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Article Software And How It Can Make Marketing Through Articles Easier

Posted on : 17-11-2010 | By : Rolland Price | In : Internet_Marketing

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The dawn of the internet revolutionized the way for businesses and other similar entities to go about their marketing strategies. It has proven to be a faster and better way in conducting most business activities, and more and more entrepreneurs have already ventured into online marketing since it is more convenient and can help them reach their target consumers with minimal costs involved.

There are different types of online marketing strategies that can be utilized, but among the most subtle but most effective ones would be SEO (Search Engine Optimization) through article marketing. Why subtle? This is because writing articles for SEO purposes need not involve a lot of selling spiels or does not call for talent in making catchy slogans for advertising purposes.

On the contrary, writing for SEO purposes would mean writing articles that are informative and useful; giving people something that would help them learn about the product and/or services that a certain business entity offers. But then, writing on the same topics over and over again can prove to be a tedious endeavor, and using the exact same article on different sites would cause search engines to ban your site in the long run since they will more likely than not perceive your copy and paste activities as spamming. Not unless you give credit or cite the original source of the content.

Avoiding this would call for more original articles, but then, even the best of writers would eventually experience brain drain if subjected to writing about the same topics over and over again.

Article software like UAW, The Best Spinner, and Power Article Rewriter now exist, and it’s a very good thing for article marketers. These software have truly revolutionized article marketing, and resulted in higher search engine rankings which, in turn, enabled websites to generate more revenues. All types of online business – whether it be a mom-and-pop store, a gadget company, or an affiliate seller – will surely be able to derive lots of benefits using this type of software.

The main benefit that article software can give is to take away the hassle of having to manually submit articles to different submission sites. But then, software can only do so much; that is, submitting your articles to different submission sites, or spinning them a bit to make them appear more unique to search engines.

They do not really have features to create different author names and resource boxes, and you would still need to manually create these crucial elements just to be sure that everything will appear unique. It’s almost the same problem experienced in writing about the same things over and over again. Having to spend hours on end meticulously making sure that the HTML tags in the resource boxes are coded correctly and thinking of different author names can eventually wear out even the best writers in the world.

There are lots of software tools whose main purpose is to churn out unique articles from an original one and submitting them to hundreds to thousands of websites, but so far, there are very few known tools that can generate hundreds to thousands of resource boxes, article titles, and author names. Known as Article Toolbox, this tool works like a charm.

Absolutely anyone can generate unique author names, article titles, as well as resource boxes with just a few mouse clicks. It was designed for one purpose alone, that is, to make article marketing stress-free and enjoyable; something that anybody can look forward to anytime.

Article software has made the SEO efforts of online businesses so much easier, especially when you consider the new line of products that are now starting to emerge. Once you are able to know how to make these tools work together harmoniously, you can always be sure that you will see all your writing efforts just like an enjoyable walk in the park.

The most innovational content rewriter now exist! Its title generator software attribute sets it apart from the others! Make sure to check it out ArticleToolbox.Com now.

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Control Your Finances: 3 Reasons To Start An Online Business

Posted on : 09-11-2010 | By : Catalin Pahomi | In : Internet_Marketing

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In today’s economy, many people have no choice but to struggle month after month only to find that there isn’t enough money to make ends meet. They know this and often will have very little love for their job. But because a regular nine to five is all they’ve known, people will strengthen themselves and continue the cycle.

This strategy may have worked in the past but in today’s world, there are a wealth of opportunities that make themselves available to those who are looking. The world of online business is one of these opportunities and there are several good reasons to take it up.

Potential Earnings

Because lots of people are on the internet daily, there is a greater earning potential within than at most jobs. A marketing scheme and a product worth investing time into are all that some people have used on their way to increasing their income. E-commerce is not something to take lightly and if you don’t capitalize now, you are in for a world of hurt.

