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How To Build A Million Dollar Online Business

Posted on : 04-03-2013 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Most people think it is impossible to build a million dollar online business. Some think it is a fad or unrealistic goal to achieve.

Many assumed those who professed being able to do so are either deceiving themselves, day dreaming or false claims by fraudster selling pipe dreams to Internet marketing wannabes.

Even though eighty percent of most online business hardly make a dime  at all or hardly break even in terms of revenue, those who actually succeed continue do continue to  thrive and generate massive income.

Is it possible to establish a multi million dollar online business within a short time span, say two years or less? I guess the more pertinent question is not so much of whether one could realistically earn a million dollar in the Internet but more on whether one has the million dollar mindset.

Rich Schefren, known as the Guru of Gurus of Internet Marketing has the answer right below. Check it out..

Here are some key pointers that will bring you closer in building a successful million dollar recurring passive online income.  They are :

Think Big But Start Small

It is always good to aim high, be overboard so to speak in terms of setting big goals.As the saying goes, a journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step so likewise, think big but start by breaking up big goals into realistic measurable achievable intermediate milestone checkpoints.

You can’t improve on what you can’t measure so make sure you develop intermediate or short term goals with metric that you can gauge to monitor the progress of your efforts and plans.  Set quarterly or even monthly or weekly objectives that you know you can achieve if you put your heart, mind and soul into it .

For instance, you might have a short term goal of generating quality leads of say up to 200 sign ups to your news letter and etc. Don’t try to set any goal that is too ambitious and too difficult to achieve such as making a million bucks in a day.

You set up yourself up for failure if you start with a big target that you cannot achieve. This is the case regardless of online or offline business.

Capitalize On Key Strength

Short cut your route to success by capitalizing on your key strength,  leverage your expertise and outsource activities you are not good at or familiar with to third parties who are better at it . Focus more of your time and efforts on the business rather then  in the business so to speak.

Many people make the mistake of worrying and working too much on the technical details instead of the marketing and business aspect of the product or service.

Be Passionate And Determine To Succeed

Everything starts with the mindset and it ends with it too.  In other words it starts with the mind and ends with the mind. Thus you must have the right mindset, the desire, drive and the passion to succeed in what you set out to do.  If you treat your online business as a hobby than you will never be able to earn six figure full time monthly income period.

Get A Good Mentor Or A Coach To Accelerate Your Success

Most novice Internet marketers failed and give up as quickly as they jump on board making money online opportunity simply  not because they lack the necessary knowledge and expertise.

On the contrary, most don’t make it pass two years  because they are overloaded with too much information and they don’t know where to begin or they start on the wrong track.

How To Deal With Information Overload.

Accelerate Your Internet Business Success With A Good Mentor


The best way to accelerate your path to online business success is by learning from those who’s being there, done that so to speak.  Don’t try to reinvent the wheel so to speak. Get a good mentor or a coach for advice and guidance.

You need to change the course and take action to make good money. A good coach and mentor can provide the critical factors to jump start your path to financial freedom.

Now here’s an important kicker, a lot of people ask the question ‘what’ instead of ‘why’ when they don’t do well in business. They move from one product or tactic to another when they don’t see the money rolling in.

Take Massive Imperfect Action

Some people never make it pass the first step because they feel they need more time to be the expert or they need more time to create the perfect product or service before they take it to the market .  This is a big mistake which you need to avoid.

Mario Brown coined the term ‘take massive imperfect action’ to advice marketers to bring their product or service into the market once it does what it is supposed to do instead of trying to deliver a perfect solution. You need to take action, to sell something in order to make money online.

You may feel you do not have be the ideal product  when you launch to the market  it  but you can always continue to refine or  fine tune it along the way based on customer feedback and deliver upgrades subsequently.

Rinse & Repeat

One of the main advantage with dealing with Internet marketing or any online business model for that matter  is that you can apply similar tactics or strategies that works on one particular product to another product sales and other niche markets.

