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How To Dominate Your Competition Using New Gmail

Posted on : 17-08-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I won’t be surprised if  all your emails to Gmail users landed straight in the ‘promotion’ or ‘spam’ folders. There is no doubt that the new Gmail tab system affects mail open rates and disrupt online sales eventually.

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How To Take Back Control Of Your Gmail Inbox

Posted on : 26-07-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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In the previous post I mentioned how Google recently changed Gmail Inbox layout and filter messages to different folders or categories and the impact on your email marketing campaigns.

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New Gmail – The Begining Of The End Of Email Marketing Era ?

Posted on : 21-07-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Gmail new inbox format

Email Marketing Effectiveness Diluted

Google does it again. Well, besides getting rid of the wonderful RSS service, now it seems they have turned their attention on Gmail.  You will noticed that the layout of  Gmail  is quite different nowadays.  Mails are now organized and segregated into three different categories  namely 1) Primary, 2) Social and 3)Promotion.

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Swapping Email List – Is It A Good Idea?

Posted on : 05-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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This post is about email swapping,  a very popular method that many Internet marketer used to grow their their online business.  It is every online business owner dream to have a huge subscriber list which they could sell products and services repeatedly and wherever they want.  There are some impacts and potential peak falls in regards to swapping of email list that you need to be aware of.

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Should You Ditch Email Marketing For Social Media Marketing?

Posted on : 24-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube boast millions of users and the numbers are increasing by the days. It is truly amazing that most of these social web 2.0 services are barely less than 10 years old and todate has become the favorite means of communication media for a lot of people , both on a personal as well as on a business level. Social media marketing has huge potential and influence on the trend and direction of future online marketing strategies.

It is so easy to network and keep in touch with both new and existing customers via Facebook and Twitter for instance. We have entered a new era in marketing whereby it is all about two way relationship, between the seller and the buyer, between the vendor and the customer. You can establish your presence online business very quickly and update your customers on new product launches, reviews, and etc.

Facebook is in the process of integrating more applications such as blog and email features. Some people think that the days of traditional email marketing are over. Is that truly the case? Should you ditch the good old style of reaching out to your prospects and customers for something that is more in line with current trend such as Twitter or Facebook?

Do think twice before you make up your mind to discard and forgo all your email marketing campaigns. You need to remember that majority of the people use social networking sites to chat and communicate with friends, peers and loved ones. In other words, over 90% of people use Facebook to socialize and not to seek business opportunities nor to look for solutions to problems.

Even though more and more advertising budgets are being invested for social media marketing, research indicates that sales pitch via SMM (social media marketing) is still not as effective compare to the email marketing. Why is that so?

There is one undeniable fact that email marketing is effective because when done in right way, it gets undivided attention from the recipient. It is effective because there is no distraction as compare to that of SMM. Our focus of attention is short lived.

Facebook is primarily a social network site and there are so many widgets and other cool stuffs that easily distract the reader from taking the required call of action. Unlike SMM, an email is more personal in nature and a one to one correspondence between you and the recipient.

This is one of the reason why online forum is still very popular because people may wish to remain anonymous when asking sensitive questions which they deem embarrassing. Facebook lacks the privacy structure as friends that is in your list may get to wind up knowing the questions you asks and who you correspond with.

By no means am I implying that Social Media Marketing is less important or less effective compare to email marketing. Each has it own merits. You should combine and leverage on the key benefits of both techniques to improve your online sales. Just ensure you don’t make the big mistake of discarding your existing email marketing plans.

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A Key Mistake To Avoid In Email Marketing – Long Email

Posted on : 16-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing



A lot of people assume that a long promotional email with lots of information is more effective compare to those with short message content. Is that always the case? On the contrary, you should resist the temptation to write long emails because research and studies indicates it works against you. Long message content is one of the key mistakes that many new online business owners and Internet marketers make.

We live in a fast paced instant gratification world. We want solution to problems, wants and needs fast. People don’t have the patience to read too much nowadays. It is not surprising for people to skim and grazed through emails rather than deeply and throughly read.

It is not surprising for people to read between the lines to so speak. You need to write an email that captivates and draw the attention of the reader in the shortest possible time, usually less than 10 seconds.

For that matter, if you can bring your entire message across at a glance, you are more likely to retain customer attention than if you make them scroll through extra long message. This is just pure common sense isn’t it?

You can double the effectiveness of a short email by focusing attention on the most important point you are making. On the other hand, a longer email is more likely to contain multiple messages in which case the customer may not know which is the most important one.

