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5 eBay Selling Tips for Newbies

Posted on : 06-02-2011 | By : Leslie Yc | In : Internet_Marketing

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I’m directing this article to those who are just starting their eBay Selling Venture. Whether you’re selling books, DVDs, CDs, collectibles or clothing, all things (with the exception of eBooks and services) need to be mailed. And it’s the postage, handling fees and mailing that seems to cause a great deal of angst among new sellers.

You’ve heard the advice – don’t overcharge for shipping. That is very good advice, indeed, as nothing turns off potential buyers like sellers who gouge you on the shipping costs. It’s also a practice that can rack up bad feedback.

However, I’m going to play Devil’s Advocate here and suggest that you don’t go overboard and give so much of a break on shipping that you’re chipping away at your profits. It’s good to remember the “hidden costs” of shipping: bubble wrap to secure your breakables, tape, shipping envelopes, boxes, etc. Then there’s the gas you put in your car to take all those trips to the post office.

You might think I’m being cheap, but, if you added up all your eBay expenses for the year (as some did for their recent taxes) you might be shocked to see how all the packing materials and gas for your car added up and took a little chunk out of your eBay profits. And, believe me, they do add up.

Some people are even more surprised to find they underestimated the weight of their packages, causing their profits to shrink even further.

How can you be fair to both you and your buyers?

1. Buy a scale. It may sound simple, but purchasing a scale can save you a bundle in shipping. If you’re just eyeballing the weight of the package, you can often times guess too low, and be in for quite a shock when you go to the post office and see the package is going to cost twice what you thought to ship.

2. Know the dimensions of your packaging before listing the item. Some packages cost more to ship because of their dimensions. Knowing the weight alone isn’t enough.

3. Offer the buyer a variety of shipping methods. Some prefer speedy delivery with Express mailing, while some prefer to save money with parcel post even though the wait is longer. It’s always a good idea when using parcel post or other slower ground shipping to alert the buyer by email that it can take anywhere from 8 to 10 days.

4. Save yourself money whenever possible by using boxes that have been used. Most stores are more than happy to let you rummage through their old boxes and take some home with you. But, do remember to choose boxes that are presentable, secure and strong enough for your items. And, if you have breakables, don’t skimp on the bubble wrap.

5. Give yourself a small handling fee that will cover your expenses. Some sellers add on an additional $1 or $2 to the shipping fees for their handling fees (depending on the cost of the item and how much packaging you have to use). I really advocate doing this because your expenses will add up if you do a lot of selling on eBay. Be sure to be upfront with your buyers that you have a small handling fee so they can’t complain about it later.

Being fair to both yourself and your buyer will keep you both happy, and keep more of your profit in your pocket.

Lastly, if you want to make some serious money on eBay, check out this ebook “eBay Inside Out“. It has changed my life by simply following the system exactly. I’m now a Platinum eBay Powerseller selling fulltime on eBay, making average $50k of sales every month, you too can make it! You can get a unique content version of this article from the Uber Article Directory.

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Internet Marketing Scam-Beta Tester

Posted on : 05-02-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The past few weeks I received a couple marketing emails on free software beta tester sign up. I was excited being able to be part of what was being advertised a unique and powerful Internet marketing software tool. When I take a closer look at the beta tester sign up details, I realize that the supposedly ‘free beta tester’ is not free at all.

Apparently you are given 7 days to evaluate the product for just 1 dollar and after the 7 days expiry period, you will be charge the full cost of the product value at US$47/- per month unless you write in to cancel the monthly chargeable subscription service.

Such sinister attempt to lure people into signing up and and then charging full cost after the 7 days trial period is downright despicable and has got nothing to do with beta tester at all. It is such a pity that some of the Internet marketers that I have come to respect promoting such affiliate products through their email marketing campaigns.

What is beta testing or beta tester for that matter? Basically a beta tester is someone who gets the opportunity to evaluate a product before it is release to the market. The role of a beta tester is try out the product and provide feedback, information and recommendation on ways to improve it. In some way, a beta tester job is to spot any potential issues that the product developers may have overlook during research and development phase.

In return the beta tester may get to keep the software or even given the opportunity to upgrade the software to official full release version without having to pay for it or at substantial reduce price. Always make it point to read the fine print before you sign up as beta testers for Internet marketing software. Stay away from those that require you to pay upfront fee regardless how cheap or affordable the product it because beta testers should be paid instead of paying for it.