You can multiply your income by multiple fold and even exponentially by following a proven success  blue print that you are comfortable with and which you know works for you. You can apply the same business model over and over again and sooner than you could imagine, you are on your way to becoming a millionaire runaway success story.


Is it possible to live the life style of  your dreams, generate massive recurring passive income and build a million dollar business empire with just a computer and Internet connection?  Nobody said it is going to be easy but it can done. You need to  have the right mindset, take action and stay the course.

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Avoid These Mobile Marketing Traps

Posted on : 12-11-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Mobile Marketing

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Here are five mobile marketing mistakes that you should avoid. Have it occur to you why mobile marketing campaign usually don’t perform that well during winter compare to other seasons?

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4 Simple Steps To Jumpstart Your Internet Business

Posted on : 20-04-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Nobody can guarantee your online business success except yourself.   Over night get rich quick scheme simply does not exist but there are ways for you to shortcut the process of building your first online business to become profitable in matter of weeks.

Even though the statistic is very grim in the sense that over ninety five percent of web based business fail to make any profit, it is actually a big advantage for you because you can easily dominate any niche market and bring in huge income by executing four simple steps.

Step 1: Make The First Move (Take Action)
As the saying goes, the first step is always the hardest. Nothing gets done if you don’t take the first step. Half the battle is won when you make the first move. Many people either don’t start at all, or try to get started and give up as quickly as they take the first action because they could not achieve the dream of becoming a millionaire in a week. That’s really crazy but it’s the truth if you care to think about it.

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Internet Business Live 2 Seminar – My Thoughts

Posted on : 30-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Internet Business Live 2!

Internet Business Live 2!

I attended Internet Business Live 2 seminar organized by two of the biggest Internet Marketer names in town namely Ewen Chia and Patrick Chan. It is one of the most interesting and rewarding seminar I have ever attended. It was held at Singapore Novotel Clark Quay hotel on September 24th and 25th. There are quite a few people who flew in from as far as Australia and US to attend the event.

I learn quite a number of strategies and techniques in the seminar, most of which you will not be able to find else where. I am surprised that both Ewen and Patrick is so open and willing to share, so much so that they even show us some of their successful websites as well as disclosed some of the under radar strategies and techniques!.

How many Internet Marketing Guru’s do you know of are willing to show and let people see their money making websites ? Not many I suppose and here in IBL2 we have two of the most well respected and established trainer and speaker disclosing some of their best money making websites!

Most seminars usually involved multiple speakers, each lasting about an hour and so where the speech is usually scripted in advance and then follow with up sell of products and services, not so with Ewen and Patrick. The up sell of their 6 month intensive Internet marketing training follow through only after they have completed the training seminar.

One of the thing that I find most interesting about IBL2 event is that Ewen and Patrick conduct the seminar in a free flow manner where they speak freely and pour out their thoughts and gave some valuable insights when it cross their mind. It is not a scripted event so to speak. I can tell that they truly believe in sharing the wealth of information and experience that they have gained so that others may benefit from it.

The lack of preparation does not compromise the quality of the seminar but rather it enhance and makes it more lively and fascinating. The biggest take away that I gain from IBL2 is that Ewen rightfully points up that everyone can succeed online just like him and in all essence success is all about foremost having the right mindset and secondly the ability to follow a proven Internet marketing blueprint system.

There are many ways to make money online. There are so many business model to choose from. Do not be intimidated by all the various marketing techniques. You don’t need to be an expert in every business model in order to succeed. You certainly do not need to be an Internet techie or Internet savvy to start a profitable online business.

What matter most is find out what best works for you and then do more of the same thing in order to make even more money. The key technique is what is usually called rinse and repeat. Once you have established a money making business model that works for you then you can move on to explore other techniques.

The online business landscape is ever changing but the basic principle on how to make money online remains the same. It is truly and evergreen technique that both Ewen and Patrick has mastered and put to perfection. You stand to gain a lot by enrolling in some of their best training courses and coaching programs.