If you have multiple key points to make,it make more sense to send out multiple emails. Keep each email focused on a single message, and each message is more likely to be remembered and act upon by the recipient. Present your marketing message in plain, simple clear and easy to understand words. Do not use any technical jargons and fanciful marketing terms no matter how tempting it is to do so.

Always remember to include the benefits ahead of the features of the product or service that you are promoting. Most customers are not interested in in your product capabilities but rather how it can solves their problems or satisfy their needs. Use lots of actions words and include a strong call to action.

Just because a long message content in direct mail marketing perform well does not mean it will also do well in email copy. An email has to be a lot shorter then what you would put into a direct mail piece. You should only allocate enough space for the key message and nothing more. Email marketing does not work the same way as direct mail. Write a single page letter and keep out unnecessary words and statements that will not lead to any follow action.

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One Email Marketing Mistake That You Don’t Want To Make

Posted on : 11-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I subscribed to tons of Internet marketing newsletters almost on the average once a week. Well, it’s not that I am greedy and hard up for some of the freebies that comes along with JV Giveaways (Joint Venture) ; as a matter of fact I rather selective when it comes to subscribe to opt in emails for those campaigns that are aligned to my niche business. Well, you can imagine the amount of promotional marketing emails that I received on daily basis as a result of all that I sign up for.

It is obvious that I can’t open and read through each and every one of those emails but what I have noticed were some common mistakes a lot of Internet Marketers make, either to the subject line, sender, recipient or the message format. You should pay attention to basic requirements on how your message is written and formatted before you send it out to your list.

The subject line or title is the most important part of the email that you need to pay attention to. After all, a recipient usually make up their mind from what they perceive through the subject line, usually in the first 10 seconds if it is worth their time to read the remaining content of the email.

A boring or misleading subject line will cause your email to end up in the junk folder and that’s the end of the whole email marketing campaign. Please check out my earlier post on email marketing misleading subject line.

Another serious mistake that you need to avoid is including dozens of recipient addresses in the To:Field. This is a big no no that you must avoid at all cost. Firstly you are telling the recipients (the whole bunch of them in the email list) that they are getting the same email sent out to dozens or even hundreds of other people. It is not personalized, which makes it less relevant and less likely to be clicked or read.

Secondly and more importantly, you are exposing your customer’s email addresses to other customers. That’s a serious violation of recipient privacy. Thus always remember to configure your email responder software to list only a single recipient’s name and email address in the To: line. It may seems trivial but the consequence of making the one mistake could be disastrous if your recipient file a report and complain about violation of privacy.

Make it a point to go through your email before you clicked the send button. Once you have done that, your email goes to the mail in box of the recipients and there is no way for you to recall back what you send out earlier. You don’t need to have a PhD to address some of these common mistakes highlighted. Bear in mind the consequences of these email marketing pitfalls which awaits you.

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6 Email Marketing Mistakes That You Need To Avoid

Posted on : 09-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Email marketing is a proven effective channel for branding your business but there are many wrong techniques and pitfalls which can impact and bring harm to your campaigns.
Here are the list of mistakes that you need to avoid:

Over-hype Sales Pitch
Pushy sales copy, like “BUY NOW!!!!” or “LIMITED TIME OFFER or even over hyped claims like earning 10K in one day will devalue the quality of your email! You don’t want you email promotions to be seem as SPAM and junks by potential clients and subscribers. All it takes is one over hyped marketing email to tarnish your image as a value added honest online business owner or Internet Marketeer.

People May Forget Who You Are
People tend to forget newsletters they signed up for after awhile in particular if you have not been actively sending out regular newsletter to your subscribers or they have not buy anything from you. Always be reminded to include your business name, your contact email address, link to your business homepage and the mission statement of your business as well as a reminder statement as to since when the reader has subscribed to your email newsletter.

No Call To Action
A common mistake that will surely impact your campaign is no clear follow up action as to what you want the subscriber or email client to do at after they have finish reading the content. You need to provide a clear call to action by including a link to appropriate web page.

Ineffective Follow Up Link
It is important to take note that another pitfall that many people get into is providing a link to their main business web site home page instead of a landing page that is relevant to the email marketing campaign which they are promoting.
You don’t want your email clients to become confuse and expect them to have the patience to navigate to the landing page pertaining to the product that you are promoting via your email campaign.

Writing subject lines in All CAPS
Email subject lines in big capitals is not only unpleasant to the eyes moreover it will trigger the email SPAM filter. Furthermore, it is simply not appropriate to capitalize every single word as it will dilute the message you are trying to communicate with the recipients.

