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Kontera Investigating It’s WordPress Plug-in Issue

Posted on : 08-04-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Okay, I know for the sure fact that those who visit this blog with IE (Internet Explorer) is going to be really piss off with the slow loading time of the blog postings and would probably be force to close the browser. The reason why I decided to turn the Kontera Ads on in this blog is so that hopefully Kontera staffs would be able to further investigate the Javascript exception triggered.

I am keeping my finger cross and trust that something positive might turn up at their side in determining the root cause of the software exception fault. Being a software developer myself, I understand how difficult it is to debug software issue which is runtime environment dependent.

Even though I have yet to earn a single dime as a Kontera publisher nevertheless I am quite impressed with it’s non intrusive pop up Ads and will continue promote it in my blog and other websites. I guess it seems like a cool advertising strategy which will withstood the test of time.

Anyway, in between I just stumble across an interesting website that might be of interest to those who intend to buy or sell stuffs in the Internet. Most of us heard of Amazon or eBay online stores but did you know that there are many websites apart from these two which are worth considering.

For instance, head to www.etsy.com and checkout the deals. It is an interesting online marketplace which deals with selling and buying of items which you made yourself. If you are good in making something for instance in areas of art and craft then you may be able to start an online business by setting up an online store in this e-market place.

As the saying goes, don’t put all your eggs in the same basket. Try to diversify your e-marketing efforts by leveraging on your skill set and expertise across different similar online marketplace. No doubt eBay has a huge presence in the Internet nevertheless there is no harm for you to consider other alternative online marketplace which offers similar if not better deals.

That’s all for now, remember to read the terms of conditions associated with www.etsy.com and make sure you read the do and the don’t guidelines. Who knows, you might just be able to turn your hobby into financial source of passive income. You never know when your big break comes in. Just remember that you need to take action

Even though I have yet to earn a single dime as a Kontera publisher nevertheless I am quite impressed with it’s non intrusive pop up Ads and will continue promote it in my blog and other websites. I guess it seems like cool advertising strategy which will withstood the test of time.

Anyway, in between I just stumble across an interesting website that might be of interest to those who intend to buy or sell stuffs in the Internet. Most of us heard of Amazon or eBay online stores but did you know that there are many websites apart from these two which are worth considering.

For instance, head to www.etsy.com. It is an interesting online marketplace which deals with selling and buying of items which you made yourself. If you are good in making something for instance in areas of art and craft then you may be able to start an online business by setting up an online store in this e-market place.

As the saying goes, don’t put your eggs all in one basket. Try to divesify your advertising and publishing

That’s all for now, remember to read the terms of conditions associated with www.etsy.com and make sure you read the do and the don’t guidelines. Who knows, you might just be able to turn your hobby into financial source of passive income. You never know when your big break comes in. Just remember that you need to take action

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The ABC’s Of Google AdSense

Posted on : 06-04-2010 | By : Khush Bedi | In : Internet_Marketing

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Google AdSense is a fantastic way to make multiple streams of residual income. But, where is a total newbie supposed to go to learn it, in a way she can understand? Why is it such a problem to find a teacher who is good at teaching you, if you happen to be an absolute beginner?

It is no different for AdSense guides. Almost nobody takes you by the hand and walks with you step by step, starting right at the beginning. Everybody assumes you already know something you do not know, and as soon as that happens, everything that comes after that, might as well be written in Martian.

So, let us change all that starting right now: What is AdSense? You may have heard the terms Google AdWords and AdSense a lot, and you probably have an idea that they both can be used to make money. You may be under the impression that you first have to spend money to get them, before you can begin to use them to make money.

AdSense is totally free. Not just, free to join; but free for life. There are no hidden charges, ever. AdWords, on the other hand, are ads that people pay for, on a per click basis. Only if their ads are clicked, are they required to pay. Some of the money that AdWords buyers pay, goes to AdSense users; in other words, to you.

At this point you may be wondering, if Google does not charge you a dime, and they pay you; what is it that you do for them? You put AdWords ads on your website or blog. Anytime someone clicks one, you make money. It is no problem if you do not have a website, because you can have a free blogger blog up and running in 5 minutes. You just add content, and you can even acquire content for free, too.

To continue learning more AdSense secrets, from a teacher who knows how to speak with newbies, go to http://www.adSensehome.com/ now. You will learn how to get the best AdSense CTR (Click Through Rate), as well as how to get the highest paying AdSense ads. While you are there, be sure to get your free Ebook. Go now: http://www.adsensehome.com

Looking to find the best deal on AdSense Guide, then visit http://www.adsensehome.com to find the best advice on Google AdSense for you.

