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Why So Many People Fail In Internet Marketing

Posted on : 22-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Over 90% of all Internet Marketing and online business fails within 2 years of start up.  This statistic is quite alarming consider the fact that hundreds  of commercial websites and business blogs were created daily. The grim statistic do not imply that you can’t make money online.

Most people set themselves up for failure before they even  disembark to work on it.  A lot of people  has the wrong perception that running an online business is as easy as getting a website build and expecting it to generate money on autopilot.

Get Rich Quick Mentality

Home based Internet business is as tough as it can get even though it can be very enriching and rewarding. A lot of aspire to be online business entrepreneurs are mislead into believing that one would only need to work 2 or 3 hours a day to earn huge online income profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not surprising considered the fact that many get rich quick scheme products or services promoted  widely. Do not fall for the get rick quick scheme.  Such scheme simply do not exists.

Lack Of Business Background
Even though you don’t require a doctorate or a degree to start an Internet business, it is important that for you to have some basic business background. Lack of business background can hamper and limit your success. You need basic understanding of budgeting and accounting. Make sure you have enough resources and capital to tie you over till your online business break even.

Wrong Mindset

Bad or wrong mindset will guarantee failure in whatever things that you do. Some people work only when they feel like doing so. Others think they can get rich quickly and they give up when they are unable to achieve unrealistic goals and expectations.

Lack Of Business Plan
One of the major factor that contributes to your online business failure is that you simply don’t have or you feel you don’t need a business plan. As the saying goes, failure to plan is to planning to fail. You should always remember that Internet business is still a business and you need to have a realistic and achievable plan for success.

I have never seen anyone who become successful in their career or business by chance without any business plan or strategy. You need to think about marketing even before you jump start on a new project. Your Internet business success is much higher is you develop a product or service which you know sells and in high demand as opposed to trying to sell a product or service after you have developed it without doing any market research.

No Boss Breathing Down Your Neck
Last but not least, don’t be too happy just because you don’t have a boss that looks over your shoulder while you are working at home. You are your own boss as far as home based online business is concern and that implies you need to exercise self discipline to make sure project milestone and time line are met.

You alone are accountable for the success or failure of your business. If you treat home based online business as a hobby then expect to achieve only mediocre results and minimal success. It is not hard to make good money online. You just have to make sure you stay focus, committed to the business, take action, work hard and work smart.

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Control Your Finances: 3 Reasons To Start An Online Business

Posted on : 09-11-2010 | By : Catalin Pahomi | In : Internet_Marketing

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In today’s economy, many people have no choice but to struggle month after month only to find that there isn’t enough money to make ends meet. They know this and often will have very little love for their job. But because a regular nine to five is all they’ve known, people will strengthen themselves and continue the cycle.

This strategy may have worked in the past but in today’s world, there are a wealth of opportunities that make themselves available to those who are looking. The world of online business is one of these opportunities and there are several good reasons to take it up.

Potential Earnings

Because lots of people are on the internet daily, there is a greater earning potential within than at most jobs. A marketing scheme and a product worth investing time into are all that some people have used on their way to increasing their income. E-commerce is not something to take lightly and if you don’t capitalize now, you are in for a world of hurt.

Greater Flexibility

Since working hours are the initial thought when it comes to flexibility that can be addressed first. Yes, working hours are flexible but that’s not the only thing that adjusts easily with online businesses. Consider the scenario where the company is implementing a bad idea into their marketing technique or making changes to the product that will end badly. With internet business, you can change what you’re doing until you’re happy with the money you’re making. Also, the fact that the internet is so adaptable is another one of the reasons why there may be more confidence in believing your business will have constant “going concern”.

Greater Control

As the person in charge of your online business, when anything involving your business takes place, you have final say. If you want to change your hours, you can. If you’re debating the benefits of hiring a few writers, it’s up to you. An online business has many of the advantages owning an offline business has, but you can bypass many of the problems these business owners encounter.

Contrary to what the media has been claiming, the problems in the current economy are only the start of more to come. By embracing the powerful potential within the internet, it is possible to secure both your current and future financial success. Online business is on the verge of becoming an extremely popular way to make money and that trend is only going to continue.

Don’t wait  to get retrench or layoff and then you start to panic. The best time to invest your time and focus on Internet Marketing or any online business is now, not tomorrow or next  year.  Time and tide waits for now man. You have to take full responsibility for your own future path. It is not the government’s job to take care of your financial situation.

No matter what sort of home based business network in which you work, you can locate help and suggestions on the Internet. As a mortgage consultant online marketing helps you to reach the targeted audience who will improve your revenue.