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The Easiest Way To Start An Online Business – Affiliate Marketing

Posted on : 28-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you are newcomer in the world of Internet Marketing then you may wonder what is the easiest and quickest way to start an online business. A lot of people has the wrong notion that they need to create their own product or service in order to start one.

Do you actually really need to create your own product in order to start an online business?  Absolute not!, you don’t need to create or own any product at all. Have you heard of the term affiliate marketing? In a nutshell affiliate marketing is a form of marketing where you get certain commissions for recommending and referring people to buy products for which you are the product affiliate.

There are lots of work involved to make money with your own product. Not only do you have to spend time and money to create a product, you also need to deal with marketing stuffs such as writing  a good sales-copy letter, sales banner, handle payment system, refunds, technical and customer support and etc.

On the contrary you don’t need to worry about all the above when you deal with affiliate marketing. You just need to focus on promoting and recommending products to the customer. Isn’t that an easier business model for novice and newbie Internet Marketers to begin with? By the way you can still create your own products for instance eBook which you can bundle as additional bonus or add ons for customers that purchase affiliate products through you.

Affiliate marketing has been around for quite some time, even in offline business, well except that people don’t called it specifically ‘affiliate marketing’. Take for instance a shop which sells various products and goods. Do you think all those products are manufactured or created by the shop owner? Of course not!. So where do all those products on the shelf comes from?

Put it simply, the goods and products are distributed by salesmen who make a deal with the shop owners who stand to earn some profit when a sale is made. The same goes for affiliate marketing whereby you sign up as an affiliate for products or services that you wish to promote through your website. It is as easy as directing the customer to the product website. You get paid when the customer you refer to buy the product.

The main advantage with online affiliate marketing is that you don’t need a lot of initial capital start up investment at all. As a matter of fact you don’t even need a website to begin with. You can promote affiliate products directly through Facebook, Squidoo, HubPages, and various social networking media and social book marking sites such as StumbleUpon. You have the flexibility and choice to promote both physical as well as digital products.

All that you need is a computer with connection to the Internet to start an online business and you CAN make money as an affiliate marketer, usually as quick as in within the 1st 24 hours . I used to be very skeptical about people being able to make money online within 24 hours starting from scratch until I attended the  Internet Live Business 2 seminar conducted by Ewen Chia and Patrick Chan.

There so many affiliate programs that you can sign up for as an affiliate marketer. Most of these companies do not have strict criteria and they usually approve your application quickly. Amazon, eBay, Commission Junction are but some of the bigger names that offers you the opportunity to promote physical products.

Among these companies, eBay is the most difficult to sign up for as an affiliate also known as eBay Partnership. Don’t’ be surprise if your application gets rejected by eBay no matter how hard you try. Of course there are some tips that you can use to improve your chances of being approve by eBay but again that’s an article for another post which I will write shortly.

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Getting Americans Back To Work

Posted on : 13-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Facts Of Life, Internet_Marketing

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I am quite impressed with US President Obama’s speech which he addressed to the US congress on the proposed Job’s Act. The Bill Act that Obama seeks Congress to approve right away pertains to tax cuts and money estimated amounting up to US$447 billion dollars, mostly to put unemployed Americans back work.

President Obama is truly a gifted speaker indeed. His stern yet seemingly calm expression is quite commendable. The message he conveyed pertaining to the urgency to help those in desperate need of financial support will no doubt goes down well and touch the life of those who live from pay check to pay check or on day by day basis.

I was not able to watch the entire live television broadcast of the speech because I had to leave house for work. On the way to the office I can’t help but wonder if President Obama’s Job Act is going to solve the nation jobless woes.

At the heart of the whole economic and financial crisis that beset the world superpower, creating new jobs seems like the most logical plan and sensible urgent task to focus on. The bigger question though is if the proposed Bill a long term and sustainable plan given the ever changing political and economical landscape that affect not just the United States but also the rest of the world as well.