Greater Flexibility

Since working hours are the initial thought when it comes to flexibility that can be addressed first. Yes, working hours are flexible but that’s not the only thing that adjusts easily with online businesses. Consider the scenario where the company is implementing a bad idea into their marketing technique or making changes to the product that will end badly. With internet business, you can change what you’re doing until you’re happy with the money you’re making. Also, the fact that the internet is so adaptable is another one of the reasons why there may be more confidence in believing your business will have constant “going concern”.

Greater Control

As the person in charge of your online business, when anything involving your business takes place, you have final say. If you want to change your hours, you can. If you’re debating the benefits of hiring a few writers, it’s up to you. An online business has many of the advantages owning an offline business has, but you can bypass many of the problems these business owners encounter.

Contrary to what the media has been claiming, the problems in the current economy are only the start of more to come. By embracing the powerful potential within the internet, it is possible to secure both your current and future financial success. Online business is on the verge of becoming an extremely popular way to make money and that trend is only going to continue.

Don’t wait  to get retrench or layoff and then you start to panic. The best time to invest your time and focus on Internet Marketing or any online business is now, not tomorrow or next  year.  Time and tide waits for now man. You have to take full responsibility for your own future path. It is not the government’s job to take care of your financial situation.

No matter what sort of home based business network in which you work, you can locate help and suggestions on the Internet. As a mortgage consultant online marketing helps you to reach the targeted audience who will improve your revenue.

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Methods To Use Article Submission Services For Large Amounts Of Website Traffic

Posted on : 04-11-2010 | By : Rolland Price | In : Internet_Marketing

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In these modern times, article submission service provides people with a whole host of benefits not least of which is addressing the modern need for publicity and advertising in the most effective manner. As you set out to launch a program, your primary concern is to find out how best to make the program as popular as possible.

Unless your website is well known, there is little chance that it will succeed or survive. This is why it is important to do everything possible to make the website as popular as possible as that is the best way of attracting maximum number of visitors each and every day.

If you are going to make use of an article submission service, you must learn to start off by submitting the website in an appropriate category. After that, when visitors come to visit the directory, they can find your website under a particular category. Most directories will also do some backlink creation which is useful in attracting greater amount of traffic to a website.

When more people start to visit a website, it leads to that website becoming more popular and this in turn helps to ensure that the website will rank at the top of the search engine rankings page. An article submission service will also provide an optimum way of getting maximum number of visitors to come to a particular site. There no doubts the fact that unless links to your website are ranked high on the search engines search pages, your site will not attract many visitors.

If the site is not known, then few people are going to visit it which is something that you do not want. Furthermore, most people have very short memories and so, if they find something that is better than what your site offers, they will dump your site without a second thought.

Submitting to directories is the best way to gain attention among people that use the internet. It is up to you to pick which kind of article submission service you want to use. There are automatic and manual services available. You will need to evaluate the pros and cons of each time before making a choice. A manual service requires that you visit as well as submit your site on your own. You will also need to identify a category and also a sub category and then make the submission.

Manual article submission service is cheaper and is the first choice among beginners. However, the automatic option is much easier and is not as costly as most people think. Most such services have a low cost and from a point of view of search engine optimization, this kind of service offers a much more effective solution. It takes less time or energy and provides good results as well.

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These Article Marketing Techniques Can Really Boost Your Business

Posted on : 31-10-2010 | By : Web Designer | In : Internet_Marketing

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Article marketing is the oldest and the most effective forms of online marketing. You’re about to learn a few article marketing methods that can really take you far.

Your first goal should be to keep submitting your articles to the various directories online. That’s because when you’re constantly submitting articles, people will begin to recognize you. The internet evolves at a very quick pace, and search engines do, too. So if your articles get old and outdated, they don’t bring you the traffic like they used to.

That’s why it’s important to focus on submitting an article daily. This would allow you to achieve two important things: First of all, it’ll become easy for you to provide updated information to your target audience (which people love) and secondly, while your old articles are falling down in search engine rankings, you’d be able to gain the ranking back with your new articles.