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Internet Affiliate Marketing – You Can Make Money

Posted on : 25-03-2010 | By : Kevan Cowley | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing on the Internet is one of the simplest methods to make money on the Internet. Affiliate marketing online is a win-win situation because products get sold, people make money and the consumer gets the product they want.

The big manufactures get their products sold without having to shell out small fortunes on advertising and marketing. They pass on these savings to affiliate marketers in the form of commissions because their efforts get the products seen and purchased by the consumer.

There are potentially thousands of these marketers on the Internet promoting affiliate products to the end user, people who would not of otherwise seen this item/product if not advertised in this way.

The affiliate marketer can earn thousands of dollars each month this way. Normally not only do you often make a flat upfront payment but you as the affiliate marketer will also earn a volume commission on sales generated. Just like a salesman would get a quantity bonus for achieving increasing levels of business.

The big difference been a salesman is limited by how much work he can do on his own, therefore his earnings are limited where as the affiliate marketer is not because he or she can increase the sales volume by growing a team of affiliate marketers all running their own online enterprise but each being rewarded for the amount of total business they bring in.

This can be a great way to steadily build your income and be rewarded for your efforts, and the efforts of your team under you and it still costs the vendor less than pricey advertising campaign from a slick advertising company.

The end consumer benefits because they are getting the product that they were looking to buy anyway probably cheaper than they were going to pay retail. Also you can give them more of a personal sell because it is person to person, so the end user is able to make a more informed decision about the purchase of the product. The manufacture or dealer makes a sale that that they did not have to market too and you make a passive income for your endeavors online.

I hope this has giving you a good insight into affiliate marketing and if it has not convinced you to dive in for yourself then consider also that all an affiliate marketer needs is a computer and Internet connection. You can work in your pajamas, you can work whatever time of day you want, you can work for as little or as long as you want and you can sell as many different products or services as you want. Your earnings are only limited by how much work you put in to it. Do you know of any other line of work with all these benefits? If you do please tell me and I will join you but for now I am happy in this little virtually unknown but very lucrative world of online affiliate marketing.

If you would like to make massive profits through affiliate marketing then please check out Ewen Chia’s Secret Affiliate Weapon 2. It is a no fluff straight to the point guide on how to earn comfortable income from affiliate marketing.

Kevan Cowley is an affiliate marketer and is the owner of Super-Affiliate-Income.net and reviews online internet earning opportunities. The best affiliate marketing opportunity online with over six income streams and is set up within 24 hours is Plug-In Profit Site

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Find Out 4 Affiliate Tips For Your Business

Posted on : 20-03-2010 | By : Kim Neo | In : Internet_Marketing

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Affiliate marketing isn’t very different from any other business out there, it’s just the same thing with a cyber twist. However, the marketing methods that you will employ are basically the same as with any traditional business. However, affiliate marketers are in direct competition with each other, and that makes the job a bit harder. This is why it’s important for you to stand out from the crowd in every possible way to get that most wanted sale. In the following article, I will let you in on four things that will sharpen your skills and make you more money in the long run.

1) Set the table: in order to secure your piece of the affiliate marketing pie, you need to know the wants and needs or your customer’s lifestyle. You don’t want to waste your time trying to sell ice cream in the Antartic. Instead you want to pick the marketing methods that best suit your targeted niche. For instance, if you have a website with the topic of “mechanical tools,” it will need to have content written that will address the needs of the people that are in that market. You also need to consider the experience level of your target market. Or maybe someone that has a great deal of knowledge in your product? If you have an item that you would like to sell, then your content should be directed towards people that wish to buy that particular item.

2) CPA Programs are Profitable – Cost Per action programs, or pay per lead (PPL) programs, can also be used to help your blog earn money. These types of programs are run on CPA networks which you need to join before you begin promoting. Simply Google “CPA network” to find a bunch of these. Again, you’re not selling anything here, because you make money on a certain action your visitor takes. Whenever the required action is carried out by a visitor (which can also be signing up through a form or simply submitting their email address) you earn money. The CPA market is thriving today, and there are lots of courses available which can teach you how to become a part of these types of networks and make money by promoting their offers. It does however take some time and effort before you get good at it, but in the end, there’s a lot of money you can make from it.

