new blog with blogger is really easy and fast.

There is no hassle and no technical things to worry such as setting up database and etc when you go with blogger account . Since blogger has complete control over your blog it is also not surprising that all installation is fully automated.

My recommendation is that you create a blogger blog account for one specific product or service only and make use of that particular blog as a landing page for your Internet marketing campaign. Do not try to promote multiple products or services within a single blog. Google may deem such blog content as a SPAM.

Do not include links to black listed sites or questionable urls which Google may deem as SPAM. Do not include links in your blog to link farms and other sites which do not have any quality contents. Google will not penalize your blog if some other black listed sites links back to yours.

After all, Google understands that you have no control over other sites and urls which links to your blog but you certainly have complete control on which sites or urls your blog links to.

Try to provide a blog name that relates to your product or service. For instance, if you are doing affiliate marketing for say the software Mass Article Control then you could try to name the blog as

If that name has been taken, you could try to add an index or prefix to it such as http://mass_article_control1.blogspot.com. Try to change the name of the blog around the keywords which is related to the product or service.

Last but not least, always back up the content of the blog as you never know as to when Google may just slap a ban on it and take it down. Google does not provide advance warning whatsoever so its better for you to be on the safe side by doing regular backup of your blog postings. Backup the contents of your blog each time you make a new post!.

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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Posted on : 25-12-2009 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

Why You Should Never Count On Google Blogger

I have been a regular blogger way back as far as 2006.  The blogging platform that I use is Google’s blogger free service (www.blogger.com). Google blogger service is free and and easy to set up, configure and up running within minutes.

One major shortcoming or rather major differences between  Google blogger blog and WordPress is you can’t create category with blogger.  You can however make use of the label feature in blogger which more or less serves the same function like WordPress category feature.

Recently one of my favorite blogger blog account namely http://stargaterich1.blogspot.com has been removed by Google for being classified as a SPAM blog.  It is a blog on Internet Marketing and I used that blog to communicate my thoughts on IM from a newbie perspectives.

Some of my thoughts on Google shutdown of my blog can found at the following:

No warning was given whatsoever. The blog was removed unexpectedly. I wrote to request Google to review the site and was again informed it is considered a SPAM blog.  The sad thing or rather the frustration is that I can’t retrieved the blog contents.

All my past years efforts has gone down the drain simply because big brother Google deemed it  a SPAM even though I hardly earn a single cent from that blog despite blogging on it for over 4 years! What I value most is some of the contents which I think helpful for Internet Marketing newbies.

I am not a serious blogger at the moment  but it seems it is now high time for me to put more thoughts into how to generate returns from my blogs.  I have gain a lot throughout the years of blogging with blogger though . For instance, through blogger blogs, I have come to understand how Google Adsense , Chitika,  Amazon Affiliate,  Clickbank Affiliate and many other affiliate program works.

As a matter of fact, my application to join many of the affiliate programs  through blogger blogs were accepted with the exception of eBay partnernetwork. I can never understand as to why my application to register as affiliate for eBay partnernetwork were rejected but I guess this is story for another day though.

In summary, you should always use paid web hosted service to power your blog. The most important aspect of it  is that you are in total control of your blog and big brother Google has no way to shut it down as and when they like. I guess its time for me to move my focus from blogger blogs to paid web hosted WordPress powered blogging.

Furthermore, you also have more freedom in terms of monetizing your own web hosted blog according to your niche market, unlike blogger account which has many regulations and a single violation will result in your blog being either suspended or remove totally.

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