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Make Sense Out of Blogging

Posted on : 05-11-2016 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing



It’s been almost two years since I last updated anything on this blog. I can’t believe I actually some sort of left it become a dead blog. Well, I’ve to admit somewhat or rather somehow down the line, I was sidetracked into other things in life. By no means it implies I have given up on Internet Marketing. On the contrary, I am more than inclined to believe that moving ahead into 2017, it becomes more imperative and makes even more sense for people seeking income security to consider Internet Marketing or any online business as viable alternatives.

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Three Powerful TipsTo Find Unlimited Blog Post Ideas

Posted on : 26-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are created and put online every second.  Likewise, many of them  are abandoned or completely forgotten by the blog owners.  This is not surprising considered the fact that it cost almost nothing to start a blog but the challenge lies in sustaining it with regular quality interesting posts.

It takes discipline, commitment and passion to sustain and provide consistent regular fresh quality contents.

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24 Hours Salesman – Marketing Blog

Posted on : 13-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Can anyone earn a comfortable living through blogging? Is it possible to establish a 24 hour salesman with almost zero operating cost? The answer is certainly a ‘yes’. It is established facts that there are many people who struggle with blogging; over 90% of bloggers hardly earn a single dime but on the other hand when done correctly not only can it enable anyone to earn a profitable income moreover one can build a sustaining profitable business for online as well as offline products and services.

Still doubtful if you can make any money from a blog? Well, do check out this interesting local news of a Singapore diva who makes well over 45K a month through her blogshop. The interesting thing about this lady is that she leverage on the power of blog to promote physical products. Now imagine the opportunity to promote digital information product such as audio, video, software, ebook and etc.

You may wonder what secrets these successful bloggers has that makes them so successful. Well, truth to be told, there are no secrets at all. People buy from whom they trust. Your website or blog must therefore contain and provide information of value to the customer. Be passionate about what you write in your blog.

You must not focus your entire goals solely just on making money online even though it is important. Instead, put your efforts and desire foremost to help others succeed in terms of providing and sharing good information. Zig Ziglar the famous motivational speaker says that you help yourself by helping others first. Good words spreads fast through the Internet, bad reputation and feedback spreads even faster!.

Providing good content is a must but not the only criteria in order to become successful with blogging. Besides good content, you also need to work on promoting and marketing your blog. Getting targeted traffic to your blog is equally important and in that sense, you have to implement the right strategies to attract customers.

What is targeted traffic? Essentially it refers to visitors who are interested in the product or service that you offer or promote in your website. In other words, targeted traffic are visitors that comes to your website not by chance but usually through search engines for the relevant keywords associated with your product or service that you promote.

Targeted traffic is also known as qualified traffic; visitors who knows what they are looking for and who are more responsive and likely to purchase the products that you promote and recommend in your website.

Identify a product or service that is in demand, promote it by driving targeted traffic to your web portal and build a strong relationship with your customer base so that you can continue to sell products to them. Marketing is essential and critical to the success of any business; a marketing blog allows you to do just that, it is a 24 hours salesman and spokesman for your product and service!.

The choice is yours, continue to live the rat race amidst the fear of losing your JOB in today’s global uncertain economic and financial market situation OR to take control of your destiny in building an online business empire.

As the saying goes, he who knows why will have no problem to make a living through online business but he who knows how will have the ability to establish a sustain profitable online business.

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Improve Your Blog Traffic With RSS Feed Directories

Posted on : 01-07-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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RSS, which stands for ‘Really Simple Syndication’ is a communication means by which many web sites used to keep their readers updated on the availability of new information published and posted on their sites. A feed is a communication channel as well as the medium where information is formatted according to specific format (for e.g. RSS format or Atom ). One of the best ways to promote your website is by submitting your site feed to major online portal such as Yahoo RSS Feed.

A reader can subscribe to a site feed using what is called the RSS reader. There are many different RSS readers which you can use to access a site feed. For instance, try to subscribe to this website feed; you will notice on the upper right hand corner of the feed there is a ‘Subscribe Now’ section that display a number of feed readers which you can use to subscribe to my feed.