Republicans and Democrats are still very much at loggerheads and at odds with what the best solution to address the nation’s soaring debt and increase unemployment rate should be. President Obama strongly believe that the wealthiest citizens of the nation and large US corporations should do their part to contribute more to help the middle and the lower class income wage earners.

Well, I am not so sure if I agree a hundred percent with Obama’s proposed increase tax rate for the wealthy class in order to help subsidize the middle and lower income group. After all, some of these so called well to do high income group earners were also once struggling much like the lower and middle income class long before they achieve success. Many of these high achievers did it with no assistance from the government.

Most of those who achieved tremendous success in life work hard to achieve their goals and aspirations. Money don’t simply fall from the sky so to speak. Yes, no doubt there are quite a few who acquire their wealth through unscrupulous and unethical means but for the greater majority, it is their right mindset, persistent and focused efforts that get them where they are.

The Republican viewed President Obama’s ‘ national wealth distribution policy as that of robbing the rich to feed the poor, some sort like Robin Hood story, a socialist propaganda and an excuse to shift the goal post from his failed administration economic policy to that of pointing the finger at the wealthy rich class not doing their part to help the poor.

Creating jobs to alleviate the unemployment situation is the right to do. Providing the right conducive environment for people to venture and create new businesses is even more important. As the saying goes; ‘Give a man a fish and he live for a day, teach the man how to catch a fish and he will earn his live-hood.

For those who were being put out of work due to company restructuring or downsizing, getting a job is a priority but it is also important to look at the big picture, to consider and strive towards having multiple streams of income regardless if you have a full time job or not.

It is very risky to put all your eggs in one basket so to speak. If you earn your income from pay check to pay check then you really ought to consider alternative source of income so as to compliment the job that you have.

Having multiple streams of income is more than just a backup plan. Having alternative source of income can make a difference between struggling to feed your family versus living and providing a comfortable financially secured environment for your loved ones in today’s economic and financial uncertainties. You don’t have to panic if you lose your main job simply because you have sideline income to cushion the impact of the lost of your 9 to 5 job.

One of the best ways to generate multiple source of income is through Internet marketing. You can practically establish a profitable online business even if you are really broke or living on shoe string budget. The barrier entry to start an online business is practically almost zero.

It is quite interesting to note that many unemployed people are struggling to look for jobs while there are those who quit their full time well paid job to focus on their home based online business! There lies the difference between those who choose their own destiny versus those who sit on the fence to wait for government assistance.

We live in an era of unprecedented global economic and financial uncertainty. Unless your father or you own the company that you work for, you can forget about life time career or life time employment. Nobody is indispensable in any organization.

Change of management and reorganization in any company may result in you having to report to a nasty boss or someone that you simply cannot work with. All your past efforts and contributions to the company are wasted when you are reassign to report to a new boss who may or may not value your talents and capabilities.

You can lose your job for a variety of reasons, not just due to company downsizing and restructuring. Why wait to be told to get out from the company? As the saying goes, failure to plan is to plan to fail. Don’t procrastinate and take for granted that your job is secure.

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RSS Feed Submission Service: What Is It?

Posted on : 14-08-2011 | By : Meagan Gray | In : Internet_Marketing

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Most of the blogs nowadays have RSS feeds setup in them by default. And if you’re an advanced level webmaster and recognize the need for RSS Feeds, it’s likely you have gone through the steps of establishing an RSS Feed for your website also. This post will focus mainly on the principles of RSS and just how it can benefit site owners when it comes to SEO. If you already have RSS feed setup in your site, then that’s great. Nevertheless, just establishing the feed on your site or blog is not adequate if you are looking at SEO benefits. You need to let the word out to the RSS directories and RSS engines about your feed URL so that those engines can pay a visit to your site and crawl your feed that allows effortless syndication of your web site content real fast.