3) Let Subscribers Assist You In Building Your List – It is true that it takes skill and time to be able to build a list. However, once you find the right niche markets, you will not be able to find anything more effective. Now if you really desire to move to the next level and create the kind of lists that really make big money you need to carefully cultivate your first several hundred subscriptions. you can’t even dream of co-oping with other marketers until you have a solid list of subscribers. Before anyone will take you on in a joint venture you have to have enough subscriptions in your list that you’ll be able to meet or exceed the numbers they’ll bring to the party. All list owners prefer working with someone who is on their level. Begin with promotions like item giveaways and distributing articles. Once you have a solid base of a thousand subscribers or so then you can try other marketers in and see who might take you up on a co-op venture.

4) Accomplish Success By Pre-selling – You must remember one fact: The merchant is the one that sells the product, not you! You need to pre-sell, or create reasons why your visitors should make a purchase, not sell. Educate your customers. Write detailed reviews about the products on your affiliate “menu”. You can give them your honest opinion, of the pros and the cons; things they won’t find on the promotional material. To secure the largest portion possible of the affiliate marketing pie, the most successful thing you can do is share your own honest, positive experiences with the product.

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Improved Search Engine Ranking Better Chance To Be Found

Posted on : 18-03-2010 | By : Sheryl Bocelli | In : Internet_Marketing

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Internet has become a big source of sharing information with a large number of users word wide. It is a platform that is being used by many companies to market their products and services. Making yourself more visible and scalable over the internet it is highly recommended to maximize your sales and increase profit. If you have more visitors to your website the sales will certainly expand getting more profit.
The search engine table registers and keeps on updating all the site information on regular intervals to check for any broken links. So in order to have improved search engine ranking it is very important that all the web pages are marked correctly and are active all the time. High ranking will also help in getting higher traffic to the site.

No other internet marketing tool can get you more sales than having your website appear in the top ten ranks of the major search engine. Since we only look at the top 10 results on the search engine hence the chances of user entering any of the top 10 marked site increases. So if your website holds no place in the top ten you will not have much traffic going through your site which reduces the sales product or services as well.

Not being on the first page of the search engine will make you lose 90% of the traffic searching through your keyword. Thus getting to the first page will get success through a better online marketing.

Correct search engine optimization techniques will ensure your site a better rank in the search engine page. This technique uses both, onsite and offsite methods for getting a higher search engine rank. These SEO techniques will get you higher listing at the pages of major search engines against your keyword. For getting an improved search engine ranking online link strategy is also an important tool.

Ensure using these optimization techniques while constructing a website as they are very important aspect that cannot be neglected in case you desire to rank high. For each page of the website to be indexed properly it is very important that all the internal links should be live. For getting an improved search engine ranking online link strategy is an important tool. Onsite linking strategy plays an important role in helping the spider crawl through all the pages in your site. Other than having links to other websites, internal linking in your site will get you good results in improving your rank.

By using these techniques and concepts you can create an optimized website. There are lot of sites which offer you techniques by which your rank can surely come up in search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. These sites teach how to get top 10 search engine rankings effectively and inexpensively. You can find books also which guide you for these SEO methods, or search engine optimization techniques

Having the top 10 search engine ranking for your target keyword is vital for you site to grow its online business. There are many professional teams which help in achieving the desired results at very minimal charges. Use these improved search engine ranking techniques and get increase website traffic and have higher visibility over the internet.

There are millions of sites in the Internet especially if you check prominent search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN. This is why you need to find ways for improved search engine ranking of your website to draw the attention of online visitors. Or you need to check how to be at the top search engine ranking.

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How Search Engines Work

Posted on : 16-03-2010 | By : Graham McKenzie | In : Internet_Marketing

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Sometimes referred to as ‘spiders’ or crawlers, automated search engine robots seek out web pages for the user. Just how do they accomplish this and is this of importance? What is the real purpose of these robots?

Robots actually have the same basic functionality that earlier browsers had. Just like these early browsers, search engine robots do not have the ability to do certain things. Robots cannot get past password protected areas. They do not understand frames, Flash movies, nor Images or JavaScript.

Even if you use a robot, you have to click the buttons on your website. They can cease to function while using JavaScript navigation or when indexing a dynamically generated URL. A search engine robot retrieves data and finds information and links on the web.

The robot makes a list of the web pages in the system at the ‘submit a URL page, then searches for these web pages in order from the list the next time it goes on the web. Sometimes a robot will find your page whether you have submitted it or not because other site links may lead the robot to your site. Building your link popularity and getting links from other topical sites back to your site is important.