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Email Marketing – Why It Should Be Part Of Your Internet Marketing Strategy

Posted on : 02-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Nowadays customer expectations are getting higher and higher. We live in an instant gratification world. We want solution to our problem fast. The Internet provide the means for people to find answers and solutions to their needs and desire in the shortest possible time.

Even though customers wants to get their hands on the product or service they need in the shortest possible time, it is important to note that they are spoil for choices given the plenty of websites offering all sort of products and services.

It rare for a customer to purchase any product from a website within their 1st visit. After all, there are so many competing websites offering similar solutions to a customer needs thus it is not surprising that it will take a lot of selling efforts on your part to convince the customer as to why they ought to purchase your product over competitors.

Research indicates that it takes at least 7th or more times for you to approach and touch base with a customer before they start to consider if they should purchase any product from you. The general and standard approach to cling a successful sale is what is define as email marketing.

In a nutshell, what you do is that you try to offer a freebie in exchange for a customer email contact. Once you obtain a prospect contact email address, you can then follow up with the him or her by sending regular follow emails on updated and quality information pertaining to the product or service.

Most Internet marketers leverage on the power of auto responder to manage their email list and email marketing campaign. By far and large email marketing is still one of the most economical and most effective ways to reach out to prospects and customers.

It is a mistake to think that email marketing is outdated or no longer effective given the popularity of social networking sites such as Facebook and etc. Everyone has at least one email account and unlike Facebook which is ban in certain countries such as China, email accounts are usually accessible in most countries and to both mobile network devices such as smart phones as well as computers.

One of the main advantage of email marketing software is that it allows you to personalize the email for respective customers. For instance, you can address the customer by name, schedule the communication, organize the contacts, create multiple campaigns and ensure the emails are permission based and conform to the CAN-SPAM law.

Some people argue to the fact that email marketing service is no longer as effective as it used to be given the amount of spam emails and as a result increasing trend of emails being deleted or blocked by email filtering and anti spam systems.

There are ways to improve email delivery and open rate which does not cost a cent. Email marketing software and services offer by reputable companies such as Aweber and GetResponse can increase your online business significantly without costing you bomb so to speak.

In summary, do not underestimate the power of email marketing. It is not just a form of communication channel that you need to focus on ; moreover it should part of your overall strategy marketing plan as well.

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How To Monetize Your Blog – Even If You Hate Selling

Posted on : 01-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are thinking of making money with your blog then you may wonder how best to go about it. Lot of people don’t feel comfortable to ask for sales in their blog but that is exactly what you should do if you wish to monetize your blog. It is easy to sell product through your blog if you know how to do it. You don’t need to do hard selling because such technique won’t work with Internet marketing and any online business.

Can you sell a product online if you hate selling or you don’t think you are cut out to be sales person? The answer is of course you can!. Have it ever occur to you that we do selling all the time? Say for instance, you watched a movie and you like it. Someone you know talks about going for a show and you tell them the movie that you watched recently, how interesting the plot and so and so. That’s is in fact selling!.

Selling becomes hard, really hard if you attempt to sell someone a product that he or she has no need for at the present moment. For instance, what are the chances of selling a hair comb to a guy who is completely bald? The days of shouting and screaming at the top of your voice to try get customers to buy your product is over. What you should be doing is to get qualified customers or targeted prospects to approach you and your task is to promote a product or service that will help customer address their wants or needs.

Don’t go around chasing after customers. Let the customer come to you!. It sounds weird but this is what set the successful online business entrepreneurs and Internet marketers from the majority of those who struggle to keep their business afloat. It is much easier for you to promote a product to someone who don’t need anymore convincing words and who is in the buying mood.

You don’t need to do a lot of selling if your customer already qualified themselves in the sense that they need such a product to address their wants or needs. Your job as a Internet Marketer is try to match the best product or service that will meet the customer requirements. Sometime a customer may not even know for sure what they want specifically so you have to help them by explaining the values and benefits of your product.

Half the battle is won if you are able to get qualified customers to visit your blog or website. Thus the key factor is not so much about selling but rather how to promote your website or blog so that the right customer can find you. This is where search engine optimization is so important. You need to get your website to be rank as high as possible by the search engines. Of course you can also consider using paid traffic such as Pay Per Click (PPC) to get your website rank highly as fast as possible.