In other words, each new article you write becomes a replacement for an older article and this will make your traffic levels increase. You should always try to make sure that the new articles that you’re submitting are not a rehash of your old articles and provide fresh information to the users. The more unique your articles are and the more your readers find them useful, the better results you’ll experience.

Your article’s resource box should help to persuade your readers. No matter how amazing your article is if it’s not succeeding in driving traffic to your website, then it’s of no use. The best articles that get the best traffic have a resource box that makes readers stop, pay attention and take action.

One great tip for getting responses from your resource box is to include it as part of your article. Don’t do the mistake of using the resource box to introduce yourself or talk about your company. Your resource box is where you’ll include what you’re offering and it really should be viewed at as one of the most vital parts of the article.

Just let your readers know about what you’re offering and then let them know that they can find more information at your website. If you can be extremely clear in your resource box, you’ll see that the readers will never be confused about what you’re offering. Don’t be shy in being too direct because no one is going to stop you from using your resource box to the fullest.

It’s always a good idea to emulate the best when it comes to writing articles that get results. Just look to the experts in your niche to see how they craft their articles and then use those same methods to get the traffic they do. When you learn from the best, you can’t help to become better and that’s how you get the most out of your article marketing venture.

It’s probably going to be apparent that these experts all have their own ways of writing articles and promoting their products. The more you spend time in studying their articles, the better you’d be able to adapt and learn from them. Learning what it takes to become good at article marketing takes time, but understand that the wheel’s already been invented and that most of the hardest effort has already been put in by other people. All you need to do is look to these experts so that they can inspire you and so that you’ll put in the work to make those techniques your own.

Before you write a single article, it’s important that you do the proper research on your keywords. The primary goal of article marketing is to help you get traffic to your website, so when you’re writing articles that include keywords that don’t have a lot of competition, it’s easier to get the top stop in the search engines.

The traffic that you get from the search engines is highly targeted and focused, which is why you should put in the effort to uncover keywords that have good traffic but low competition. Your titles and your article bodies should include the keywords. In conclusion, the article marketing strategies that we discussed in this article will definitely give you results if you take action and be persistent.

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2 Things You Need To Remember When Buying Internet Marketing Software.

Posted on : 30-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you have been following with Internet Marketing news, you will notice that there are so many new marketing tools being launch almost on monthly basis. Some of the sales pitch are so powerful and impressive  that you practically can’t resist not paying attention to it.

You may have heard the saying that people usually buy things based on emotion and then try to logically justify what they bought. Never get into the mistakes of buying Internet Marketing software simply because it it is the latest product/service or because everyone is raving about it.

I have to admit I too commit the same mistakes of spending lots of money on such software and only to realize I don’t even use it for more than twice and it ends up as digital dust in my computer hard disk. 

In my previous posting on http://www.myhomebiznet.com/internet-marketing-blogging/buying-internet-markeing-products-avoid-these-mistakes, i  highlighted factors to consider and mistakes to avoid before you buy Internet marketing products.

Another 2 things you should keep in mind is :

1)Determine if there’s any membership sites or forums whereby you can interact with other users with regards to usage and deployment of the product.

A good Internet marketing software product usually comes with both basic and premium membership (usually you need to pay monthly fee for the premium membership upgrade) whereby you can get help, advice and tutorial to fully maximize the return from the software that you have invest in.

If the membership site or forum is maintained by creator of the software product or the affiliate marketer selling the product, make sure that it is active sites with healthy participation from users and customers of the product.

2)Any audio or preferably video tutorial from the affiliate marketer who is selling the software product or the creator of the product itself in showing you how you can go about implementing something without the use of the software and what value proposition it will bring for you in terms of work efficiency, productivity and increase profit by using the software. One of the best Internet Marketer that I have come to trust is Dave Guindon. He has a background in software engineering and develop his own tools to improve the bottom line of  his online business. I have purchased two of his good products namely the Virtual Smart Agent and Golden Cash Compass.