RSS is an acronym for Really Simple Syndication. RSS is a tool which has caught on rapidly on the internet due to its convenience, similar to its name. RSS aids website owners to get the latest update and information at their website to get to their visitors and customers straight away and therefore helps the users additionally to get and be in contact with the web site they purchase the service as all sites are updated regularly it saves a webmaster by conserving his time to distribute his each and every post update to the news sites and directories.

RSS resolves one of the main difficulties that many website owners face that is traffic and being in contact with their client.

One of the best reasons to get your RSS feed posted to RSS directories is for getting back links from these RSS directory sites and the large amount of audience your writing will arrive at by means of RSS Feed Submission Service. Bloggers take a look in RSS directories for news to publish some posts on their blogs. Website owners look in RSS directories to add content to their site. Buyers look in RSS directories for avenues to add to their news readers. RSS Feed Submission Service assists as Search engine “spiders” crawl RSS directories to ascertain link popularity.

Getting the RSS feed listed in RSS search engines and RSS directories by RSS Feed Submission Service may establish new ways with which customers or site visitors may discover your web site, services or products. Promoting out your newsletter via RSS may advertise your services and industry news. RSS is a great tool for reaching viral campaign objectives. Comparable to press release syndication, RSS could be indexed by hundreds of locations in a span of a few hours. If the message is distinctive enough, visitors might be tremendous. RSS is known as as free promotion.

RSS Feed Submissions are one way linked and they also give immediate link popularity. They are also free of charge! When you link your website with a RSS directory which posesses pr (PR) of 5 or greater, the benefit is huge. You get a lot of links back to your web site. Additionally, it means increased search engine rank along with a greater visitor amount.

For just about anyone who is inquiring to know much more about the rss submission service, a rising business process outsourcing sector which can most positively help jump start your company and help you to avoid wasting income, then logon to virtual assistants . You are going to love it!

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24 Hours Salesman – Marketing Blog

Posted on : 13-08-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Can anyone earn a comfortable living through blogging? Is it possible to establish a 24 hour salesman with almost zero operating cost? The answer is certainly a ‘yes’. It is established facts that there are many people who struggle with blogging; over 90% of bloggers hardly earn a single dime but on the other hand when done correctly not only can it enable anyone to earn a profitable income moreover one can build a sustaining profitable business for online as well as offline products and services.

Still doubtful if you can make any money from a blog? Well, do check out this interesting local news of a Singapore diva who makes well over 45K a month through her blogshop. The interesting thing about this lady is that she leverage on the power of blog to promote physical products. Now imagine the opportunity to promote digital information product such as audio, video, software, ebook and etc.

You may wonder what secrets these successful bloggers has that makes them so successful. Well, truth to be told, there are no secrets at all. People buy from whom they trust. Your website or blog must therefore contain and provide information of value to the customer. Be passionate about what you write in your blog.

You must not focus your entire goals solely just on making money online even though it is important. Instead, put your efforts and desire foremost to help others succeed in terms of providing and sharing good information. Zig Ziglar the famous motivational speaker says that you help yourself by helping others first. Good words spreads fast through the Internet, bad reputation and feedback spreads even faster!.

Providing good content is a must but not the only criteria in order to become successful with blogging. Besides good content, you also need to work on promoting and marketing your blog. Getting targeted traffic to your blog is equally important and in that sense, you have to implement the right strategies to attract customers.

What is targeted traffic? Essentially it refers to visitors who are interested in the product or service that you offer or promote in your website. In other words, targeted traffic are visitors that comes to your website not by chance but usually through search engines for the relevant keywords associated with your product or service that you promote.

Targeted traffic is also known as qualified traffic; visitors who knows what they are looking for and who are more responsive and likely to purchase the products that you promote and recommend in your website.

Identify a product or service that is in demand, promote it by driving targeted traffic to your web portal and build a strong relationship with your customer base so that you can continue to sell products to them. Marketing is essential and critical to the success of any business; a marketing blog allows you to do just that, it is a 24 hours salesman and spokesman for your product and service!.