In summary, making money from blogging is not hard even if you hate selling. Qualified customers will buy from you if you can promote your product or service in such a way that they can see the benefits and values that directly address their problems. You should post regularly and over time your blog will earn credibility and the customer will consider you an expert in your niche.

You don’t need to do any hard selling once you have establish an authoritative blog in your niche market. You can monetize your blog without doing any hard selling. Of course, you should try to master the art of persuasive soft selling as well as being able to write effective sales copy letter. You will be able to achieve good comfortable income through monetization of your blog if you have a good authoritative blog and persuasive sales copy.

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Online Business Success Formula – Prerequisites

Posted on : 28-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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I am often met with bewildered and doubtful stares, usually from friends, peers and colleague who thinks I am crazy when I told them one of the most  promising, economical and best ways to achieve financial independence is through online business and Internet Marketing.

The entry barrier into Internet marketing is very low and practically almost everyone, and I mean anyone can start to a home online business anytime with minimum budget.  A lot of people thinks they need to have knowledge and background in computer software and Internet technology in order to start up any online business. This is far from the truth.

The Chinese Internet portal Alibaba.com was started by someone who don’t even know what HTML is. Likewise you don’t need to have complete grasp and understanding of Internet Marketing before you start any online business. You can take action to start and learn at the same time.

Learn from someone who is being there and done that so to speak. Follow a proven working system by learning from a trusted online business mentor, someone that is willing to teach you and committed to make you succeed.  You don’t need to reinvent the wheels so to speak. You can try your best to avoid mistakes others have made with regards to your online business.

A mentor can’t do the job for you though. You have to take appropriate actions based on what you have learn and be committed  to make it succeed. Even though everyone can jump into online business, not everyone will succeed.

The statistic is pretty grim though in the sense that over 95% of online businesses fails within the 1st two years. Why is that so? I believe it all boils down to  the fact that you need to have certain prerequisites to succeed online.

These prerequisites are Internet Marketing success formula that will improve your chances of succeeding in any niche online business that you deal with.  Let’s go through each of these prerequisites and understand how it contributes to Internet marketing success.

The prerequisites are:

1)You described yourself as an overachiever. Or at least that is what others perceived you.
2)You are competitive, possess fighting spirit and you enjoy winning.
3)You are a self starter and you don’t need someone to nag over your shoulder to get things done.
4)You are goal oriented and you take charge of your life without leaving things to fate.
5)You love to live the life of fast lane and you enjoy and thrive amidst some stress in life.
6)You are passionate of the things you love in life be it hobby, sports or whatever.
7)You take full responsibility for your actions. You don’t blame others for your lack of success or failures.
8)You are open to feedback and you welcome suggestions and even criticism from those more experience than you.
9)You love to read and you enjoy applying what you have learn.
10) You possessed never say die attitude and you don’t give up easily.
11) You are not afraid to leave your comfort zone to try out new things, even to the possibilities that you will face tough challenges dealing with unknowns and things that you are not familiar with.
12) You view mistakes as part and parcel of ongoing learning opportunities and not failures.
13) You don’t need the consent and approval of everyone around you to make decisions to achieve your goals.
14) You believe in the Law Of Attraction. You have strong personal conviction that you will get what you want in life so long as you pour your heart, mind and soul into it.

You will achieve Internet Marketing and online business success if you have the right mindset and positive traits that differentiates you from the rest of the 95% which fails miserably. It is important to note that everything starts with the mind and ends with the mind.

Thus do focus on the necessary online business success formula such as the prerequisites outlined above if you wish to be survive today’s competitive online industry. The choice is yours, the battle is yours!.

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How To Jump Start Your Internet Income With Business Blogging

Posted on : 02-12-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Hundreds if not thousands of blogs are created each day. Most people use this online communication platform to share their thoughts, views, hobbies, diary and information with friends, loved ones and colleague.

Blogging is one of the best online business strategies to sky rocket your Internet income. Big corporations are using it to communicate and gather feedback from customers so as to improve their products or services. It is an effective two way communication channel which allows you to interact with others in the most economical manner.

