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When Should You Consider Using PPC?

Posted on : 27-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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You may have heard of the Google Adword ban and the so called (Goggle’s PPC marketing strategy) slap nightmare on hundreds, if not thousands of advertisers who woke up to the surprise and shock of being informed that their account has been banned or terminated. Should you therefore still consider using PPC (pay per click advertisement) marketing and is it worth the money?

Some people advocate doing away with PPC marketing since it is quite apparent that it is becoming increasingly difficult, competitive and expensive to bid for popular keywords. Pay Per Click marketing strategy is also known as performance based marketing whereby you only pay when someone clicks on your ads, how much you spend depends on the number of clicks and the cost per click (CPC) for the keywords which you bid.

Furthermore, Google is known to be tough with those who violate their PPC marketing terms and conditions. The rules and criteria pertaining to PPC marketing is not fix and if you are not careful you might just lose your account and become another statistic of those suddenly losing a major source of advertising revenue.

The equation is pretty simple. You will lose money if the cost per click for your ads is high and those high number of clicks do not convert to successful sales (E.g. People click on your paid ads but they don’t buy the product or service ). Getting high traffic (high number of visitors) to your website does not necessary guarantee nor translate to high profits especially if you are dealing with Goggle Adwords.

You may wonder despite these negatives aspects, why so many people are still embracing PPC marketing? Unlike natural search traffic (also known as free traffic), your paid ads could easily rank top within hours after your PPC campagin goes live. You don’t have to struggle and wait for days, weeks or even months to have your webiste rank high in the SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page).

In a nutshell, you pay search engine companies such as Goggle, Yahoo or Microsoft to have your product or service listed and display in front of hundreds of thousands of visitors; people who search for the keyword phrase which you bid for . The higher cost per click you paid for, the higher chances it is for your ads to appear in the search engine sites.

Organic search traffic (also known as natural search traffic) is not REALLY FREE as much Internet Marketing Gurus would like you to believe. In the strictest sense you are basically trading your time in terms of efforts and focus to increase natural traffic to your website (essentially the money that you would’ve otherwise need to invest in bidding for keywords with PPC in paid advertising is replaced by extra hours you have to put into search engine optimization).

Thus in some way, this form of advertising strategy is also known as paid search marketing. You pay to get your website, for instance the product landing page display for the relevant keywords in the shortest possible time. It is pretty much the same as the way conventional brick and mortar business works whereby you spend money to buy for ad space of magazines, newspaper, cinema ads and Yellow Pages to have your business listed and published. You can normally see results in matter of hours or days instead of weeks and months.

One of the most effective ways to do market research is via PPC marketing. Since you can normally get results fast, usually within hours or days after you launch your paid ad campaigns, you can avoid wasting time on product/service that won’t sell or where there’s no adequate demand. You can made early adjustment to either your sales marketing letter, landing pages, or even keyword phrases through PPC.

Once you have determine the keyword phrases, sales marketing letter, keyword phrases and its associated estimated cost per click, you can then work on the organic search traffic (SEO) optimization based on the factors that you have gathered through paid ads marketing.


Don’t be mislead that PPC marketing is unimportant or ineffective. On the contrary, paid advertising is quite effective if you do it the right way. Proper keyword phrase research is essential and if possible try to target long tail keywords or less popular and less competitive phrases. This would translate to lower competition and thus lower cost per click.

You can make use of PPC marketing such as Goggle Adwords to gauge the effectiveness of your new product/service on targated customers. Keyword phrases, sales letters and landing pages that do well in pay ads usually will also do well likewise on organic SEO.

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Paid Search Engine Marketing-PPC

Posted on : 17-08-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Okay, you sign up as affiliates for Amazon, Clickbank and other affiliate programs in the hope of getting as many sales commisions as possible. You set up nice websites with proper landing pages and then you thought money will start to roll in. After all, that’s what most of the Internet Gurus would have you believe that making online money is as easy as it can be.

You waited for days and perhaps even weeks and not a single successful sale. You wonder what had gone wrong. As matter of fact you shouldn’t be surprised at all. Why is that so? After all, over 98% of the Internet Marketers and online business entrepreneurs never make it through the 1st 2 years. Shocking isn’t it?

