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The Negative Impact Of Social Media – Arab Fall

Posted on : 18-09-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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The power of social networking simply cannot be overstated. Sweeping political changes which took place in the Middle East, particularly Egypt, Tunisia and Libya, events dubbed ‘Arab Spring’ were attributed mainly to the use of online community networking platforms.

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Build Your Brand And Loyal Customer With Social Networks

Posted on : 25-05-2012 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Social networks such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook are powerful marketing  services you can and should leverage on  to establish your business brand and to build loyal customers. It is now more important  than ever to use social media platform as the means to communicate , establish credibility and build long term relationship with existing as well as to reach out to new customers.

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How To Get More Traffic With YouTube

Posted on : 10-09-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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A business website without traffic or visitor is useless. Driving targeted traffic is critical to the success of your online business. The biggest challenge and obstacle that confront most novice Internet marketers and newbie online business owners is traffic generation.

As most people already knows, YouTube is a very popular social networking media site which allows people to share video and pictures. You stand to lose big time if you do not take the advantage and opportunity to market your product or service through YouTube.

The closest that a customer can experience with the exception of not being able to actually touch or feel a physical product is video. Video marketing is very important from customer experience. A person’s ability to learn, understand and process information depends on the combination of three factors namely 1) auditory, 2) kinesthetic and 3)visual experience.

Visual presentation is very powerful and quite effective to bring your message across to the audience particularly if it involved online business. Video marketing is quite often used to demonstrate Internet marketing software products and online services. For instance, you can record a video to demonstrate how to use a software and upload it into YouTube.

Here is a free webinar (a seminar conducted via the web ) on video marketing with YouTube. I am not sure how long before it is taken down. Go and watch the webinar presentation now; most of the tips shared are actionable and easy to implement.

Video marketing using YouTube and other social media sites will continue to remain an important strategy to drive targeted traffic to business websites. Just like email marketing, video marketing is a time tested advertising strategy that appeals to a wide range of audiences.

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Location-Based Internet Marketing is the Future!

Posted on : 17-02-2011 | By : Laura Wimble | In : Internet_Marketing

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When talking about the online marketing trends from 2010 onwards, most marketers have predicted location trends will be the future! Location-based Internet marketing is of great importance both for your search engine optimization and social media marketing strategy.

Using location-based Internet marketing in search engine marketing strategy has become very important for businesses these days. Location-based navigation is greatly used among search engines and mobile device makers. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing are already using location features as to help you narrow down the results to the searcher’s country. They are looking to localize Web searching as to make it more relevant for the searcher and draw more regional advertising. It is also predicted that GIS Latitude and Longitude coordinates within web sites will soon become an absolute necessity for everyone performing e-commerce via the Internet.

Location-based Internet marketing is becoming increasingly important also for your social media marketing strategy! Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Yelp. WordPress. YouTube. Foursquare. Gowalla. Myspace. Constant Contact. They are all content-generating platforms that focus to some extent on location features. Facebook allows you to be part of a location-based networked (e.g. London, New York) and to search people based on their location. LinkedIn also allows you to specify your location as to make it possible for professionals from the same region to search you. The location feature is available for most social networks and they are all working as to improve it!

Two of the social networks which have taken their location-based feature to a new level, are Twitter and Foursquare. At the very beginning of 2010 Twitter introduced a location trend feature that allows users to follow local trending topics on Twitter. It is a great way to find out what people are talking about around the world and has got a great feedback from users.
Another social network that specializes on the use of location is Foursquare. Identified by Mashable as ‘the future Twitter’, Foursquare is a location-based service based on your Twitter network with an added layer of social game play.
Importance of Foursquare for Businesses:

* Use it to explore your neighborhood and then reward people for doing so. It combines their friend-finder and social city guide elements.

* Use it as a game mechanics – users can earn points, win mayor ships and unlock badges for trying new places and revisiting old favourites.
Location-based Internet marketing is one of the hottest trends at the moment and can be used very effectively by both small and larger businesses. When designing your social media marketing strategy and search engine marketing strategy, this new feature should be included.
Benefits of Location-Based Internet Marketing

Location-based Internet marketing is considered to be one of the hottest trends in the future for both social media marketing and search engine marketing. In our previous post we have explained this new trend along with providing you with few of the latest example on how social networks use location-based Internet marketing (Foursquare, Twitter, Yelp, Meetup).

This new technique brings along a number of advantages for marketers that they need to be aware of. Location-based marketing is an effective new social media technique for all businesses since it brings along a number of advantages.

The advantages of location-based Internet marketing would refer to:

* Getting the attention of your target easier! Use location-based marketing to differentiate your business from your local competitors.

* Increasing Impulse Buying! The real time delivery of advertising prompts benefits of immediate response. Example: Get 50% off on boots if you come into our store in the next 30 minutes!

* Developing stronger one-to-one relationship marketing! Consumer purchasing history can be examined, thereby enhancing future marketing messages.

* Increased psychological nurturing! It helps in building brand recognition and loyalty among your customers by giving them more attention.

* Improving one-to-one relationship marketing! Consumer purchasing history can be examined, thereby enhancing future marketing messages.

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Should You Ditch Email Marketing For Social Media Marketing?

Posted on : 24-01-2011 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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Social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube boast millions of users and the numbers are increasing by the days. It is truly amazing that most of these social web 2.0 services are barely less than 10 years old and todate has become the favorite means of communication media for a lot of people , both on a personal as well as on a business level. Social media marketing has huge potential and influence on the trend and direction of future online marketing strategies.

It is so easy to network and keep in touch with both new and existing customers via Facebook and Twitter for instance. We have entered a new era in marketing whereby it is all about two way relationship, between the seller and the buyer, between the vendor and the customer. You can establish your presence online business very quickly and update your customers on new product launches, reviews, and etc.

Facebook is in the process of integrating more applications such as blog and email features. Some people think that the days of traditional email marketing are over. Is that truly the case? Should you ditch the good old style of reaching out to your prospects and customers for something that is more in line with current trend such as Twitter or Facebook?

Do think twice before you make up your mind to discard and forgo all your email marketing campaigns. You need to remember that majority of the people use social networking sites to chat and communicate with friends, peers and loved ones. In other words, over 90% of people use Facebook to socialize and not to seek business opportunities nor to look for solutions to problems.

Even though more and more advertising budgets are being invested for social media marketing, research indicates that sales pitch via SMM (social media marketing) is still not as effective compare to the email marketing. Why is that so?

There is one undeniable fact that email marketing is effective because when done in right way, it gets undivided attention from the recipient. It is effective because there is no distraction as compare to that of SMM. Our focus of attention is short lived.

Facebook is primarily a social network site and there are so many widgets and other cool stuffs that easily distract the reader from taking the required call of action. Unlike SMM, an email is more personal in nature and a one to one correspondence between you and the recipient.

This is one of the reason why online forum is still very popular because people may wish to remain anonymous when asking sensitive questions which they deem embarrassing. Facebook lacks the privacy structure as friends that is in your list may get to wind up knowing the questions you asks and who you correspond with.

By no means am I implying that Social Media Marketing is less important or less effective compare to email marketing. Each has it own merits. You should combine and leverage on the key benefits of both techniques to improve your online sales. Just ensure you don’t make the big mistake of discarding your existing email marketing plans.

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