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Why Work At Home – Benefits Of Being An Online Business Marketer

Posted on : 05-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Retrenchment and wage reduction is becoming the norm. This is not surprising as the global economy and health of global financial institutions fluctuates amidst times of uncertainties. Pay rise if any don’t seems to catch up with inflation.

Standard of living in most places seems to increase out of proportion in relation to wage increase. On the other end there are those who are less fortunate, those who are in danger of losing their job due to company downsizing and workforce restructuring.

The digital age has introduced more stress in work life. We are expected to work on weekends (without any OT of course) and get the job done at all cost regardless. We are virtual prisoners of our own making. We are confined to a small cubicle for almost half of our life span.

Small and medium size companies are finding ways to manage their operating costs, sometimes even at the extend of micro managing every single dollar. Company year end bonus is not a requirement and usually based on the management goodwill and company performance. Your take home income is not guaranteed.

It’s becoming more apparent that the regular job that we have can no longer guarantee balanced work and social life. We may have family to care for but we are expected to perform in terms of number of hours and attention to work as if we are still single.

Against all these backdrop uncertainties, the Internet has open up a wealth of opportunities for individuals to work from home. More and more people are rediscovering the benefits of working from home.

Regardless of present and future outlook of the world economy, working from home will benefit you. You can make good money with home online business. How is that so?

Insane Low Capital Start Up Cost
You don’t need a huge amount of start-up capital. In fact, you can get started with as little as $50 or so… and start making deals on this website almost immediately…You don’t need a physical storefront. You don’t need tons of equipment. And you don’t need to hire or fire employees. It’s just you, your computer, and your Internet connection.

You Don’t Need Any Paper Qualification
You don’t need a fancy degree. Even though you can make the same kind of money as today’s highest-paid CEO, you don’t need a university degree (or even a high-school degree) to make great money as an Internet import/export entrepreneur

Extra Income
You’re in complete control of your financial destiny. Want to do online business “on the side” and make enough money to… say… pay off your monthly groceries or car payment? You can do that. Want to become a super-successful seven-figure Internet affiliate marketer “tycoon”… like Ewen Chia? You can do that, too..

You can start small by keeping your day JOB and earn side income along the way. You have flexibility to decide how much money you wish to make, how soon you want to quit your day job and how much you want to earn in the future and for the rest of your life.

Work In Your Pajamas
You don’t have to get dressed and commute to an office every weekday. If the thought of enduring 20 more years or so of the 9-to-5 grind makes your body shiver with horror… then this could be the perfect alternative. You can work from home… in your pajamas, if you wish… and set your own hours…

You Can Never Get Fired
You don’t need to worry and struggle to keep that 9 to 5pm daily JOB of when the company initiate workforce restructuring and downsize. You are the CEO of your very own online business. Nobody can fire you except yourself.

Just Over Broke
Unless you are the CEO or you belong the elite top upper management of the company, chances are most people will not become rich and achieve financial independence with regular JOB, not even working for decades in the company?. I am not saying that no one will get rich and wealthy by holding regular JOB. Chances are you might not be one of them. After all, JOB stands for ‘just over broke’.

Keep Your Dignity
You don’t have to please your boss and compromise your dignity. You don’t need to be a Mr “Yes” man all the time and you don’t have to deal with nasty peers and office politics. You don’t have to work on the things that you don’t like and worry about your ‘career’.

Make Time Work For You
The rich and poor alike has only 24 hours a day. Why is it that the rich can get more things done and earn more money compare to the average Joe? The secret lies with the power of leveraging. Unlike normal JOB, you don’t have to trade time for money.

In normal JOB, you don’t get paid if you don’t work. The beauty of Internet business is that you can make money even while you are asleep. You get the benefit of running your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days none stop without having to get involve with the gritty details of the operation.

Reach Out To The World
You can make money from anywhere in the world. The Internet has completely transformed how a small but fast-growing number of entrepreneurs live and support themselves. You can bring your online business to any part of the world.

What the heck, you can travel for holidays and still get paid through the automated online business system that you have setup. You set it up once and let it runs indefinitely completely automated. When you’re a successful Internet marketer, the world is your oyster…

In summary, reflect on all those benefits associated with home based online business. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to complain about their day to day JOB and yet still not taking actions to improve their quality work life. Success in life starts with the right mindset. If you yearn to work at home and wish to take control of your own destiny then don’t wait. Work at home and being successful with online business is not hard.

There is no real secret to achieve success in working at home. All you need is to follow a proven working system from some of the world’s most distinguish Internet Marketers who has been there and done that. Secret Affiliate Weapon II is a good start for those who are new to online business. When you sign up for SAW2 (Secret Affiliate Weapon 2), you get to learn and apply proven techniques to jump start any online business at the shortest possible time.

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