Setting up an e-commerce site is easy indeed. The capital start up cost to establish an online business is dirt-cheap. The hard part though is getting your site to being profitable in relation to the amount of time you invest into it. Online business and Internet marketing is not a get rich quick dream that many Internet Gurus would want you to believe.

The life line of all online business is traffic. Without traffic, your website or blog will just be that, an orphan site with no one noticing it, ever, period. No traffic equals to no visitor and no visitor means no sales and no sales equals to close shop. Traffic alone is not enough though. You need quality traffic, traffic that converts visitors into buyers of your product or service.

The million dollar question therefore is how do you get people to notice and thereafter visit your site? The answer couldn’t be simpler. Majority of people make use of the search engine to locate sites that are relevant to their keyword searches. Therefore you must get your website to rank as high as possible in SERP (search engine result page)

How do you improve and increase your website page ranking? There are two ways to divert traffic to your website as far as SERP is concern. The two methods are 1) Paid search engine marketing and 2) Organic search traffic.

When done correctly, paid search engine marketing can improve and increase traffic to your website very quickly, usually within days. For this post we will talk about paid search engine marketing. In the next subsequent post we will touch upon organic search traffic.

Paid Search Engine Marketing
Firstly, you can subscribe to paid search traffic such as PPC (Pay Per Click) through Goggle Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing and MSN Ads Center.

PPC is also known as performance based form of advertising because you only need to pay when people click on your ads. You might end up with lots of clicks and no sales if you do not target your ads with the appropriate keywords that draw the right kind of traffic that converts to sales.

The main advantage with paid search traffic is that you can get your site rank highly by the search engines in the shortest possible time if you target the right keywords and outbid others in terms of CPC (cost per click). The main big draw back associated with this method is that you need to spend money before you even make your first sale.

The main disadvantage with paid search engine marketing is that you have to continuously monitor your search campaigns, fine-tune the keywords so as to improve the click through rate of your ads. Traffic to your website and thus your page ranking is affected the moment you stop the paid search traffic campaigns.

Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about backlinks because Goggle in particular no longer take backlinks into consideration when dealing with paid search traffic. You don’t need to put efforts and time into getting quality backlinks even though there is no harm to do so.

You may come across Internet Marketing promotions that boast about eighteen-year-old kids that earns well over 20K grand online by using certain IM strategy and techniques. What these Gurus failed to tell you honestly are the amount of money these people spend on PPC bidding on competitive keywords in order to achieve the high page ranking in SERP. Thus a 20K sales may actually translate to just couple of hundred of dollars net profit after you minus off the advertising cost!

Using PPC As List Building Strategy

List building is a great way to build your online business. The money is in the list. You may have heard this saying in the online marketing world. It is true. It means that the larger your subscriber list is the more money you will make.

The list is contact information you have from the visitors to your website. It is easier to sell to a repeated customer than to a stranger. Once you have someone on your list you can send helpful information to that person and once you have his or her trust you can start selling to him or her.

You can build a huge subscriber list quickly via PPC marketing if you can get your ads to show up for the keywords you are targeting. You can then drive traffic to your landing page through the ads and get the potential prospects and leads to sign up in exchange for free gifts such as e-books.

Using PPC To Increase AdSense Income
AdSense is the counterpart of AdWords. As an advertiser you pay Goggle via PPC AdWords to get your ads display in SERP whereas as a publisher, you get paid when someone click on the AdSense links embedded in your webpage or blog.

Three factors that determine your AdSense income are 1) the amount of traffic to your website or webpage and 2) the click through rate of your AdSense, 3) the cost per click of the keywords that the AdSense is targeting.

So long as the Goggle AdSense income generated is more than what you paid for Goggle AdWords PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your site, you should be fine. As a matter of fact there are some Gurus who are making huge AdSense income through this approach.

Apart from Goggle AdWords, you should also try to diversity paid search traffic to include Yahoo and Microsoft Bing search engines. No doubt Goggle still holds the lion share in terms of search volume, nevertheless there are still signficant searches conducted via Yahoo and Microsoft online marketing channels.

Please checkout Brad Callen’s Goggle AdWords Made Easy e-book. It is not difficult to maximize your returns from PPC Goggle AdWords. You need to continue to refine your keywords and do split testing to eliminate those none profitable campaigns (none optimize and none profitable keywords).

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