Here is a list of RSS feed directories which you can use to promote your site RSS feed: Most of the feed directories are free to use so you have nothing to loose. It may seems rather cumbersome to go through each and submit your feed manually so you may wish to consider investing in a good software utility that automates feed submission.

Feedagg.com,Rssmotron.com, Rss-network.comFeedlisting.com, Feednuts.com, Icerocket.com, Plazoo.com,Rss001.com, Rssmicro.com,Feedzie.com, Codango.com,5z5.com, Jordomedia.com,Leighrss.com.One of the main advantage of using RSS feed over conventional email marketing technique is that with RSS feeds you don’t have to worry about email filtering by the SPAM engine.

The chances of your message (which includes subtle sales pitch) getting across to the readers and subscribers is much higher compare to those involving standard email marketing delivery system.

Another main advantage with using a feed is that most blogging platform such as WordPress and Blogger blogspot comes with RSS or Atom feed system. You don’t need to know the details of how the feed is generated. Just simply blog as usual and the feed is automatically generated.

Here is a good article post on how to get the URL to your blogger blog.   Adding your blog feed URL to as many RSS feed directories do not guarantee blog page ranking and traffic improvement by leaps and bounds  however it will in some way enable more people to get to know your blog and thus this will help to drive traffic to your site. Last but not least, do remember to ping your blog when you have new fresh content using Google blog ping service.

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Simple Tips To Promote Your Blog Using Social Media Platform

Posted on : 26-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing, Tools

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There are many ways to publicize and promote your blog. One simple and free method to do so is by using a free service from a special site. Basically this site offer free service that allows you to automatically post any new blog entries from your blog to social media and networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Twitter, Tumblr and etc. It also offer free UL shortening service.

It may not mean much to some people I guess for there are many other sites that provide similar service but this is a good start for those who want to drive more traffic to their blogs/websites though. It is a smart strategy to leverage on the power of social media to generate more backlinks or incoming to your website. Do check out other social bookmarking sites such as socialmatic and onlywire.

More and more business organizations are using social media platform to reach out to new as well as existing customers and consumers. The main advantage and benefit associated with using social media platform to drive traffic to your business website or blog is that most smart phone applications are social media ready. Mobile marketing involving social media platform is here to stay so the sooner you promote your online business via social media platform and social networking sites the more opportunity you have to build targeted traffic and thus generate more sales.

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Should You Consider Autoblogging?

Posted on : 24-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am not an enthusiasts and certainly not an advocate of autoblogging but I do think automated blogging strategy has its place in the Internet marketing world.  Do check out my thoughts on autoblogging and related topics  on autoblogging with blogger as well as my review of Autoblog Samurai.

You don’t have to risk your websites being penalize by Google for implementing autoblogging because so long as you don’t spam and give what Google wants you should be fine . The simplest method to avoid Google slap is by including the link to the source of the article that you extract and publish on your website.  Do make sure you do not have any duplicate contents in any of your web pages.

To be on the safe side, do not pin all your online income solely on autoblogs.  One caveat regarding blogger blogs. If you are using Google account to create autoblogs, try to limit the number of  autoblogs created on the same PC to five or less.

There are observations and feedback from  autoblogging community that Google alert is raised on multiple blogs created using one account or using the same computer IP  address. It may or may not be true but why take the risk?  Try to create multiple blogger blogs using different PC.

In summary you have got nothing much to lose by automating some of your niche blog content posting. Do so judiciously and with moderate amount of extract contents intermix with unique contents.  Always remember to include the link to the original source of the article that you publish in your autoblog.

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How To Increase Traffic To Your Blog – Blog Commenting

Posted on : 20-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Traffic is the lifeline of all Internet marketing and online business. There are many ways to increase traffic to your blog. A blog is set up every second and there are well over 9 billion blogs in the Internet. If you want to make money through blogging, you need to promote your blog aggressively and work towards getting as many websites and blogs to link back to yours. You can drive massive traffic to your blog via a simple technique called blog commenting.

The more incoming links your blog has from high page ranking blogs and websites the more popular it is going to be. Back links from authoritative blogs and websites will improve your search engine ranking position and ensure it is displayed in the 1st page of the search engine result page.