Promoting your new start up online business through a blog remains a highly attractive and economical means for you to reach new customers and prospects. You don’t have to engage expensive consultants or advertising agencies to promote your products or services online. You can pretty much do it yourself with zero cost.

There is no doubt that search engines love blogs. It is much easier and perhaps faster for an active frequently updated blog to get listed index by the search engine in comparison over a static HTML web page.

It is quite realistic for you to make reasonable online income by promoting both digital as well as physical products or services through this communication channel. As the saying goes, people buy things from whom they trust and as such, a business blog can be used to foster relationship with readers that may ultimately turn into committed loyal customers.

Apart from a computer and access to the Internet, you can practically start any Internet business just by maintaining a business blog. You don’t need to have degree or computer technology background to be in the Internet marketing business.

You don’t need to create your own products or services in order to start any online business. Affiliate marketing is one of best form of business that you can readily promote through blogging.

You can write reviews about products that you recommend and post it online. People who read your postings and trust you might just purchased the products you recommend through your affiliate link and you make money from it.

A lot of people have the wrong impression that you need to be a software programmer or you need to have experience in web-based marketing to make money online. This is far from the truth. There are plenty of free as well as paid software applications that automates the entire setting up and running of blogs so much so that even grandma and granddad could get it running up in no time.

There is no doubt that you can jump start your Internet income with business blogging. Making money online has never been easier with blogging. What you need to be successful is the willingness to learn, the desire to succeed, focus, efforts and more importantly take action to establish and maintain a quality value added blog and then start to see money rolling in.. It is just as simple as that.

Here’s a good website on Internet terms which I am sure quite useful for those who are not familiar with online marketing. That’s all for the day, have a great day and cheers!

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Why So Many People Fail In Internet Marketing

Posted on : 22-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Make Money Online

Make Money Online

Over 90% of all Internet Marketing and online business fails within 2 years of start up.  This statistic is quite alarming consider the fact that hundreds  of commercial websites and business blogs were created daily. The grim statistic do not imply that you can’t make money online.

Most people set themselves up for failure before they even  disembark to work on it.  A lot of people  has the wrong perception that running an online business is as easy as getting a website build and expecting it to generate money on autopilot.

Get Rich Quick Mentality

Home based Internet business is as tough as it can get even though it can be very enriching and rewarding. A lot of aspire to be online business entrepreneurs are mislead into believing that one would only need to work 2 or 3 hours a day to earn huge online income profit. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is not surprising considered the fact that many get rich quick scheme products or services promoted  widely. Do not fall for the get rick quick scheme.  Such scheme simply do not exists.

Lack Of Business Background
Even though you don’t require a doctorate or a degree to start an Internet business, it is important that for you to have some basic business background. Lack of business background can hamper and limit your success. You need basic understanding of budgeting and accounting. Make sure you have enough resources and capital to tie you over till your online business break even.

Wrong Mindset

Bad or wrong mindset will guarantee failure in whatever things that you do. Some people work only when they feel like doing so. Others think they can get rich quickly and they give up when they are unable to achieve unrealistic goals and expectations.

Lack Of Business Plan
One of the major factor that contributes to your online business failure is that you simply don’t have or you feel you don’t need a business plan. As the saying goes, failure to plan is to planning to fail. You should always remember that Internet business is still a business and you need to have a realistic and achievable plan for success.

I have never seen anyone who become successful in their career or business by chance without any business plan or strategy. You need to think about marketing even before you jump start on a new project. Your Internet business success is much higher is you develop a product or service which you know sells and in high demand as opposed to trying to sell a product or service after you have developed it without doing any market research.

No Boss Breathing Down Your Neck
Last but not least, don’t be too happy just because you don’t have a boss that looks over your shoulder while you are working at home. You are your own boss as far as home based online business is concern and that implies you need to exercise self discipline to make sure project milestone and time line are met.

You alone are accountable for the success or failure of your business. If you treat home based online business as a hobby then expect to achieve only mediocre results and minimal success. It is not hard to make good money online. You just have to make sure you stay focus, committed to the business, take action, work hard and work smart.

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Search Engine Optimization – The Way To Increase Website Visibility

Posted on : 18-11-2010 | By : Julie Burks | In : Internet_Marketing

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Nearly every existing firm has its own website to aid in advertising and promotions. It is through web sites that clients get to know about your establishment’s latest product and service offers. The tough part here is how to get cyberspace viewers to visit your website or what is called web traffic. Avail of search engine optimization or SEO services if you want to increase your web site’s online visibility and increase your traffic, and convert these visits to sales.

