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Internet Marketing Mentor Versus Coach – Which One Should You Choose

Posted on : 31-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the confusion that many Internet marketing novice and aspire to be online business entrepreneurs has is with regards to mentor and coach. Is a mentor the same as a coach? Should you hire a coach or get a mentor to improve your online business success?

Both an Internet marketing coach and a mentor has similar objective in terms helping you to succeed with your online business. Beyond that the implementation and approach used between these two varies and it is important for you to know the difference so that you can make an informed decision of whether to hire a coach or a mentor.

1) A coach usually follow an underpin well-defined plan with specific goal to improve your skills and enhance your performance in areas of expertise that you are being train.

2) Coaching session is usually conducted in a one to many people where one coach provides teaching to a large group of students and participants. In some way you a coach’s job is no different from a teacher who has several or more students to guide and teach.

3) Hiring a coach is usually more suitable for those who already has background and experience in the area or field which they wish to further excel and improve in terms of performance.

4)Getting a good coach is important and effective for those who wish to bring their performance to the next level. A coach is not only meant for beginners, it is also equally important for experienced people as well. For instance, the world number one ranking badminton men single player Lin Dan has a few coaches that guides and trains him so as to enable him to maintain his level of fitness and improve his performance.

5) A coach has specific agenda to accomplish within well defined time line. For instance, a coach may be required to complete a training within specific date. As such it is not surprising that some students will fall behind and have difficulty to catch up.

6) Coaching can be done in many ways, for instance, face to face, telephone or online coaching.

1) Encompass customization and personalization of training, guidance and achieving goals based on individual preferences, talent and skill set.

2)It is all about supporting individual growth. A good mentor seek to establish close relationship with the student.

3) Mentor share knowledge and experiences with those they mentored.It is a two way relationship based on on mutual trust ,respect and sharing of knowledge. A mentor goal is on building confidence and trust in those they guide.

Should you engage a coach or a mentor to fast track your online business success? Well, it depends on a variety of factors such as your current level of experience, expertise level, the amount of money, effort and time that you can afford and willing to commit to undergo the necessary training, personal aspirations and etc. Ideally if you can afford it why not sign up for both coaching and mentoring lessons.

If you are a novice Internet Marketer then my personal opinion is that a mentor would be a better choice. Finding a good mentor to jump start your online business does not guarantee that you will succeed because ultimately a lot depends on you and not the mentor whose job is only to provide training, guidance, encouragement and the rest is up to individual commitment to succeed.

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