Sometimes I think he is crazy because he offers unlimited lifetime product upgrade and support and to date,  the software works brilliantly without flaw. He also offers excellent technical support. Don’t overlook the important factor that it is not just the product that matters but more importantly the availability and quality of the ongoing customer support after you have purchase the software.

Dave is also a great affiliate marketer (even though he develops his own products from time to time) and the most interesting thing about him and which sets him apart from other affiliate marketers is his ability to produce good informative video tips.

 He provides great information on Internet marketing tips that would have otherwise cost hundred of dollars. Check out the following video on and you will know what I meant.

PS: I like that fact that he is not pushy when it comes to product recommendation. He shows you how you can do something the manual way without the software product and  how you  will stand to benefit by investing in tools that he personally use and  that will save you lots of time and improve your income.

Here’s a video clip on how to get massive traffic to your website for free.  Check it out and you will know why he is someone you could trust and count on when it comes to Internet Marketing.  This guy really knows his stuffs well.

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How To Write A Compelling Title For Your Article

Posted on : 22-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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This post focus on tips on how to write a compelling title for your article. As the saying goes, the eye is the window to the soul, well guess what, so it is with the title of your article. Surveys indicates that less than 10% of people reading an article title will take further action to read the full text of the body.

The title of the article is the first thing that a reader gets to look at, thus first impression counts so to speak. It goes to show how important it is for you to craft the title in the way that it captivates and motivates the reader to read the full text.

One common mistake that many article writer make is not paying sufficient attention to the title. Suffice to say, if the title sucks or does not adequately draw the attention of the reader, it does not matter if you have the best article content in the world. You article will get bypassed because people prejudge the relevancy and quality of an article content simply based on the description.

There are many factors that you need to deal with as far as creating a compelling title is concern.

Keep The Title Short And Sharp
Generally it is preferable to limit the number of characters to max of 65 characters. Take a look at advertisement sign boards along highways. A driver only have seconds to catch a glimpse of the ads while on the wheels moving at high speed so how would you think drivers will react to long winding ads?  Most would give it a miss.

Include Numbers
Which of the two titles sounds more interesting and eye catching? “Discover The Secrets  To Longevity” or “Discover The Only 2 Secrets You Ever Need To Longevity”? Numbers will grab a lot of attention!

Persuasive Punch Line
Word phrases such as “How to”, “Discover the secrets”, “Best tips”, “Amazing”,”Revolutionary”,”Remarkable”, “Startling”,”Quick”,”Announcing” ,”Exclusive”,”Incredible” and “Miracle” to name a few are persuasive and attention grabbing words. You need not exaggerate nor over-hype. Instead focus on creating punch lines that gets the reader to sit up and drawn into curiosity, excitement and perhaps drooling to want more about what’s in the article.

Search Engine Optimized (Friendly)
Include keyword phrases that are search engine friendly, not too competitive (less than 100K competing web pages) and while maintaining reasonable amount of search volumes (at least 3K per month). Why would you want to bother with search engine factors?

Most people make use of search engine facilities to locate the web site address  that contains the  information (website)  of interest. Thus you need to include keyword phrases that are popular, competitive and which are most likely to be part and parcel of search query terms.

Get Some Hints & Ideas From High Ranking Articles.
There is no universal hard and fast rule as to which is the best method to implement however there is one interesting technique  that some Internet Marketing Guru’s employed to great effectiveness.  Locate relevant articles with highest number of readers from major ezine and article directories such as at www.ezinearticles.com and use these titles and headers as reference to craft yours. Of course you should not copy the exact title;  some major article directories strictly prohibits such actions anyway.

Adhere To Article Directory Guidelines (Which Also Helps To Improve Your Click Through Rate!)
There  are plenty of  tips you could find from article directories as far as crafting of titles are concern. Refer to the general guidelines and requirements  for instance at ezinarticle(http://ezinearticles.com/editorial-guidelines.html). The rules and guidelines are not there to stiffer your creativity but rather to make it more user easier for readers to locate articles that best match their requirements.