The first thing a robot does when it arrives is to check for a robots.txt file. This file tells the robots which sites are off-limits. Usually these are files that should be of no concern because they are binaries or other files that are not needed by the robot.

Links are collected from every page that is visited. These links are used in following those links to other pages. The robot gets around on the World Wide Web by following links from one place to another.

When the robots return, the information they gathered is assimilated into the search engine’s database. Through a complex algorithm, this data is interpreted and web sites are ranked according to how relevant they are to various topics that would be searched for. Some of the bots are quite easy to notice – Google’s is the appropriately-named Googlebot, where Inktomi utilizes a more ambiguous bot named Slurp. Others may be difficult to identify at all.

There may be robots that you do not want to visit your website such as aggressive bandwidth grabbing robots and others. The ability to identify individual robots and the number of their visits is useful. Information on the undesirable robots is helpful also.

IP names and addresses of search engine robots are listed at the end of this article in a resources section. These robots read the pages on your website by visiting your page and looking at the text that is visible on the page, and then looks at the source code tags such as title tags, meta tags and others.

They look at the hyperlinks on your page. From these links, the search engine robot can determine what your page is about. Each search engine has its own algorithm to determine what is important. Information is indexed and delivered to the search engine’s database according to how the robot has been set up through the search engine.

If you’re interested in seeing which pages the spiders have visited on your website, you can check your server logs or the results from your log statistics. From this information you’ll know which spiders have visited, where they went, when they came, and which pages they crawl most often.

Some are easy to identify, such as Google’s ‘Googlebot,’ while others are harder: ‘Slurp’ from Inktomi, for example. In addition to identifying which spiders visit, you can also find if any spiders are draining your bandwidth so that you can block them from your site. The internet has plenty of information on identifying these bad bots.

There are also certain things can prevent good spiders from crawling your site, such as the site being down or huge amounts of traffic. This can prevent your site from being re-indexed, though most spiders will eventually come by again to try re-accessing the page.

Justin Harrison is an internationally recognised Internet Marketing expert who provides world class SEO Services to website owners. For more information visit: http://www.seorankings.co.za

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Top Reasons Why Most Online Business Fail

Posted on : 10-03-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the reasons why many people failed and quit online business is due to lack of awareness of the scope of work involve. Contrary to what some of you may have heard from Internet Marketing Gurus selling the idea about not having to lift a finger to earn income, online marketing actually involves a great deal work.

Of course that does not imply there aren’t any Internet millionaires around who are able to reap huge profit from their online business without having to spend tons of hours in the business. However, what many people overlook is that most of the successful Internet entrepreneurs started with tremendous efforts and commitments to bring up their online business.

A high number of people failed and give up on Internet business because they have wrong mindset. Some people treat it as hobby rather than real business. You are your own boss so to speak so you need to have discipline, determination, focus and passion to carry it through if you were to succeed in your online business.

It is easy to become complacent and procrastinate when it comes to dealing with online business. This behavior is further compounded by the fact that it is very affordable to start your own Internet business thus there is less pain involve should the business fail to take off.

It is not surprising that some people deliver excellent results when they work under duress stress but their productivity drops when they are not given any time line to complete their work. There’s a saying that human by nature is lazy and I guess it might be true in certain sense.

Just think of it for a minute. If you work for an organization whereby you do not need to be accountable for your deliverable and you have no one to report to, would you be due diligent enough in wanting to complete tasks assign to you? I guess more than often most probably not.

When you run you your own Internet business, you are practically at your own liberty to decide which, how and when a particular task should be completed. You are your own boss. Have you ever give a thought what sort of boss you wish to become or what boss you are?

After all there is no one breathing down your neck to ensure you do your work diligently and that tasks you assigned to yourself are completed in time and of good quality. It is important for you as your own boss to set up committed timeline to accomplish tasks and make sure it is achieve. For instance, set up goals such as complete article writing and submitting articles within 30 minutes time and so forth.

In summary, it is important for you to have the right mindset if you are to succeed in online business. Business conducted through Internet is no different from normal brick and mortar business.

You need to invest time, focus and efforts to make your online business become profitable. Being your own boss means taking actions and be responsible for all the various aspect of your online business.

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SEO Basic Tips – Keywords

Posted on : 27-02-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Getting your website to the top of the search engines is crucial for a thriving online business. You may have heard the term keyword research in Internet forums, discussions and etc. First thing first what are keywords? In the most simplistic terms, it refers to words and phrases that user enters into search engines such as Google to search for websites or blogs.

