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The Ultimate Secret To Internet Marketing Success – It’s Not What You Think!

Posted on : 30-09-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Sell Dreams, Not Products - IM Success Secret

Every now and then there are plenty of new Internet Marketing products released and promoted in the Warrior market place, Clickbank, and tons affiliate marketing websites. What do most of these over-hyped marketing emails or sales copy have in common?

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3 Sure-Fire Ways To Kill Your Internet Business

Posted on : 24-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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A lot of novice web based small business owners set themselves up for failure due to some deadly marketing mistakes made unintentionally.  Okay, the statistic is improving in regards to online business success. Whereas it used to be that over 99% of all web-based business fail within the 1st two years after start up, nowadays about  5% are thriving after two years.

Quite a few home based business has gone to generate millions of dollars in profits each year.  This trend is set to continue and I guess it can be attributed to consumer awareness and confidence in doing transaction and purchase on line.

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4 Simple Steps To Jumpstart Your Internet Business

Posted on : 20-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Nobody can guarantee your online business success except yourself.   Over night get rich quick scheme simply does not exist but there are ways for you to shortcut the process of building your first online business to become profitable in matter of weeks.

Even though the statistic is very grim in the sense that over ninety five percent of web based business fail to make any profit, it is actually a big advantage for you because you can easily dominate any niche market and bring in huge income by executing four simple steps.

Step 1: Make The First Move (Take Action)
As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. Nothing gets done if you don’t take the first step. Half the battle is won when you make the first move. Many people either don’t start at all, or try to get started and give up as quickly as they take the first action because they could not achieve the dream of becoming a millionaire in a week. That’s really crazy but it’s the truth if you care to think about it.

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Five Simple Steps To Boost Your Affiliate Income

Posted on : 08-03-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.  This marketing strategy is very attractive for novice online marketers. Some people can make a lucrative full time income with it while others struggle for weeks, months and even years, quite often without making a single dime despite all the efforts they put in. In this post I will discuss five simple steps to increase your online  income.

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Is Article Marketing Dead? – Find Out The Shocking Truth

Posted on : 16-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Those who are involved with Internet marketing for any length of time would have most probably heard of article marketing.   It is a marketing strategy that involved the process of creating and distributing articles to various sites on the Internet where they will in turn be distributed to a wide range of webmasters and publishers.

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Free Article Marketing Video Training

Posted on : 04-02-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Free Downloads & Resources, Internet_Marketing

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My computer was running slower and slower the past few weeks. I reckoned that one of the possible reasons for the slow performance (it used to boot up much faster) is that too many files are fragmented so one of the ways to optimize and speed it up is by defragmenting and optimizing the hard disk.

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5 Powerful Tips To Internet Marketing Success

Posted on : 22-12-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Over ninety five percent of online business fails within the 1st five years. It is not by luck or chance for those who make it through and thrive to become multimillionaires. Your chances of success with any online business that you choose to be in depends on having the right mindset and executing the right strategy and techniques.

Here are five powerful tips that you should consider to improve your Internet Marketing success.

Manage your online activities and keep to a schedule.
One of the main challenges pertaining to running a home-based online business is that of time management. Quite often  many people admittedly including myself will spend more time surfing  sites such as YouTube and etc instead of focusing on what’s important to our online business.

For instance, sometimes it took me twice as long to write an article for posting even though I knew deep down inside I could get it done much sooner. The reason is because I get distracted easily by other sites and my mind starts to wonder into other interesting websites.

You need to exercise self discipline and adhere to strict tight deadline for each specific tasks that you are doing. In other words organize your life and online activities so that you get the most important and urgent tasks done at the soonest opportunity.  You need to stay the course and have schedules to prevent yourself from side tracking to other unimportant things.

Know your subject and understand how things works from inside out
You don’t need to be a master and expert in Internet technology to make money online. You can even start a successful e-commerce site even if you do not know how to build a website. That goes without saying because there are  software  tools available which automates pretty much everything.

A car driver may not need to know the inner working details of the engine but it is good and essential that he knows how to check the brake oil, jump start the car, change the tyre and etc. You never know when such skills will comes in handy in times of emergency.

Likewise it is important and essential for you to have basic understanding of say HTML (hyper text mark up language) and knowledge on how to upload and download a file to your site using file transfer protocol (FTP) and etc. Learn as much as you can and don’t have the wrong notion that there is absolutely no need to learn just because there are automated tools to get the job done.

Use the right tools
Use the most appropriate and suitable tools for working towards your end. That does not imply you have to use the latest tools but it helps in some way as Internet technology and marketing landscape change quickly. Some older software  tools, strategies and techniques  may become obsolete or not as effective down the road.

Don’t try to be a complete cheapo and rely on just free tools to get the job done.  As with any other real business, you need to invest some capital to build up your online business. You should reinvest some of the profits  back into your business. Invest in software tools and information that improves your productivity!