Sometime it is kind of like chicken and egg  dilemma with regards to decide what’s the best title for your article. On one hand, you essentially need to craft a title that is exceedingly interesting but on the other hand you have to ensure the keywords and phrases are SEO optimized so that people can locate your article through search engines! Regardless, it is worth the time and effort to write a compelling title for your article. Do checkout other article writing tips in this blog.

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Local Search Engine Optimization

Posted on : 10-09-2010 | By : Sue Hudson | In : Internet_Marketing

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Local Search Engine Optimization, also known as local SEO refers to offline or on page optimization. Local SEO is easy to implement and you should make sure your web pages are search engine friendly via local SEO.

The basic steps of on site professional search engine optimization.

Keyword Research: Supply and demand keyword research is a must in order to determine what phrases, relating to your products and services, you’re going to market via search engine optimization. Opposed to popular opinion, you do not want the broadest phrases related to your offerings.

Understand what your competitors are striving to rank highly for. Then target all the other well searched phrases there isn’t much competition for. You’ll be far more successful getting 1% of a thousand then 0% of ten million!

Good Keyword Content: Now, write one page/article per keyword placing the keyword in the article headline and throughout the article more at the beginning and ending. Use your main keyword like and hour glass, heavy on top and on bottom.

Also, throughout your article use other variations of your phrase. Make sure to bold your important keyword phrases throughout your site and article content.

Creating proper Meta Tags. Although Google doesn’t put too much value on your title, description and keyword tags anymore, humans do. It does no good to have your page come up on the first page of search results only to be skipped because the description shown is poorly written.

Think of your description as an ad in a newspaper. It must be short, catchy and clean in order to be acted upon. So make sure you do this carefully in order to get the click on your link in the results.

Internal Linking: Be sure your site is linked from home page to your product content pages, and make sure your article content pages link back to your home page forming a circle. Be sure to use your articles keyword in the anchor text pointing back to your home page.

Although these steps are very basic search engine optimization tips and organic SEO steps, they are vital. So take your time and add good content to the already huge Internet and your site will surpass all the piles of content.

Get more information about local SEO optimization by barking at Kevin Turneau and check out how local SEO optimization can make you the Top Dog of your industry.

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Why Work At Home – Benefits Of Being An Online Business Marketer

Posted on : 05-09-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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Retrenchment and wage reduction is becoming the norm. This is not surprising as the global economy and health of global financial institutions fluctuates amidst times of uncertainties. Pay rise if any don’t seems to catch up with inflation.

Standard of living in most places seems to increase out of proportion in relation to wage increase. On the other end there are those who are less fortunate, those who are in danger of losing their job due to company downsizing and workforce restructuring.

The digital age has introduced more stress in work life. We are expected to work on weekends (without any OT of course) and get the job done at all cost regardless. We are virtual prisoners of our own making. We are confined to a small cubicle for almost half of our life span.

Small and medium size companies are finding ways to manage their operating costs, sometimes even at the extend of micro managing every single dollar. Company year end bonus is not a requirement and usually based on the management goodwill and company performance. Your take home income is not guaranteed.

It’s becoming more apparent that the regular job that we have can no longer guarantee balanced work and social life. We may have family to care for but we are expected to perform in terms of number of hours and attention to work as if we are still single.

Against all these backdrop uncertainties, the Internet has open up a wealth of opportunities for individuals to work from home. More and more people are rediscovering the benefits of working from home.

Regardless of present and future outlook of the world economy, working from home will benefit you. You can make good money with home online business. How is that so?

Insane Low Capital Start Up Cost
You don’t need a huge amount of start-up capital. In fact, you can get started with as little as $50 or so… and start making deals on this website almost immediately…You don’t need a physical storefront. You don’t need tons of equipment. And you don’t need to hire or fire employees. It’s just you, your computer, and your Internet connection.