Keyword research is an important aspect of Internet marketing. Suitable keywords and phrases could improve your website visibility, popularity and position within the search engine ranking position. Two factors that is closely associated with keyword research is 1) the number searches per month and 2) the total number of websites with such keywords.

General keywords and phrases are extremely competitive judging by the number searches per month and the number of websites. It gets increasingly difficult to compete against thousands if not millions of websites for keywords or phrases that are extremely popular and in high demand. You can make use of Google Keyword Tool to estimate the volume of search for any keywords.

It is worthwhile for you to invest in some SEO tools to expedite keyword research and website optimization. If you are operating on shoe string budget then fret not. There are many free SEO tools which you can use as well.

One of the keyword research tools that I find very useful is Dave Guindon’s Golden Cash Compass. I did not purchase that software. It came bundle with Virtual Smart Agent which I bought last year. Surprisingly Golden Cash Compass is very easy to use and the help section that Dave’s provided is very informative and excellent.

Does that imply you should totally do away with keyword research and just focus on the article content? I guess not. After all, it is known fact that you should foremost post article with good content for human readership. On the other hand you also need to be mindful that search engine relies on keywords and phrases to categorize your website content.

Search engine optimization is not as difficult as it seems. SEO is pretty much an art as much as it has its underlying functionality deeply rooted in Internet computer science. There are two ways to get your website rank high by the search engines.

The first method involve outbidding competitors for popular keywords in PPC (pay per click) Adwords. Most big online business with deep marketing and advertisement budgets use PPC to garner traffic. PPC Adwords is very attractive from the perspective that you could get your website rank highly within minutes of launching your marketing campaigns.

It is important to note that using PPC Adwords to drive traffic to your website requires constant monitoring and adjustment to keywords and bidding cost. You could lose big time money if you are not careful with PPC. Your website may end up with many clicks but few or no buyers to your products or services.

The alternative method to search engine optimization is through what is term improving organic search traffic to your website. Natural search traffic optimization, also known as organic search improvement involves multiple aspects and requires longer time to take effect.

The positive aspect of focusing on organic search traffic as part of your SEO (search engine optimization) efforts is that the traffic generated is more targeted and you don’t have to spend as much money as PPC Adwords to bid for completive keywords.

Here’s a couple of simple tips to improve ranking of your website

Optimize Your Title Tag
The title tag goes between the head tags and looks like this:

<title>Your Title Here</title>

Make sure your main keyword appears once or twice in the title. If you have a secondary keyword, put both of them in the title. Don’t have any keyword more than twice as it might be construed by search engine spiders as keyword stuffing and your site might get blacklisted or even worst still ban completely by the search engines.

Optimize Your Site

There are many other factors that are important for on site optimization. Two of the big ones are your header tags and your keyword density.

Use <h1> for your headers. In between them, make sure you mention your keyword at least once.

Use your keyword often in your text, but make sure the keywords and phrases blends naturally with the content. If in doubt, read out loud the content with keywords and if it sounds funny then probably its not optimize properly.

These two factors have an influence on Google, but not nearly to the same degree as before simply because people abused the system.

Get Quality Back links

The next step is to get good back links from sites that are related to yours. There are many ways to do this. Here are some of them:

• Submit free press releases
• Offer to write articles for other sites in exchange for a back link.
• Pay for it. (Make sure you are paying services which are using non black hat methods )
• Submit your site to directories
• Link to them and ask them to link back. ( A one way back link is more valuable though)
• Post comments on related blogs (This is one of the most effective way to increase back link)
• Etc

Be creative. Come up with ways to get back back links to your site. Focus on one particular technique to get quality back links. For instance, if you decide to write articles for other sites than by all means put efforts and focus to write and submit as many articles as possible.

Optimize Your Anchor Text

If you can, ask the website owners who’re linking to you to create their link with good anchor text. A good anchor text is a link that has your keyword in it, rather than just click here.

For example, if you’re selling GPS:

Bad: *Click Here* To learn About GPS

Good: Click This Link to *Learn About GPS Workshops*

Where ** = The Link Text


If you select your keywords carefully, optimize your title, your h1 tags and your keyword density, get quality back links and optimize your anchor text, you’ll be far, far ahead of your competition.

In fact, you now know more about how to get your website to rank well in the search engines than most web masters on the Internet. Now it’s time to put this knowledge to use and really see the results. What you learned here can literally double your business overnight.