Do not reinvent the wheel.
Don’t waste your time to try to reinvent the wheel. Use the wheel instead, make it more better and  powerful. For instance, you don’t need to create a super product that is out of this world.  Find out a product or service that sells well and do further market research to know what’s lacking and customer wishlist.  Join relevant discussion groups and forums to get to know more about customers expectations of future product enhancements.

Anticipate future needs
Try to predict the future trend with regards to your niche market and develop a unique product that will stand out and make a difference to people’s life.  Do not focus on the outcome on the product in terms of dollars and cents but rather on how the product is going to improve one’s well being.





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The Best Products To Promote On ClickBank

Posted on : 22-10-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the common question that many novice affiliate marketers has in mind is what are the best ClickBank products to promote. Well, there aren’t any specific best products because it all depends on your preferences, interest, experience, niche market, the amount of time, focus, efforts as well as your expectations of how much money you wish to make money online and how soon you wish to achieve your goals.

Everyday new products are added into CB (ClickBank) market place. Some Internet marketers prefers to promote fresh new products, some prefer to focus on promoting just money making products such as Internet marketing software & tools and there are those who just simply follow the crowd and promote anything and everything that others claim as hot products!

Usually the higher the price of the product, the higher is the sales commission. That does not mean you should promote only high end products because what works for others may not work for you! If you are novice Internet marketer then it is advisable that you choose products that you are familiar with.

It is even better if you have purchase and use the product yourself. You should only promote a product that you strongly believe in, have personally use and satisfy with it. People can tell from a mile if you really know the product which you recommend through your website.

Of course it is not always possible to evaluate every product that you wish to promote. Always do a Google search of the product you are interested. Check out reviews and feedback. Even though it is not likely that every customer will like the product and give a positive review, chances are that if over 70% of the reviews are positive it is quite alright for you to promote it.

It is not difficult to find quality products from ClickBank to promote. Study the affiliate product sales page. If you are not impressed with the product sales page or landing page then chances are that the customer or prospect you recommend will likewise not going to be motivated to purchase it . Choose one that offer at least 50% sales commission. In other words, if the product cost one hundred dollars, you should get at least 50 dollars when the sale is made.

Some of the factors you need to consider in choosing an affiliate  product are 1)credibility of not just the product but also the product creator, 2) the quality, 3) the conversions and refund rate, 4) the saturation of affiliates, 5) the gravity, 6) the cost-benefit relation, 7)after sales support, 8)promotional materials such as banners, marketing emails and and last but not least the price.

The ‘gravity’ factor is one of the most important criteria that you need to take note. Generally speaking, the ‘gravity’ indicates how popular the product is; it provides a rough estimation of how many affiliates actively promoting it. Don’t bother to figure out the how the value is derived. The higher the gravity the better chances that you will be able to make money promoting it. A gravity above 10 is consider good.

Another important factor that is often overlook by many is the ‘Rebill’ total. Any product with re-billing value is good as it indicates you get paid not just once for the initial sales but also repeatedly so long as the customer continue to use and pay for the upkeep of the product or service. You can achieve passive income of some sort with this mode of payment.
Factors To Consider In Choosing A ClickBank Product To Promote
In summary there is no doubt that ClickBank is an interesting starting point to begin with if you are thinking of how to make money with affiliate programs. You shouldn’t doubt if you can make money with affiliate marketing but rather how to earn good passive income and live on multiple streams of income with affiliate marketing.

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Getting Americans Back To Work

Posted on : 13-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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I am quite impressed with US President Obama’s speech which he addressed to the US congress on the proposed Job’s Act. The Bill Act that Obama seeks Congress to approve right away pertains to tax cuts and money estimated amounting up to US$447 billion dollars, mostly to put unemployed Americans back work.

President Obama is truly a gifted speaker indeed. His stern yet seemingly calm expression is quite commendable. The message he conveyed pertaining to the urgency to help those in desperate need of financial support will no doubt goes down well and touch the life of those who live from pay check to pay check or on day by day basis.

I was not able to watch the entire live television broadcast of the speech because I had to leave house for work. On the way to the office I can’t help but wonder if President Obama’s Job Act is going to solve the nation jobless woes.

At the heart of the whole economic and financial crisis that beset the world superpower, creating new jobs seems like the most logical plan and sensible urgent task to focus on. The bigger question though is if the proposed Bill a long term and sustainable plan given the ever changing political and economical landscape that affect not just the United States but also the rest of the world as well.

Republicans and Democrats are still very much at loggerheads and at odds with what the best solution to address the nation’s soaring debt and increase unemployment rate should be. President Obama strongly believe that the wealthiest citizens of the nation and large US corporations should do their part to contribute more to help the middle and the lower class income wage earners.

Well, I am not so sure if I agree a hundred percent with Obama’s proposed increase tax rate for the wealthy class in order to help subsidize the middle and lower income group. After all, some of these so called well to do high income group earners were also once struggling much like the lower and middle income class long before they achieve success. Many of these high achievers did it with no assistance from the government.