SEO aids in heightening the popularity of your firm’s internet site through various means with the objective of strengthening its presence on the listings of several search engines existing. What this implies is that it gives your internet site a high ranking which can be realized from search engine results. This is in terms of the popular keywords and search terms internet surfers use when they’re looking for the products and services you may be offering.

Your selected search engine optimization company may make the following services available to you: keyword analysis, page optimization, directory submission service, article submission service, press release service, special bookmarking, copywriting, blog creation and link building.

A website which has gone through page optimization services achieves increased search engine optimization rankings. The method can be done on the back end or hidden (code) facets of the web site and on the front end or those that are obvious to the eyes of the viewer.

Keyword analysis is also important for any web page. Your search engine optimization endeavors depend on how well you select your keywords. When you prudently select relevant, unique and good quality keywords, you are already cleared for the first phase in attaining outstanding SEO results.

Companies that appreciate the value of search engine optimization services are increasing. In these modernized times, with the amount of internet users incessantly increasing, numerous companies are beginning to see the makings of this market. With the fact that 85% of registered internet traffic is produced through search engine referrals, we have to be prepared for more aggressive competition.

SEO Magic Webs provides high quality content-based search engine optimization services. Visit us today to get a headstart and see your business grow with our proven online marketing techniques.

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Link Building Services: Very Effective For Your Site

Posted on : 18-11-2010 | By : Meagan Gray | In : Internet_Marketing

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Presently there are many ins and outs in the internet world. One of the most perplexing elements is how to get high rankings on search engines. Quality link building is the key activity you may take on to have higher search engine rankings. Links to your website continues to be the crucial aspects major search engines use in determining where you can rank in the search results.

Link building services provide top quality links that are relevant and permanent via link building campaign that is result-oriented. These services create links that will increase your website popularity, web traffic and online sales. The staffs in link building services possess the expertise and experience to provide strategies for top level possible link building marketing campaign. These people specialize in link building and SEO. They do intensive research to give both you and your site the comprehensive link building services to suit your niche, goals and targets.

Link building services have people or software that helps you to submit links. But the services are far from the same across the board. Consistency for link building is important. If a link building service goes to fast, it may ruin the website and get kicked out of search engines rankings. Website owners must do their research on any link building service and find the one that best suits their particular budget and their website.

Link building is not a simple task of submitting ones’ website to a couple of other websites or exchanging reciprocal links with a handful of websites. It is important for online companies to make use of professional link building services to dedicate time and resources entirely to obtain quality traffic and linkage with the vast number of other websites that are related to their business. Link building is the means of finding relevant, good quality sites and receiving a link from them to you.

The thing about link building, social bookmarking and directory submissions is that it’s a fairly tedious endeavour. Link building services provide to take care of that tediousness. They could be a perfect method for small business owner, webmaster or blogger to keep at what they do best. Link building is vital for two factors – organic ranking on search engines and referral traffic from other sites. The five most important link building services businesses you should tap into.

1. Related Websites. This involves links from resellers, suppliers, affiliate marketers, business associations, partners, trade bodies, government organisations, educational institutions and indirect competitors. These may be the hardest of the five to come by. But they likewise bring the greatest value.

2. Press Releases. Online PR may generate plenty of quality traffic to a site. It is helpful in building big numbers of inbound links to the site from some high ranked media portals. The approach with press releases is to ensure that the information included is newsworthy.

3. Really Simple Syndication Feeds. Content from your site may be syndicated on third-party websites using RSS. If this content links back to your website, it can result in visitors clicking that link to your site. It counts as an incoming link from a relevant website.

4. Social Networks. Blogs and other social networking sites may be excellent sources of quality traffic and links. Modern day viral strategies use blogs along with other social networks, such as business networks, alumni networks and online dating services, to build links and make news about the current product/service.

5. Directories. Directories are important source of one-way inbound links to a site. You will find tonnes of new directories online, providing equally free and paid listings.