You Don’t Need Any Paper Qualification
You don’t need a fancy degree. Even though you can make the same kind of money as today’s highest-paid CEO, you don’t need a university degree (or even a high-school degree) to make great money as an Internet import/export entrepreneur

Extra Income
You’re in complete control of your financial destiny. Want to do online business “on the side” and make enough money to… say… pay off your monthly groceries or car payment? You can do that. Want to become a super-successful seven-figure Internet affiliate marketer “tycoon”… like Ewen Chia? You can do that, too..

You can start small by keeping your day JOB and earn side income along the way. You have flexibility to decide how much money you wish to make, how soon you want to quit your day job and how much you want to earn in the future and for the rest of your life.

Work In Your Pajamas
You don’t have to get dressed and commute to an office every weekday. If the thought of enduring 20 more years or so of the 9-to-5 grind makes your body shiver with horror… then this could be the perfect alternative. You can work from home… in your pajamas, if you wish… and set your own hours…

You Can Never Get Fired
You don’t need to worry and struggle to keep that 9 to 5pm daily JOB of when the company initiate workforce restructuring and downsize. You are the CEO of your very own online business. Nobody can fire you except yourself.

Just Over Broke
Unless you are the CEO or you belong the elite top upper management of the company, chances are most people will not become rich and achieve financial independence with regular JOB, not even working for decades in the company?. I am not saying that no one will get rich and wealthy by holding regular JOB. Chances are you might not be one of them. After all, JOB stands for ‘just over broke’.

Keep Your Dignity
You don’t have to please your boss and compromise your dignity. You don’t need to be a Mr “Yes” man all the time and you don’t have to deal with nasty peers and office politics. You don’t have to work on the things that you don’t like and worry about your ‘career’.

Make Time Work For You
The rich and poor alike has only 24 hours a day. Why is it that the rich can get more things done and earn more money compare to the average Joe? The secret lies with the power of leveraging. Unlike normal JOB, you don’t have to trade time for money.

In normal JOB, you don’t get paid if you don’t work. The beauty of Internet business is that you can make money even while you are asleep. You get the benefit of running your business 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days none stop without having to get involve with the gritty details of the operation.

Reach Out To The World
You can make money from anywhere in the world. The Internet has completely transformed how a small but fast-growing number of entrepreneurs live and support themselves. You can bring your online business to any part of the world.

What the heck, you can travel for holidays and still get paid through the automated online business system that you have setup. You set it up once and let it runs indefinitely completely automated. When you’re a successful Internet marketer, the world is your oyster…

In summary, reflect on all those benefits associated with home based online business. It doesn’t make sense for anyone to complain about their day to day JOB and yet still not taking actions to improve their quality work life. Success in life starts with the right mindset. If you yearn to work at home and wish to take control of your own destiny then don’t wait. Work at home and being successful with online business is not hard.

There is no real secret to achieve success in working at home. All you need is to follow a proven working system from some of the world’s most distinguish Internet Marketers who has been there and done that. Secret Affiliate Weapon II is a good start for those who are new to online business. When you sign up for SAW2 (Secret Affiliate Weapon 2), you get to learn and apply proven techniques to jump start any online business at the shortest possible time.

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Backlinks: Secrets To Get Your Site To The Top Of Google

Posted on : 03-08-2010 | By : Tom Goodwin | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are involved in internet marketing, back-links is an an often discussed topic. If you are new to internet marketing, however, you may not fully grasp what they are and how you get them.

If your web business will use paid advertising such as AdWords, AdBrite or Yahoo’s paid ads, then back links are something that you do not need to worry about. You only need to focus on keywords when dealing with paid search traffic.

On the other hand if you rely on free search traffic (aka organic search traffic) then it is of primary important that you get good quality back-links to boost your search engine page ranking.

So, let’s assume that you are going to be relying on decent organic rankings in Google (they are the free ones) and you need to get your site high up on Page 1 of Google – preferably #1 – but you don’t understand this SEO business or using back-links and your new web business can’t yet afford someone doing this mysterious art for you.

A back-link is a link that is on one page on the internet, and that links to another page on the internet. In essence, it is the one site “voting” for the other site.

