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Impact Of Duplicate Article Contents

Posted on : 10-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Search engines generates unique fingerprint for every web page it crawls on. Web pages are broken down into sets of word patterns to determine if the contents are duplicates or not. The major goal of the the various search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Microsoft is to only serve one version of the content in search results. This is definitely in line with user expectations of not being serve with duplicate contents from multiple urls and mirror sites.

Mass Article Control

The main objective of article rewriting is to make every single of your article which is being submitted to the article directories appear unique to search engines. There are many irresponsible web masters who goes around copying and duplicating contents from others.

Regardless of how sophisticated search engines might be, trying to determine the original authorship of a content remains a huge challenge. Search spiders can’t really tell for sure which of the websites contains the original content thus your website ranking may suffer and drop from the search index because the search engine will index only one particular URL.

Duplicate contents can also affect your website link popularity. Instead of having all the back links focused at one particular URL, these back links will instead point to multiple versions of the same URL.

This will make it more difficult to collect incoming traffic for any one particular URL. What was supposed to be increase targeted traffic to a particular URL gets distributed among several other websites instead. Thus the link popularity for your particular URL may suffer as a result of link juice dilution.

Article rewriting can be a time consuming process. Fortunately there are many software which helps to speed up the article rewrite process. One of the best article rewrite tool is the Mass Article Creator Software

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Article Content Spinning – Mass Article Control

Posted on : 10-01-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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There are many article content spinner or article rewriting software in the market. Some of this software is completely free of charge. For instance JetSpinner is an free online article rewriting software that is pretty handy for generating multiple unique articles based on a single article.

Why would you want to consider forging out money to purchase an article content spinner software while you can get it for from the Internet? Well, the truth of the matter is that it all depends on your preferences such as 1) learning curve, 2) online versus off line. 3)features

Firstly, article content spinner (be it free or paid products) can be categorized into two types namely off-line or online software. Article content spinner service that is hosted on the remote server of the software provider is considered online tool. An online tool has advantages as well as disadvantages.

The main advantages of any online article content spinner are that firstly you don’t need to install the software on your notebook or desktop computer. Software patches and updates are automatically accomplished remotely by the hosted server designated by the software provider. You can use any computer with Internet access to log into the user account that you registered for the online article content spinner. Portability and machine platform independent is a tremendous plus.

On the other hand the main disadvantages of these online tools are 1) you need to have access to the Internet to utilize the service, 2) the service can slow down quite a bit somewhat if there are too many users accessing the online tool simultaneously, 3) keywords, phrases, sentences and even paragraphs synonyms which you generate for specific articles usually resides on the remote server databases which you have no control. Administrator or the owner of the online article content spinner reserved the rights to remove the synonym database that you build up across time thus all your efforts may be wasted.

The main advantages of off-line standalone article content spinners are that they are usually installed and operate in the client target machine. No Internet access is required to run the program. Furthermore, most of the off-line article content spinners do not suffer from any form of slowdown due to load balancing issue because at any point of time only a single user get to access the program.

Another factor to consider is how long it takes for the user to be familiar with the software and the amount of time need to be up to speed with using it comfortably. It is not surprising that some of the free article content spinner tools are powerful, feature rich but complicated or confusing in some sense and takes time to be familiar with.

Mass Article Control

Mass Article Creator is one of the easiest off-line article content spinners to use. There is no complicated settings or rules to remember. It works as advertised and you quickly gain speed in learning how to use it with ease after watching the video tutorial. The entire article creation is easily accomplished by just a few button clicks.

Yes, Mass Article Control software may cost quite a bit but the benefits that you get from it far exceeds the product cost you paid for. The software runs on Microsoft Windows OS. After you install the program and launch it, a clean looking GUI pops up, looks kind of intimidating at first but you easily get the hang of it quickly.

The Mass Article Control product is made up of Mass Article Creator software and the Mass Article Submitter software. The Mass Article Creator software creates unique contents based on a single seed article. The Mass Article Submitter software automates submission of articles to up to 10 article/Ezine directories.

By default the Mass Article Creator software comes configured right out of the box with huge in-build synonym database. You can add new synonyms and create different set of synonyms accordingly. It is major plus being able to categorize the synonyms to allow you to organize different sets of keywords, phrases and sentences replacements for different article rewriting topics.

On the flip downside, Mass Article Creator lack one important feature, the option to export or save the categorized synonym database. The fact that this software executes from the computer which the software is installed means you would probably have to re-generate the categories of synonyms if you need to install and execute the software on another computer.

In summary, Mass Article Creator is a great tool to use as it helps you to quickly create unique articles based on a single article. Automating article rewriting or article content spinning is worth considering as it save you lots of precious time to focus on other more pertinent aspects of your online business.

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