Most of those who achieved tremendous success in life work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. Money don’t simply fall from the sky so to speak. Yes, no doubt there are quite a few who acquire their wealth through unscrupulous and unethical means but for the greater majority, it is their right mindset, persistent and focused efforts that get them where they are.

The Republican viewed President Obama’s ‘ national wealth distribution policy as that of robbing the rich to feed the poor, some sort like Robin Hood story, a socialist propaganda and an excuse to shift the goal post from his failed administration economic policy to that of pointing the finger at the wealthy rich class not doing their part to help the poor.

Creating jobs to alleviate the unemployment situation is the right to do. Providing the right conducive environment for people to venture and create new businesses is even more important. As the saying goes; ‘Give a man a fish and he live for a day, teach the man how to catch a fish and he will earn his live-hood.

For those who were being put out of work due to company restructuring or downsizing, getting a job is a priority but it is also important to look at the big picture, to consider and strive towards having multiple streams of income regardless if you have a full time job or not.

It is very risky to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. If you earn your income from pay check to pay check then you really ought to consider alternative source of income so as to compliment the job that you have.

Having multiple streams of income is more than just a backup plan. Having alternative source of income can make a difference between struggling to feed your family versus living and providing a comfortable financially secured environment for your loved ones in today’s economic and financial uncertainties. You don’t have to panic if you lose your main job simply because you have sideline income to cushion the impact of the lost of your 9 to 5 job.

One of the best ways to generate multiple source of income is through Internet marketing. You can practically establish a profitable online business even if you are really broke or living on shoe string budget. The barrier entry to start an online business is practically almost zero.

It is quite interesting to note that many unemployed people are struggling to look for jobs while there are those who quit their full time well paid job to focus on their home based online business! There lies the difference between those who choose their own destiny versus those who sit on the fence to wait for government assistance.

We live in an era of unprecedented global economic and financial uncertainty. Unless your father or you own the company that you work for, you can forget about life time career or life time employment. Nobody is indispensable in any organization.

Change of management and reorganization in any company may result in you having to report to a nasty boss or someone that you simply cannot work with. All your past efforts and contributions to the company are wasted when you are reassign to report to a new boss who may or may not value your talents and capabilities.

You can lose your job for a variety of reasons, not just due to company downsizing and restructuring. Why wait to be told to get out from the company? As the saying goes, failure to plan is to plan to fail. Don’t procrastinate and take for granted that your job is secure.

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Why a good mentor can fast track your Internet marketing success

Posted on : 25-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Most successful athletes usually engage the help of experience and good sports coach to mentor and teach them important techniques and effective training workout so as to enable them to excel in sport competitions, usually within the shortest possible time .

A good and experienced coach is one who is able to provide guidance, advice, strategy and personalized training workout for individuals. A mentor is usually someone who’s being there done that so to speak.

Likewise it is essential for you to find a good mentor to help you jump start your Internet marketing business particularly if you are new to online business or you are a novice in Internet Marketing. You should find an experienced Internet marketing coach if you are unable to earn profitable online income despite the massive efforts and time you put into it.

Some people feel that they can do without any specific coaching since there are tons of free online information on how to make money online. After all there are plenty of forums in the Internet where people can participate to share information, experience as well as gather knowledge on tips on Internet marketing.

Well, it is true that you can find lots of tips on how to start an online business however the main problem is not lack of information but rather availability of too much information so much so that you become overload with too many money making ideas and techniques till you don’t know where to begin with.

Lack of information can impede your online business success but too much information resulting in paralysis through analysis is equally bad. Information overload may cause you to panic and lose confidence in your ability to start online business.

Finding a good mentor that is willing to hold you by the hand so to speak, to guide and teach you step by step and to correct you along the way on mistakes that you make is extremely important.

A good mentor can drastically reduce the amount of time that you need to gain speed and knowledge on making money online not just quickly but also to build a sustain long term business. As a matter of fact an experienced and truly genuine honest mentor will share the blueprint that allows you to fast track your Internet marketing success.

A lot of people fail to make money online and then give up not because the market is saturated but rather due to the fact that they spend too much time on focusing on the wrong thing and trying to make things right instead of doing the right thing.

A good Internet marketing coach will help you to understand and avoid some of those Internet marketing pitfalls, the do’s and the don’t which you should pay attention to. You don’t gain anything by repeating mistakes that others had made and learn from it.

You can avoid many costly and time consuming mistakes as you built your online business with help of a good mentor. A little helping hand will dramatically improve and expedite your ROI (return of investment in Internet marketing)

Last but not least, make it a point to attend Internet marketing seminar if possible. Besides the opportunity to learn how to make money online, you can also take opportunity to network with some of the top Internet marketers.

Ewen Chia and Patric Chan are both well known Internet Marketers and experienced mentors who can help you make tons of money online. They have team up to conduct Internet Business LIVE 2! seminar in Singapore. It is an opportunity not to be missed. Do register and sign up for the event.

Internet Business Live 2!

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