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2 Things You Need To Remember When Buying Internet Marketing Software.

Posted on : 30-10-2010 | By : stargaterich | In : Internet_Marketing

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If you have been following with Internet Marketing news, you will notice that there are so many new marketing tools being launch almost on monthly basis. Some of the sales pitch are so powerful and impressive  that you practically can’t resist not paying attention to it.

You may have heard the saying that people usually buy things based on emotion and then try to logically justify what they bought. Never get into the mistakes of buying Internet Marketing software simply because it it is the latest product/service or because everyone is raving about it.

I have to admit I too commit the same mistakes of spending lots of money on such software and only to realize I don’t even use it for more than twice and it ends up as digital dust in my computer hard disk. 

In my previous posting on http://www.myhomebiznet.com/internet-marketing-blogging/buying-internet-markeing-products-avoid-these-mistakes, i  highlighted factors to consider and mistakes to avoid before you buy Internet marketing products.

Another 2 things you should keep in mind is :

1)Determine if there’s any membership sites or forums whereby you can interact with other users with regards to usage and deployment of the product.

A good Internet marketing software product usually comes with both basic and premium membership (usually you need to pay monthly fee for the premium membership upgrade) whereby you can get help, advice and tutorial to fully maximize the return from the software that you have invest in.

If the membership site or forum is maintained by creator of the software product or the affiliate marketer selling the product, make sure that it is active sites with healthy participation from users and customers of the product.

2)Any audio or preferably video tutorial from the affiliate marketer who is selling the software product or the creator of the product itself in showing you how you can go about implementing something without the use of the software and what value proposition it will bring for you in terms of work efficiency, productivity and increase profit by using the software. One of the best Internet Marketer that I have come to trust is Dave Guindon. He has a background in software engineering and develop his own tools to improve the bottom line of  his online business. I have purchased two of his good products namely the Virtual Smart Agent and Golden Cash Compass.

Sometimes I think he is crazy because he offers unlimited lifetime product upgrade and support and to date,  the software works brilliantly without flaw. He also offers excellent technical support. Don’t overlook the important factor that it is not just the product that matters but more importantly the availability and quality of the ongoing customer support after you have purchase the software.

Dave is also a great affiliate marketer (even though he develops his own products from time to time) and the most interesting thing about him and which sets him apart from other affiliate marketers is his ability to produce good informative video tips.

 He provides great information on Internet marketing tips that would have otherwise cost hundred of dollars. Check out the following video on and you will know what I meant.

PS: I like that fact that he is not pushy when it comes to product recommendation. He shows you how you can do something the manual way without the software product and  how you  will stand to benefit by investing in tools that he personally use and  that will save you lots of time and improve your income.

Here’s a video clip on how to get massive traffic to your website for free.  Check it out and you will know why he is someone you could trust and count on when it comes to Internet Marketing.  This guy really knows his stuffs well.

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Convert Those Hot Prospects Into Paying Clients Through Lead Capture Page Software

Posted on : 04-07-2010 | By : Bart O'Shea | In : Internet_Marketing

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Wanting to grow your business rapidly through the acquisition of lots of customers requires that you have a clear strategy in place. One of the best marketing tools that you would need is lead capture page software.

Every business, especially those who predominantly operate online, needs a lead capture system. Referred to as a squeeze page by some people, it is of utmost importance since it helps you to make sure that all your online marketing efforts are carried out effectively.

The objective of any lead page or squeeze page is not for you to make any sale even though you may consider doing that but rather to get the prospects to consent giving you their email contacts so that you grow your list.

Lead capture pages allows you to showcase the benefits of your products and services as well as enabling you to add to your prospect list quickly. Therefore, having one that enables you to convert your prospects into paying clients rapidly is of vital importance. As the saying goes,the money is the list, list which contains prospects which become your customer and buys from you.

Usually, the best lead capture pages are specifically designed in order to get the attention of your prospects. They are also simple yet effective since they are able to stimulate the curiosity of your well-targeted prospects and, at the same time, enable you to gather their personal details. Provide good free information in exchange for prospect email contact.

This makes it possible for you to contact them and to convince them to buy from you. Doing all of this is easy if you have lead capture software in place.The automated capture, routing, and management of your hot prospects is an assurance that lead capture page software will be able to give you. These features allow you achieve optimum success.

However, to make sure they are able to do this, you need to adjust them according to your needs. You would most probably want to have your best leads dealt with by your best sales people, and this is an assurance that lead capture page software will be able to give you.

The best lead capture page software allows you to conduct the capture, management, and routing of your prospects in a simple and effortless manner. They allow you to attain a much higher rate of conversion as compared to just doing all these things manually. They also allow you to make sure that all prospects are attended to in a timely manner. Your sales people will also be able to track all the changes so that everybody is on the same page.

All marketers should consider lead capture page software as their best friend. Due to their abilities in organizing data, helping you keep track of leads, and even in some cases allowing you to automatically sell leads, they can be worth their weight in gold.

Online-based businesses need lead capture page software. Businesses, large and small alike, will be able to grow exponentially since organizing all your sales team’s needs are made easier through them. If you are a beginner to Internet Marketing you may wonder what sort of lead capture page you should come out with it.

The simplest way is to utilize a lead capture page software to help automate the entire process. There are quite a number of free lead capture page tools you can use for instance the Instant Squeeze Page Generator. I have not use it but you may wish to give it a try and see if it suits your needs.
You can also make use of lead capture page templates which you can easily get for free, modify it using free Web tool such as the Kompozer.

So the next question is what is the best way to drive laser targeted traffic to your lead capture page? There are couple of methods you may consider. Firstly, you can make use of paid advertising traffic such as using PPC (Pay Per Click) via Google Adwords to drive traffic (direct prospects) to your squeeze page. You can also make use of free traffic such as article marketing through article and e-zine directories, web social media such as Facebook, MSN Space , Squidoo and etc to direct traffic to your landing page.

In summary, growing your prospect list quickly as well as ensuring that leads are routed to your best sales people are just some of the things that will make you realize that lead capture page software is exactly what you need. Lead capture page software is one of the most important Internet Marketing tools that you ought to have and deploy in your online business

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