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Where Should You Put Your WordPress Blog

Posted on : 04-02-2010 | By : David Anttony | In : Internet_Marketing

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WordPress is one of the world’s major and most widely used blogging software package. When it comes to SEO it is one of the hottest programs that you can use. One of the questions that many people ask is where should they put their WordPress blog. Should they install their WordPress blog at the home URL or should they create a separate sub domain or sub folder?

Tip: Make sure the blog is on YOUR site

So often we are asked about adding a blog on another website such as Blogger or WordPress.com which provides free blog hosting and has a high PR rank.

If you are doing blogging for SEO purposes compared to obtaining traffic purposes, then you can ONLY locate your blog in one place and one place only – On your site!

Do not even think about using a sub-web such as http://www.blog.mygreatsite.com. Why would you use a sub web anyhow unless if you want a cool blog URL.

Sub webs are part of your internet site but they are unclear from an SEO position. If you want to have the blog content 100% linked with your website then make sure it is off a sub folder and NOT a sub web for example : http://www.myhappysite.com/blog.

Placing your blog on a sub web will not give you the same SEO advantage as having them as a sub-folder on your website. Sub webs may be treated different by different search engines – the result outcome will be unclear.

If your blog is currently on WordPress.com or Blogger.com then consider quickly to relocate it and it’s contents to your physical website. Shifting a WordPress.com hosted site to your own WordPress site hosted by you is uncomplicated – do a database backup and then set up WordPress on your web site and then restore the contents. Moving a Blogger site to a WordPress site is not as easy. If you need to learn how to do this then just Google – “moving a blogger blog to wordpress” and you will get some great hints on how to do this.

If you have some existing rankings for keywords on Google and Yahoo then you do need to be warned – adding a lot of new content may affect your ranking negatively at first.

Your blog ranking may be affected if you add a large blog. Adding a blast of new content ‘dilutes’ your current site content if the new content is NOT Search Engine Optimization optimized for the keywords that you want to rank for. Search Engine Optimize the content before making it live to avoid this dilution effect. Taking the time to do this BEFORE you add it to your site will make a big difference to your existing ranking position.

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Information Overload – Don’t Just Read, Take Action!!

Posted on : 30-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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One of the biggest issues confronting Internet Marketing newbie is that of information overload. It is quite common to get bombarded with tons of Internet Marketing ideas and techniques so to speak particularly when you sign up for freebies such as free products or services. It is not surprising for an Internet marketing newbie to get overwhelmed and confuse by tons of online business ideas, techniques, tactics and strategies which sometimes seems contradicting or confusing totally.

Most people have in one or another experience what is term paralysis through analysis. A lot of people struggle for hours, days, weeks or even months to try to digest tons of information (be it free or paid products or services) in the hope they will be able to achieve success in the online business and Internet Marketing world through the mastering of that one killer strategy and tactic.

Some people feel they lack the necessary information, expertise and experience to jump start their online business. As a result many do not realize they spend more time than necessary trying to understand and studying all those techniques, many of which may or may not be suitable for the kind of business model they are dealing with.

On thing that I have learn, painfully though is that you need not spend all your time going through every single email marketing promotions, products or services which comes along your way. After all, you are not studying to get your PhD so to speak. Your success in the online business do not depend entirely on how much time you invest in trying to understand as many Internet marketing techniques and ideas. Your online business success depends primarily on the actions you take to implement what you have learn.

On a personal note, I would recommend that you pick one particular Internet Marketing technique which you have not used and focus on it. Try to balance the amount of time you invest in getting to understand the technique and the time where you actually take action to implement it in your website or blog.

As a matter of fact, you can start to implement some of those IM techniques once you grasp hold of the fundamentals pertaining to that one particular technique which you are focusing on. As for me, I usually spend 50 percent of the time reading up whatever I can on an Internet Marketing technique and the rest of the time to implement what I have learn.

Thus for instance, say if you spend 2 hours a day to understand article marketing, you should likewise spend another 2 hours or so on that same day to actually implement what you have learned by generating articles pertaining to your product or service and submitting to the various ezine and article directories.

Don’t just read what you need to know whole day long. Take action and implement what you have learn. As the saying goes, ‘I see I forget, I read I remember, I do I understand’. In summary, your success depends not just on your depth of understanding of the marketing techniques you used, but more importantly on the kind of actions you actually take to make it happen.

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