Excessive use of exclamation and other inappropriate characters
Avoid the urge and inclination to include unnecessary exclamation and other inappropriate characters such as smiley characters because it makes your email less professional.
Some people may argue that exclamation and emotion characters helps to make it more personal and resonate with recipients. Conversely, excessive use of such characters may cause recipients to over look the significance of the business message that you wants to communicate as people read between the lines and sees it as less business and more entertaining instead.

There are many more email marketing mistakes that you need to avoid apart from those that are highlighted as per above. Do check out the previous post on avoiding using irrelevant subject lines in email.
Email marketing is still very much a proven effective marketing strategy to reach out to new potential clients and prospects. As the saying goes, the money is in the list thus do no not waste all those efforts of yours by avoiding those mistakes described.

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Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid – Misleading Title Or Subject Line

Posted on : 07-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the most common email marketing mistake that many Internet marketers make (and don’t be surprise that even the big Gurus are doing it ) is sending marketing emails with the title or subject line ‘ Your Clickbank cheque is ready for collection’. Well, the email title or header certainly looks interesting and eye catchy but you know what? When you open and read the email you realize it contains nothing more than sales pitch in that if you buy so and so product you will surely make money from Clickbank.!

Another form of marketing email that is very annoying and inethical are those that comes along the line notably with the title such as ‘your email has been confirmed’. Well, it seems to work initially in the sense that people will open the email out of curiosity since they don’t recall opt in to such email but when they open and read the email it contains nothing but sales pitch!.

You don’t need to resort using such blatant and misleading email marketing technique in the hope that it will help to increase your marketing email open rate. No doubt email title is very important however you don’t need to go to the extend of using misleading subject line. On the contrary, such irresponsible method will more likely backfire on you. It does not pay to do so because people will remember you for sending such annoying emails and may even report you for spamming.

Email marketing mistake involving the use of misleading title or subject line can cost you a lot more than you think. After all, bad news spreads like wildfire so to speak. You can do 9 great things and just one mistake and you know what? People will tend to remember you for that one particular mistake which you make instead of the 9 good things that you have accomplished. Yes, email marketing is a very powerful, time-tested marketing strategy to increase your sales but you must not abuse it by trying to trick readers to open the email with false email titles and other inethical means.

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Email Marketing – Why It Should Be Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted on : 02-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Nowadays customer expectations are getting higher and higher. We live in an instant gratification world. We want solution to our problem fast. The Internet provide the means for people to find answers and solutions to their needs and desire in the shortest possible time.

Even though customers wants to get their hands on the product or service they need in the shortest possible time, it is important to note that they are spoil for choices given the plenty of websites offering all sort of products and services.

It rare for a customer to purchase any product from a website within their 1st visit. After all, there are so many competing websites offering similar solutions to a customer needs thus it is not surprising that it will take a lot of selling efforts on your part to convince the customer as to why they ought to purchase your product over competitors.

Research indicates that it takes at least 7th or more times for you to approach and touch base with a customer before they start to consider if they should purchase any product from you. The general and standard approach to cling a successful sale is what is define as email marketing.

In a nutshell, what you do is that you try to offer a freebie in exchange for a customer email contact. Once you obtain a prospect contact email address, you can then follow up with the him or her by sending regular follow emails on updated and quality information pertaining to the product or service.

Most Internet marketers leverage on the power of auto responder to manage their email list and email marketing campaign. By far and large email marketing is still one of the most economical and most effective ways to reach out to prospects and customers.

It is a mistake to think that email marketing is outdated or no longer effective given the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and etc. Everyone has at least one email account and unlike Facebook which is ban in certain countries such as China, email accounts are usually accessible in most countries and to both mobile network devices such as smart phones as well as computers.

One of the main advantage of email marketing software is that it allows you to personalize the email for respective customers. For instance, you can address the customer by name, schedule the communication, organize the contacts, create multiple campaigns and ensure the emails are permission based and conform to the CAN-SPAM law.

Some people argue to the fact that email marketing service is no longer as effective as it used to be given the amount of spam emails and as a result increasing trend of emails being deleted or blocked by email filtering and anti spam systems.

There are ways to improve email delivery and open rate which does not cost a cent. Email marketing software and services offer by reputable companies such as Aweber and GetResponse can increase your online business significantly without costing you bomb so to speak.

In summary, do not underestimate the power of email marketing. It is not just a form of communication channel that you need to focus on ; moreover it should part of your overall strategy marketing plan as well.

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