How do you go about getting backlinks? The answer is surprising easy and you can start to do that even if you are a new blogger. Firstly you need to determine the best keywords pertaining to your article posting.

Even though content is king so to speak, you need to know that the search spider or crawler are nothing more than software bots. You have to write for both human readership as well as for the search bots. Search bots simply do not understand the content and the actual meaning of your blog post. Rather it scans the content for keywords.

Thus a good quality posting will draw repeated readers and new visitors to your blog while keywords helps the search bots to figure out and categorize what sort of search phrase is associated with your blog posts.

1)Use Google keyword tool external to gather keywords pertaining to your blog articles. Type in the search phrase ‘Goggle keyword external tool’ to get the link to the keyword tool. It is a free online keyword search service and it is a very useful and handy tool to gather keyword phrases quickly.
2)Find blogs with those keywords. You can use Comment Kahuna, a free blogging tool. You can also go to blogsearch.google.com to search for blogs containing the keywords and phrases.
3)Post some comment to those blogs that includes the keyword .
4)Include your blog link in the post

So there you have it as far blog commenting is concern. Do the above 4 steps for all the blogs and I am sure your site’s incoming links or back links will increase very quickly.

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How To Monetize Your Blog – Even If You Hate Selling

Posted on : 01-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are thinking of making money with your blog then you may wonder how best to go about it. Lot of people don’t feel comfortable to ask for sales in their blog but that is exactly what you should do if you wish to monetize your blog. It is easy to sell product through your blog if you know how to do it. You don’t need to do hard selling because such technique won’t work with Internet marketing and any online business.

Can you sell a product online if you hate selling or you don’t think you are cut out to be sales person? The answer is of course you can!. Have it ever occur to you that we do selling all the time? Say for instance, you watched a movie and you like it. Someone you know talks about going for a show and you tell them the movie that you watched recently, how interesting the plot and so and so. That’s is in fact selling!.

Selling becomes hard, really hard if you attempt to sell someone a product that he or she has no need for at the present moment. For instance, what are the chances of selling a hair comb to a guy who is completely bald? The days of shouting and screaming at the top of your voice to try get customers to buy your product is over. What you should be doing is to get qualified customers or targeted prospects to approach you and your task is to promote a product or service that will help customer address their wants or needs.

Don’t go around chasing after customers. Let the customer come to you!. It sounds weird but this is what set the successful online business entrepreneurs and Internet marketers from the majority of those who struggle to keep their business afloat. It is much easier for you to promote a product to someone who don’t need anymore convincing words and who is in the buying mood.

You don’t need to do a lot of selling if your customer already qualified themselves in the sense that they need such a product to address their wants or needs. Your job as a Internet Marketer is try to match the best product or service that will meet the customer requirements. Sometime a customer may not even know for sure what they want specifically so you have to help them by explaining the values and benefits of your product.

Half the battle is won if you are able to get qualified customers to visit your blog or website. Thus the key factor is not so much about selling but rather how to promote your website or blog so that the right customer can find you. This is where search engine optimization is so important. You need to get your website to be rank as high as possible by the search engines. Of course you can also consider using paid traffic such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your website rank highly as fast as possible.

In summary, making money from blogging is not hard even if you hate selling. Qualified customers will buy from you if you can promote your product or service in such a way that they can see the benefits and values that directly address their problems. You should post regularly and over time your blog will earn credibility and the customer will consider you an expert in your niche.

You don’t need to do any hard selling once you have establish an authoritative blog in your niche market. You can monetize your blog without doing any hard selling. Of course, you should try to master the art of persuasive soft selling as well as being able to write effective sales copy letter. You will be able to achieve good comfortable income through monetization of your blog if you have a good authoritative blog and persuasive sales copy.

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Increase Blog Traffic With Yahoo RSS Feed

Posted on : 21-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Some people make use of business blog to promote their main website. This is a very effective strategy because search engines loves quality blogs. (By quality I mean a blog that is frequently updated with relevant fresh good contents.) The blog contain link to the main website and viewers or readers is more likely to follow the link to reach the main static HTML website.

