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Content Creation – Article Writing

Posted on : 07-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Free Downloads & Resources, Internet_Marketing

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A business website without good quality content is not likely to make any profit. Just imagine a shopping mall with very few variety or no goods at all. Would you buy anything from such a store?

After all, most people are attracted to websites with relevant updated information. Content is king so to speak. If you want to increase traffic to your site or gather more leads (list building to establish more customers that you can touch base with) you have to offer good content. Search engines are attracted to sites with good original (non duplicate) content.

There are many ways to create content for your website. You can outsource content creation such as article writing to third parties (for e.g. elance.com and etc.) Outsourcing content creation for your business website is a smart move as it allows you to focus on other more important aspect of the business.

However, outsourcing article writing is a wise investment move only provided money is not a problem. However for those who are new on Internet marketing and working on shoe string budget, content creation often involves long tedious hours of research, fact finding and then the efforts to put together all those pieces of information you have gathered into easy to read publish content.

The Challenge With Article Writing
Article writing puts off many people because they are not good at it or due to language barrier and etc. There is no doubt that you need to have a good command of the language in order write fluently and convincingly. That does not mean you have to be a language expert or a professional writer to produce article for your post.

Article marketing (as well as article writing for that matter) is not the same as writing an essay for your school’s English composition. Forget about what you have been taught on how to write a good composition. Article writing is more about communicating your thoughts and ideas in a free flow manner to a friend in the 1st person perspective.

Write with passion and take time to reflect on words and phrases used. Ideally you want to use words and phrases that descriptive, short and straight to the point. Do not worry about keywords at this point of time. Use simple grammar and focus on at most 2 or less key points that you wish the reader to ponder upon.

Research Phase:
There is always the research phase that you ought to spend some time to research and gather information pertaining to the topic of your article. DO not skip this step. Make use of Google search engine to locate websites, forums, article directories and blogs with relevant topics. Determine what questions, issues and area of interest that people are discussing in the Internet.

Use the facts and data you gathered as the baseline for you to jump-start your article writing process. The hardest part of any article writing process is not the writing itself but rather the time taken to organize your thoughts on how to consolidate the ideas and key-points you have identified during the research process

Try To Produce Original Article – Avoid Article Rewriting Or Spinning If Possible
Remember that writing an article for the sake of publishing the article defeats the whole purpose of article marketing. You want to produce an article that draws the attention of the reader, article that triggers the emotion hot button of the reader making them to thirst for more information through your website.

This brings me to another point on why I think you should never rely on PLR articles because many of these PLR products are of either low quality or that there are just simply too many duplicate of it out there in the Internet. I am not the type who advocate the spinning of article or rewriting of articles based on original seed article created by others and not your own.

Article Writing Tools
There are tools that facilitate and speed up content creation ideas, in particular with regards to article writing. One such free software tool that I have used to satisfaction is Article Assistant. It originally sells for close to a hundred dollars and it was kind of generous for some of the Internet marketers to offer it completely free of charge to their members and readers. You can download a free copy of the Article Assistant here.

Article Assistant is a not a software to create, spin or rewrite article, rather it is a tool that helps you to locate articles from various sources such as Ezine and articles directories, blogs and web sites based on the keywords of your choice. You can bookmark articles of interest, download or open the links. Use it to jump start topic and information research.

There is no short cut to acquire good writing skills. The more frequent you write the more experience and fluent you will be in creating good quality article for your posts.  Remember that it is not about you, it is about what the reader feels and thus your main focus is to write something that connects to the reader.

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