Before you’ll do internet advertising and marketing business, i highly recommend you do your self a favor and be sure to check out these good resources be sure to help in generating a valuable internet marketing and advertising plan to develop ones own enterprise: link building services, and hire virtual assistants

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Why Should You Consider Autoblogging

Posted on : 17-11-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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You can skip this whole thing if you are not into Internet Marketing or you just blog for fun and other personal interests. If you are an online marketer than it is important that you know what autoblogging can do for you.

First thing first what is autoblogging? It may come as surprise for some people as some think it got to do with automobile blogging. Well, autoblogging has got nothing to do with automobiles except for the fact that the word ‘auto’ sounds like something to do with automobile.

Autoblogging is what’s being called a ‘configure and forget system’ that comprises special software that allows you to setup a blog once and then let it run on autopilot. What I meant by ‘autopilot’ is a hand’s free system whereby the system or software will automatically extract relevant information pertaining to your blog topic and then publish it according to preset schedule postings all without further user intervention.

Autoblogging system usually derive contents from RSS feeds, article directories; affiliate program networks such as Clickbank, Amazon, eBay and etc.
In a nutshell, autoblogging is a system designed by Internet Marketers for Internet Marketers and online business owners. This is an attractive system for those who wish to generate quick extra income through Goggle Adsense and promotion of affiliate marketing products from Amazon Affiliate and Clickbank.

I won’t beat around the bush and try to hype or rave just about any autoblogging software. Just type ‘autoblogging’ in Goggle search and the search list will return plentiful of autoblogging software product reviews and recommendations. Yes, just like other Internet Marketers, I certainly do hope that you will seriously consider investing in autoblogging software after you have read my honest review of what is and what is not about this product. Okay, let’s go straight to the review

Search Engines Loves Blogs
Search engines love blogs. A blog with frequent updated quality fresh postings can get index much faster by the search engines in comparison to static HTML pages. In genera, an active blog builds traffic much faster compare to static HTML web page.

A Numbers Game
Successful online business income does not come from just a single blog or single static HTML web site. In actual fact, a single blog or website is not likely to provide you with sustainable and reasonable income that enable you to live a comfortable lifestyle.
You need to generate multiple stream of source of income and one of the best way of doing so is by maintaining more sites, in particular more blogs of diverse niche market or relevant niche. More blogs equals to more potential traffic thus more money so to speak.

Short term goal
As the saying goes, failure to plan is planning to fail. One of the most important success factors in life is having short, mid and long term goals in life. This applies to brick and mortar business, 9 to 5 pm jobs as well as online business.

You defined a big goal and break it down into achievable and measurable short, mid and long term goal. You can use autoblogging as a short or mid term online business goals to enable you to generate some profits that will add to your income bottom line.

There are couple of reasons as to why you can’t use autoblogging as a long term business goal strategy. Firstly, autoblogging can never replace manual handwritten blogs where your thoughts and ideas publish allows you to foster bond and connection with your readers.

Testing Your Niche
One advantage of autoblogging network is that you can use it to explore the effectiveness of various keywords and keyword phrase for various niche markets that you intend to explore. This compliment PPC paid search traffic that some people use to explore popularity and competition of keywords and phrases.

Don’t Try To Outsmart Search Engines – Duplicate Contents
Contents publish through autoblogging mechanism are usually derived from RSS feeds, article directories and etc. A reader can sense that the content is not unique much less not to even mentioned search engines which usually able to detect duplicate content even if the articles are rewritten or translated multiple times (using multi language translation mechanism).

Ineffective Way To Gather Leads But Who Cares
Furthermore, it is also more difficult to build a list of loyal subscribers that you need to convert to buyers of your product or service through a blog that is managed and run by automated software. There is no sense of community or belonging as you know you are dealing with blogs that are managed by automated software.

Ultimate Goal Of Autoblogging
The goal of autoblogging is using the least efforts and time to get as many people to click on the Adsense in as many automated blogs as well as to get people to purchase Amazon or Clickbank products through your affiliate links embedded in these blogs.


You have nothing to lose by jumping on the bandwagon of autoblogging. You can indeed build profitable blogs in matter of hours or even minutes. You can generate hundred of blogs and not even have to break a sweat to maintain it as most of the time these blogs runs on autopilot or on practically complete hands free mode.

One final word of caution though. Since this form of Internet marketing strategy is a short term strategy, don’t put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. Always focus on building and maintaining at least one or more handwritten blogs where you can buildup a list of loyal subscribers.[ad#Chitika

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