The three major search engines are Google, Yahoo and Bing. Yahoo and Bing do not rely on back-links as much when ranking websites, but since Google encompasses the vast majority of search engine traffic, Google is where all the action should be at.

Anchor text is an important factor when it comes to getting good back-links. If you want to rank for “blue rabbit”, when you can, you want the back-link to include the anchor text “blue rabbit.” In addition, the more links you can get from authority sites the better, as Google counts these “votes” more when the incoming links are from more authority sites.

Your next question should therefore be, how can I get these back-links for my new Siamese fighting fish site? Back in the prehistoric age of the Internet, you would approach other webmasters and politely ask for a link on their website and in return you would offer one on your site to theirs.

If you want to rank in Google for somewhat competitive keywords these days,you may need well in excess of 1000 back-links, or more. That just isn’t feasible if you are simply going around asking for webmasters to
link back to your site.  You need something that gives you more back-link traction.

There are some other factors to consider such as whether the links are do-follow or no-follow, the Page Rank of the site where the back-link comes from and having back-links from a big variety of sites. 

Some of the major factors that you need to be aware of and pay attention to are:

Quality of back-links
Back-links from authorative, trusted and high page ranking websites (for e.g. ezinearticles.com ) gets more vote from Goggle versus back-links from unknown low page ranking websites. A single back-link from such authorative website is worth more than a hundred back-links from irrelevant low page ranking sites.

Relevancy in back-links
The extent of the relevancy of a back-link site’s topics to your site influence how Goggle determine your search engine page ranking position (SERP). A back-link from the same niche or market count as a vote to the relevancy. Thus you should strive to get back-links from authoritative relevant sites.

Quantity of back-links
There is a school of thoughts that it does not matter where your back-links comes from, the more the better so to speak. On the other hand there are also those who feels that Goggle will not reward you based on number of back-links but rather based on the quality and relevancy of the back-links. As a matter of fact your page ranking might even suffer if it comes from banned websites and link farms.

Main Index Page Versus Sub Pages Ranking
One interesting topic that is not often discussed is should you focus on getting back-links to your website main page such as the index page (home page) or should you focus on gettng back-links to the sub pages as well? Well, the truth of the matter is that it all depends on the content layout of your website.

You should avoid diluting your high page ranking main website index page to none SEO optimized sub pages. You should try to balance the back-links throughout your website without hurting the back-link juice to your high PR pages.

One easy way to achieve this balance is by creating a sitemap page where you list all the pages on the site using text links that best describe the pages. This will enable Goggle to crawl and index all the pages more quickly and thus expedite your SERP via back-links.

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Ten Great Internet Marketing Tips

Posted on : 28-07-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Here’s another great Internet Marketing newsletter by super affiliate marketer Ewen Chia. In this report, Ewen suggest 10 marketing tips to boost online business. Among them include topics such as 1) the benefit, tips and challenges of using twitter to market your online business, 2) the differences between paid search traffic versus organic search traffic, 3) quick way to get index by Goggle, 4) how to get your Adsense account approved quickly by Goggle, 5) how to write auto responder 10 day email course, 6) how to setup and things to consider when establishing a membership site and 7) the importance of long tail keywords.

This report could have easily sold for at least 97 dollars but Ewen is generous enough to give it away completely free of charge so that others may benefit and succeed in online business.

As you can see, this report is jam packed with straight to the point factors that makes a difference to the success or failure of your Internet Marketing. Unlike many sales copy letters, this report explains in capsule point form the whys and what you need to do for each of the factors mentioned.

Here’s my take on some of the keypoints highlighted in the newsletter.

Quite a number Internet marketers and online business owners out there don’t quite understand the importance of twitter nor do many understand how to use it effectively to enhance and improve online business.

Those who understand the importance of twitter may sometime use it the inappropriately to advertise product or service. You can increase traffic to your blog or website by publishing your tweets on the website or posting your blog updates to Twitter.