The choice is yours, continue to live the rat race amidst the fear of losing your JOB in today’s global uncertain economic and financial market situation OR to take control of your destiny in building an online business empire.

As the saying goes, he who knows why will have no problem to make a living through online business but he who knows how will have the ability to establish a sustain profitable online business.

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Directory Submission Service And Your Advertising Strategy

Posted on : 03-07-2011 | By : Meagan Gray | In : Internet_Marketing

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What on earth is Directory Submission Service and just how could it help you? Search engine optimization (SEO) is the particular method of increasing the amount or quality of visitors to a web site from search engines via “natural” or un-paid search results rather than search engine marketing (SEM) which deals with paid inclusion.

Typically, the higher a site shows up in the search engine results list, the more website visitors it will obtain from the search engine. Search engine optimization may target different types of lookup, including image search, local search, video search and also industry-specific vertical search engines. This gives a web site web presence.

As an Internet marketing system, SEO considers how search engines work and what people search for. Optimizing a website primarily involves editing its content and HTML and associated coding to both increase its relevance to particular keywords and to eliminate obstacles towards the indexing actions of search engines.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has started turning submission to directories and articles to its benefit. You could have a great web site, and you may have the latest e-commerce technology as well as the best graphic design work. Now comes the tricky part: how you can push traffic to your site.

An excellent submission service ensures that each manual directory being submitted is relevant to your site. Every directory must be picked depending on pedigree and dependability. Any key search engine which actually catalogues and indexes a directory has to satisfy certain considerations.

Having links to your Website is important if you wish to improve your rank in the various search engines and increase your total traffic. The text of the links to your Web site is the most important portion utilized by the main search engines to rank you for that particular word or key phrase. Directory Submission has been one of the most tried and tested ways of getting your website/business on the market. It involves submitting your internet site to yellow page like web sites so that users browsing those web sites can locate you when they take a look at a certain classification.

This process has worked perfectly for various people and has already been proposed by Google itself right up until not too long ago. It is a proven truth that if you get more links to your Website, your website will ascend in the search engines.

Regrettably, obtaining these types of links is probably just about the most time-consuming aspects of off-page Search engine optimization. Directory Submission Service will help you with the wearisome task of submitting your own internet site.

There are two kinds of submission services offered; automated and manual. An automatic service uses a piece of software to go to the directory and make an effort to submit the site straight into a suitable classification. Often it does not succeed. Additionally , it submits to paid, reciprocal or improper niche sites.

Good directory owners despise these kinds of services and use a wide variety of methods to prevent their successful use. A manual submission service visits each and every web directory and submits your internet site to the most appropriate classification. They often automate their method to make it a lot more efficient but they do the actual submission by going to each site, as you would at home.

Search Engines by no means pay anyone to submit your site to the search engines. It is simply not needed as all the major search engines will discover your site as long as you have links to it.

Directory Submission Service
Directory Submission Service

Should you be curious to learn even more regarding the directory submission service, an up and coming freelancing industry that can without a doubt help quick start your company and help you save cash, then log on to virtual assistant . You will enjoy it!

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What You Need To Know Before You Start Any Online Business

Posted on : 09-06-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The statistic is extremely grim. Over 95% of the online business kaput or hardly make any profit within the 1st 5 years since start-up. You may wonder what the remaining small successful Internet marketers do which the majority isn’t.

Is there any secret that the Internet Marketing Gurus implement which allows them to make excess money round the clock over and over again without doing much work while you spend hours daily struggling to pay the bills?

Well, truth to be told, yes there is a secret and the secret is that there is simply no secret at all. Here is a good article on what you need to know before you start any online business. A lot of Internet marketing newbie set themselves up for failure even before they achieve their first profit.

Please check out this interesting post on what you need to know before you start any online business. You will be glad you did it and for goodness sake, don’t just read it, implement it!

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