Unfortunately many Internet marketers and online business fail to promote their blog. You have to promote your blog first so as to drive traffic to the link containing your main webs site. Here is a simple technique to increase traffic to your blog using RSS feed. Did you know that Yahoo allows you to subscribe to your very OWN blog RSS feed? You may wonder what’s the big deal with that and how would that help to increase traffic or visitor to your blog or website.

Think about it for a minute. Yahoo is still one of the world most visited website. By adding your blog RSS feed into Yahoo, what essentially happens is that you can get Yahoo’s search spiders to index your website!. Thus Yahoo search will list the presence of your blog and this can potentially translate to more visitors to your site.

The process of adding your blog RSS feed to Yahoo is as simple as ABC. All you need is to for a start is open an account with Yahoo if you have not done so. It is free to apply for Yahoo account. Just go to www.yahoo.com and click the sign up icon as indicated below.

Yahoo Account Sign Up

Yahoo Account Sign Up

Fill up the sign in Yahoo account form with necessary details and that’s pretty much to it as far as application for Yahoo account is concern. When you received your Yahoo account (which include the Yahoo email account )  go back to Yahoo page.  Click  on the sign in icon located on the upper right side of the page to log into your Yahoo email account.

When you have successfully login into your Yahoo account, navigate to the My Yahoo icon and click on it.  The icon is located on the far upper left hand corner of the main Yahoo page.   Once you click on it, it will bring up the your ‘My Yahoo’ page.

MyYahoo Account

MyYahoo Account

The ‘MyYahoo’ allows you to pesonalize your account including the adding of contents such as RSS feeds.  Click on the green ‘ +content’ icon located on the upper left hand corner of the ‘MyYahoo’ page.  This will bring up various add options.  Locate the ‘Add RSS Feed’ link and click on it to add RSS Feed.

Add RSS Feed To MyYahoo Once you click on the ‘Add RSS Feed’ link it will open up a new dialog box for you to add new RSS Feed.  Input the RSS Feed of your blog and click the ‘Add’ button. That’s all to it. You can add multiple RSS Feeds if you want to.  The whole process to add your RSS Feed into Yahoo takes less than  20 minutes (if you already have an existing Yahoo account then the whole process would be less than 10minutes!)
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How To Jump Start Your Internet Income With Business Blogging

Posted on : 02-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are created each day. Most people use this online communication platform to share their thoughts, views, hobbies, diary and information with friends, loved ones and colleague.

Blogging is one of the best online business strategies to sky rocket your Internet income. Big corporations are using it to communicate and gather feedback from customers so as to improve their products or services. It is an effective two way communication channel which allows you to interact with others in the most economical manner.

Promoting your new start up online business through a blog remains a highly attractive and economical means for you to reach new customers and prospects. You don’t have to engage expensive consultants or advertising agencies to promote your products or services online. You can pretty much do it yourself with zero cost.

There is no doubt that search engines love blogs. It is much easier and perhaps faster for an active frequently updated blog to get listed index by the search engine in comparison over a static HTML web page.

It is quite realistic for you to make reasonable online income by promoting both digital as well as physical products or services through this communication channel. As the saying goes, people buy things from whom they trust and as such, a business blog can be used to foster relationship with readers that may ultimately turn into committed loyal customers.

Apart from a computer and access to the Internet, you can practically start any Internet business just by maintaining a business blog. You don’t need to have degree or computer technology background to be in the Internet marketing business.

You don’t need to create your own products or services in order to start any online business. Affiliate marketing is one of best form of business that you can readily promote through blogging.

You can write reviews about products that you recommend and post it online. People who read your postings and trust you might just purchased the products you recommend through your affiliate link and you make money from it.

A lot of people have the wrong impression that you need to be a software programmer or you need to have experience in web-based marketing to make money online. This is far from the truth. There are plenty of free as well as paid software applications that automates the entire setting up and running of blogs so much so that even grandma and granddad could get it running up in no time.

There is no doubt that you can jump start your Internet income with business blogging. Making money online has never been easier with blogging. What you need to be successful is the willingness to learn, the desire to succeed, focus, efforts and more importantly take action to establish and maintain a quality value added blog and then start to see money rolling in.. It is just as simple as that.

Here’s a good website on Internet terms which I am sure quite useful for those who are not familiar with online marketing. That’s all for the day, have a great day and cheers!

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