You can integrate Twitter feature into your WordPress blog. For instance, there is a free WordPress Twitter plug-in that automatically update your Twitter each time you put up new posting to your WordPress blog, This is really a cool feature because it enables you to inform those who follow your Twitter of new posting in your blogs.
Do check out this free Twitter plug-in at TweetMyBlog

You can also display Tweets from a Twitter account in your blog. Do check out one such plug-in at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wickett-twitter-widget/.

Organic Search Traffic
The fastest way to divert traffic to your website is through paid search traffic. PPC (pay per click) using Google Adwords is definitely not for the Internet Marketing newbie though. Moreover, it’s getting tougher and increasingly expensive to bid for popular keywords and if you are not careful enough, you may end up losing money in PPC campaigns.

Organic search traffic on the other hand usually involves much more effort and time in comparison with paid search traffic. It usually takes longer time for you to direct traffic to your website via organic search traffic. You may have to spend much more efforts and time in article marketing, viral reports, participating in forum discussion , social media and etc.

The main benefit of organic search traffic over paid search traffic is that the visitor traffic acquired from organic search is much more targeted and converts more easily to paying customer. Thus to certain extend, organic search traffic may be considered long term benefit and much more economical compare to paid search traffic.

It is of course possible for you to pay less for competitive keywords using PPC Google Adwords if you are able to improve the CTR (click through rate) and the quality score, a metric defined by Google using a number of criteria which include CTR, relevancy of your keywords to your website content and etc.

Unless you really know what you are doing, its best to minimize spending on PPC and focus instead on organic search traffic, PPV or CPA network.

Long Tail Keywords
Optimizing keywords is extremely important if you wish to improve your web page SERP (Search Engine Ranking Position) and to get your web page listed in the top position of Google organic search results.

Regardless of paid search traffic or organic search traffic, using long tail keywords over general keywords is as smart as you can get to avoid competing against too many high ranking competing websites and thus saving you both bidding cost for PPC as well as time and efforts to rank high in the SERP.

For instance, it is easier for you to rank for the phrase ‘effective training for 1 year old Pomeranian’ versus ‘effective Pomeranian training’. The reason is obvious that 1) the more specific the search phrase term is, the less competitive is the phrase thus allowing you to compete much more easily for higher-ranking positions, 2) visitors who narrow their search term to long tail keywords are more likely to purchase product or service from you.

Google Adwords keyword tool at https://adwords.google.com/select/KeywordToolExternal is one of the best free web based utility that you can use to search for profitable long tail keywords.
Another powerful software that I have used and strongly recommend is Brad Callen’s Keyword Elite at http://www.myhomebiznet.com/go/keywordelite2/. This software is able to identify profitable competitive long tail keywords within minutes and a must tool for Internet Marketers.

Auto Responder
Auto responder is just a term for email responder, auto email or mail-bot. There are many types of auto responders, some are free to sign up to use while others charge usage by monthly or yearly basis.

Such tools are great ways to save time, as it responds to any message with an automatic response. All types of auto responders work based on the same principle, as they will automatically send a message out when a message is received.

Depending on the message received, such tools will send out the correct return message. What message to send can be determined by the script or the customer email addresses.

Normally, people don’t buy anything on their first or second visit to a website. Most like to shop around, compare, and find the best deal for their money. Auto responders can be thought of as cheap salesman – as they will follow up with your potential customers and keep their interest sparked.

You can make use of auto responder service to set up opt in dialog box to capture prospects and visitors email contacts. You can then offer freebies, free newsletter and even free products or services to encourage people to sign up with you.

Once you have an auto responder set up on your website, you can make money even if you aren’t there. You can be out with your family or doing other things, while your auto responder draws visitors to your website and makes you some money.

If you are a serious Internet Marketer or online business owner then auto responder is a must for you to build up your customer list. Auto responder is an effective marketing tool that enables you to make contact with thousands of potential customers.

You don’t need to implement all the ten tips described. You do however need to take action to implement at least one of the tips and follow through with it as long as it takes improve traffic to your website.

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